Supra I've read a lot of you past threads you are like a god haha! I'm really interested in getting one of these in 2 weeks
Thank you for the kind words.

Im still at this game like everyone else, doing PE right now.
The ROP I ordered took about a month to cross the Pacific Ocean.

My problem now is: How many hours a day do I have to wear this device?

TIA to any one who answers.

You should use this device the maximum that you can
Do not let tight, let comfortably.
The galvanic current does not pass through the tubes,
It passes from one shaft to another, the tubes are only
to hold there ....
Clean every 2 days
Hey brother,
I want to order a ROP asap. I don't know how to PM... I know I'm retarded! Please let me know what to do. Thanks a lot!
Hi Supra,

I would like to purchase a RIO as well. At the minute, I cannot seem to pm as I am still waiting to verify my accoung

To Mods, I have not received the verification email so I can verify my account. Thus, I cannot pm anyone otherwise I would messaged supra privately

Many thanks
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Does Supra still check this thread? I haven't gotten a reply to my PM in 3 days

EDIT: He replied. Guess I'm just impatient to get this thing after all the talk I've read about it, haha
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