1. T

    The best tool for gaining length

    Hey guys so I can only afford one product, either All day silistretcher or the Lemgthmaster. Which one is better for targeting length? And which one will bring length gains faster
  2. DLD

    Healing in SRT. The missing link to gaining through healing!

    Healing in SRT explained. For many years we went about PE only training to make gains. Some struggled to make gains, others made great gains and some people didn’t gain at all. This confused me and I needed to know why some men were gaining them some were not. After much research SRT was...
  3. adventure

    Guide for beginners? I've never done this.

    Is there a guide or tutorial to doing this?
  4. adventure

    I'm new here, so I hope some of you guys can clear up some misconceptions...

    I've been interested of trying to get my dick to a size bigger, as I am not quite satisfied with its current size... so I took onto the internet and searched throughout to see if there was any possible way to get a bigger dick, I came across a few videos mainly pointing out towards the bath mate...
  5. Getbiglonger7

    At what age did you guys started whit this PE stuff?

    HEY everyone one of the questions i have about PE is at what age a man gets concerned about the size of its Penis if they ever get,i was worried about my size in my teens i had this skinny penis was ridiculous.but didnt know a goddamn thing about PE.It was until my mid 20s when i found out about...
  6. A

    Wearing it on the golf course?

    Is the pf concealable enough to not be noticed wearing it on the golf course?
  7. C

    Unable to hold stretches at all

    The only factor limiting my growth at this point is my inability to hold stretches for over 20 or so seconds (and after those 20 seconds I need to take a break for about one minute because my hand is so tired). I have the time, motivation, etc. to grow, but this one factor is just destroying...
  8. D

    Getting back to discouraged

    I've been doing ssjelqs 20 minutes and 20 minutes of hard stretching a day, but 2 months later and not a mm has changed. Do I need help with my routine or am I just never gonna grow? You'd think 10 years later I'd be DLD's size as long as I've been around lol.
  9. B

    How big do I look ? Goals for gains ?

    just wanted some overall feedback on my size and equipment I could use and goals for gaining. Thanks, appreciate ya'll !
  10. megamike

    Length routine help needed!

    Hi guys :) I need people with experience in gaining length to chime in and advise me as to what is the best routine to follow/do including how many days per week,time for routine,how many sets and so on
  11. C

    I am at a crossroad with continuing PE

    Since my hysterectomy thread got derailed with jokes.... My wife is facing a hysterectomy very soon. They've been running tests and scans and hopefully there's no cancer or we're really screwed. They need to remove her cervix and uterus from what we're being told. Fortunately the upper 1/3 of...
  12. A

    So what's the bottom line on frequency?

    Ideal to use the PF for 24 hours per day with higher tension during the day and lighter tension while sleeping? I have to imagine that even if I don't see gains from doing this for several thousand hours, it hyper-conditions for more intense routines.
  13. D

    Importance of the Jelq

    I've finally decided to get back into PE as I had noticed a decrease in EQ and NBEL from gaining weight (I'm not even close to overweight, just always been extremely skinny). Every time I start back, I always quit before getting any significant gains. I think the most I've gained was .2" in...
  14. B

    Pumping with Bathmate outside the tub?

    Not sure of I should post this in the bathmate section because this is more about penis enlargement rather than the pump itself. So far I have gained 3/8" in EL/MEG and 5/8" in BEG pumping in the bathmate for an hour. I thought of upping the time by 15 minutes which would total 75 minutes...
  15. T

    Anyone have success with bathmate stretches?

    Im considering a new length routine using the bathmate stretches since it would save me time. However are these stretches actually useful in gaining erect length?
  16. S

    Stretching while wrapped...

    Sometimes during the day I can slip away and get some quick stretches in and I do them while still being wrapped in the ACE bandage. I noticed that there is more tension on the ligs near the base of the penis, than there is when I'm unwrapped. Wrapped or not I never feel anything throughout...
  17. T

    Can someone give me a short intense routine that will produce results?

    For the last 6 months i have been doing basic pe stretches. The newbie routine and an hour of hanging. I have gained a good amount, i went from 5.9 nbel to about 6.5 nbel. However that took a huge chunk out of my day, about two hours. And although I gained alot, i can no longer dedicate so...
  18. N

    Do vacuum hangers lower erection angle permanantly or temporarily?

    Hey guys I wanna start hanging but I have a few questions before purchasing one. Do hangers such as the LG Hanger or the Vac hanger 3 ( I'm thinking of buying this one) lower a high erection angle. My penis points at 11 o'clock I hate it bcoz it makes it look shorter then it really is in the...
  19. T

    For men who have went from 6.5 EL to 7 EL. How has sex changed?

    Do your girls cum more? Is it uncomftorable for them?
  20. stillwantmore

    Lol PE Gym, No Balanced Discussion

    Any question about pumping or hanging is replied to with "bla bla bla Bathmate..... bla bla bla LG Hanger"
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