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  1. V

    Beginner - How long will it take to gain 2-3 inches in girth?

    1. How long will it take to gain 2-3 inches in girth w bathmate and clamping? 2.I`m also going to grow 2 inches in length, how long do you think this will take? My measurements are 7.4 Length and 5.5 girth.
  2. acromegaly

    forced to upgrade? (warning: graphic details)

    So i finally cracked this x40 extreme and went to go grab my other x40 that i had stashed for just such an emergency, and i noticed that it had somehow cracked as well... I have been completely packing the tube girthwise every day for a while now and i thought that i could gain some length in...
  3. P


    Sooner or later we see that hot couple. Buff guy with blond hottie girl who look like theyÂ’re from jersey i dont think much of myself but i was at the beach and the chick was chillin on the sand. Her man left momentarily. I had been checking her out but of course i didnt think she...
  4. H

    Does Bundled Stretch Work On The Ligament?

    We all know that doing bundled stretches gives length gains and also deforms the tunica making it easier for girth gains to come. But does doing bundled stretches also work on the ligament as well or do I need another exercise entirely to target the ligament?
  5. jpgm1

    Bathmate Success??!!

    Hi guys I want to get a Bathmate, more specifically the xx40, but I constantly get conflicting information on whether the gains are permanent or not. To the people that have a Bathmate; -Have you made permanent girth gains? -How significant were they? -Have you made permanent length...
  6. P

    why not do double girth work

    so as i read penis should be treated like a balloon and not a rop then why are we doing length and girth separate ? why cant we incorporate both of them at the same time ? like 30 mins in morning and evening manual ? anyway the length work is on throughout the day in ace wrap or devices like...
  7. B

    Results from 5x5x3?

    I just started trying the 5min bathmate pump, 5min ssj x3 routine today and was wondering what kind of girth gains should I expect? As far as I see, my post pump after was an increase of 1/4" in length and 1/8" in girth. My flaccid size went up 1/4" in length and girth but went back to...
  8. G

    Getting back into it

    Hi all, I’ve taken a measurement im currently at 7.75bpel and 5.1 meg. My goal is 8x6. I’ve got both the size genetics and bath mate. Due to work and social life I’ve got to limit my self to around 30-40mins training per day. What routine would work best for me I mostly want to see girth gains...
  9. D

    Is this a good routine for fast girth gains?

    As of right now, I am using the hydromax xtreme for three 5 min sets, then a cock ring for 30 min after the session, and then 3 sets clamped for about 5-7 min each. Sometimes after all of that, I'll use an ADS depending on the day.
  10. R

    Real Girth Gains?

    How can I gain girth safely using Phallosan, Quick Extender Pro, and a vacuum device? Has anyone actually seen any real girth gains beyond just more blood flow or fluid build up?
  11. B

    Has anyone gotten an increase in length form using the Phallosan Forte?

    Has anyone gotten an increase in length form using the Phallosan Forte? Can it be worn at night during sleep without cutting off circulation?
  12. REDZULU2003

    How has clamping helped you? and what have you gained with it?

    Its a fairly easy straightforward thread to help keep in one place, the gains we can confidently, or nearly confidently, attribute to clamping or clamping relevant methods. Your thoughts on how its helped your development; which areas did it work best, what exercises seemed to work best and...
  13. bandit2010

    amazing girth gains from pumping.

    I pumped tonight with the bath mate 6 sets, when I got done, my after pump girth was 6 inches, that is a INCH gain in girth, I could not believe it, man what a monster hanging between my legs, my spouse was on the computer when I got out the tub, needless to say she stopped what she was doing...
  14. D

    Base Ball Bat Effect

    Hi DLD my girth is a follows Base Shaft 6" Mid Shaft 5" Under Glans 4.5" What Girth routine would you suggest that i do for a even girth overll?? thanks in advance for you response!!
  15. P

    How I recovered from soft glans

    To start off, my glans became soft and smaller from girth overtraining. Always looked bruised and didnt fill up. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that most of my girth gains were at the base. This meant to me that my blood was trying to fill up the base too much, not making its way all...
  16. R

    How Much Expansion Seen After A Workout

    Hey guys, I was reading around and trying to see what is typical for expansion after a workout (for example girth before workout 5" and after a workout 5.25"). I see people posting girth gains after bathmate, jelqing, etc where they are enlarged after the session. I would think the more the...
  17. boohoohoo

    Your Best Tips for Increasing Erection Quality

    Hello all, So I have been in the PE game on and off for a little while now and one thing I have treated as an afterthought is erection quality. The sad thing is that for much of the past few years my erection quality has been so poor that I haven't been able to sleep with several women that...
  18. L


    Hi Everyone, I started with Newbie Routine before 4 days, im really happy that i found this forum. My current stats are 6.5" BPEL 5.9" NBPEL 4.5" EG Just started with phase 1 doing: 5 min warm up 2 sets of basic stretching 600 basic wet jelqs pc muscle fitness 5 min warm down I...
  19. T

    Long Read. Suffered ED at young age from PE but Fighting back for size! Not all bad!

    Hi guys. I would like to tell my story. Many years ago, about 10, I found out about PE. I had a normal penis and was a healthy, spry, 18 year old horny teen. One day, I read about jelqing and I quickly sort of jumped right in. An hour later, I was erect jelqing, my eyes could not believe the...
  20. I

    Hi pls everyone help need help Quick

    Well as the title says i really need help Quick ... so i have a girlfriend and we been dating for like 2 months now and we do have sex quite alot but i really started to feel like she doesnt enjoy IT as Much as i do ... she tells me the sex is good but i know alot of girls lies so the guys Will...
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