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Dec 5, 2003
Got the ok from DLD. Just post in the thread or PM me for ordering instructions


After all the PM's and emails I have decided to make these for people at there request. Not only will the sale of these help you but it goes to support MOS. Thank you guys for your support in keeping the forum going.

Here are some Q&A From some members
thependulum;530823 said:
Can anyone give me a short simple answer on what the purpose of the ROP is???

Tahir Aqbar;531525 said:
The ROP is a simple extension on your central nervous system. Your body operates on electricity, which is transmitted through your nervous system. The ROP creates a magnetic field that routes extra electricity to wherever it is worn. For the sake of Penis Enlargement, we wear it around our dicks and balls, thus routing more electricity to the area. The increased electrical current to that part of the body increased it's productivity on a microbiological level. Basically, your cells do what they do better and faster. So this effects us in two basic ways: accelerated healing in the tissue around the penis from Penis Enlargement and increased testosterone production from the watts of electricity directed into the testicles.

Please contact me through PM for odering information.

As you guys know I have tried everything under the sun as far as Penis Enlargement products. And I only pick the best and bring them to you field tested already.

The ring I have made is 10 times more effective due to more metal and better quality zinc and more of it. Also my ring is flexible, sizable and one size fits all. Also you can put saline in the tubing of the and rods and super glue it to raise the voltage. And since its made of metal and flexible latex tubing its basically indestructible, vs the blakoe ring is made out of uncomfortable plastic.

There's also this thread:

PM me for all ordering instructions.

More Ring Info

Here is tons of info on users experiences.
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I'll be down for one in a week or two. I'm very intrigued by the whole idea...especially the potential to increase my ejaculation volume some more.
Originally posted by Supra
Got the ok from DLD.

This entitles me to a free one:)
I'll probably get one in a week or so as well, don't let me forget! :D

Considering it $100.00 cheaper and I am giving you extra stuff and the shipping is included, I would say this is a good price.
Depends on what size your whole unit is, you will have to tell me.
Hey Supra, SWM said these rings give a bigger flaccid hang.

Can you go into detail how exactly it does that?

or did he mean bigger ball hang?
Ok, wrapped a tape measure around 'the package' and came up with 12"

I have had issues before with things that are supposed to go behind the balls. Most just don't fit.

Let me know when you are ready to take orders.
They improve flaccid hang cause of the increased blood flow. Not really anything else, the more blood flow you have in the flaccid state the bigger it will be. Thats a lot of people problems, there flaccid hang is so small due to not good blood flow when not sexually aroused. This will fix that. At least for me it did.
I don't mean to stir up shite're making a hell of a profit. I know because I built one myself a year and a half ago. And anyone who wants it shipped NDA is totally crazy to pay for that. Even sending it by ground..the shipping would cost more than the ring would to build...

Let me sum it up this would turn a profit if you charged 10.00 per ring..shipping not included.

Reconsider the price.
You have to consider this I am doing this to help people out only. I really dont need the extra money but its not like its that simple here. I have to buy the materials, pay for those to be shipped and then pay for them itself. Then I have to drive around and buy everything else, using up time, and gas, wear and tear on my car, and time and my day. Then I have to spend time with each person getting the proper size, answering questions, and everything else it entails for someone to purchase something. Then I have to make the ring, getting it properly sized, sometimes I mess up, so theres more material used and then I have to send it to them. The one at is 3 times as much and is not as comfotable and not very easy to wear. I think that this is a good price. Mabey in the future I will see how its going and lower the price. But for know, everyone here thinks it is reasonable, so thats what I am going to do. But I am not going to get into bargainig, and trying to be a cheap car sales man and barter with people to buy this, If you want it you want it, and thats that, I will be happy to build one for anyone. But it is not a simple or cheap as you think.
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