1. Y

    Guys I fucked up really hard...

    Hi guys, I'm quite afraid of what I did right now. (pictures, warn nsfw and graphics) Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet 1 week ago (pictures are as of today) I tried to prep a solution of 20% benzyl alchool, 10% lidocaine and rest of water. The purpose was to numb my penis so...
  2. S

    Pain and tingling ... please help

    I have pain and tingling in the area just under the corona glandis (right side only) No visual skin observations; just very minor discoloration. It's has been around two week since a very intense bathmate session and the pain and tingling doesn't show any signs of slowing down. (It has...
  3. Perestroyka

    Full capacity erection, need advice how to get it!

    Hello boys, I have issue with my erection, it aint soft, but it ain't rock hard either, no matter how much kegels I do, and how much I'm consistent with them, is there any universal solution for this problem, or I'm the only one who has this kind of problem, when I'm not squeezing my pc muscle...
  4. M

    Possible injury, need advice (panicing)

    I'm uncut and been PE'ing since march with length only manual stretching and extender use I had my biggest workout yesterday, all was fine today I decided to wear a wrap during a 15min cardio session which ive never done. All seemed fine, I then did weight lifting for an hour wearing...
  5. MoreThanLuck

    Women + Cialis = Genius?

    It's experiment week over at my house. I was doing a little reading on Cialis, its' side effects and what not. Then I thought, 'if this works on a penis so well then why doesn't it work on a clitoris'? Well, online research came up with nothing other than "it most likely doesn't do anything"...
  6. A

    Attention: I Have Been Using Other Guy's Photos For A Very Long Time (Apology)

    This is a hard message to write, as I'm deeply ashamed of doing this, but I need to call accountability to it -- When I was a lot younger, I saw my first "massive-cock" porn, and it made quite an impression. I became fascinated by the idea of how women reacted to a big...
  7. D

    Warm up help?

    Can you warm up with just your bare hands? Or is that unsafe?
  8. D

    How to use extenders?

    I just bought an extender and am wondering how are you supposed to use an extender, do you stretch past your erect length? And if so past bone pressed erect or non bone pressed erect? Any other information would be appreciated thanks.
  9. H

    Trying to satisfy my girl

    Hey guys, I've been reading this forum for a while and have done a lot of PE in the past. I don't really remember what I started at but I've gained about 3/4" in length if I recall. Anyways my girlfriend insists that she is unable to have an orgasm from intercourse. Is this true that some...
  10. L

    To 8x6, AND BEYOND!!!

    Pages 1-10 are previous experience up until a point where I needed a break. Pages 10-now are current experience with a daily log entry for my latest routine Because Buzz Light Year I figured it's due for me to post how I finally got here. Long time ago, maybe 11 years now, I was upper...
  11. Destroyurr


    I've been reading around the site and came across talk of exhaustion and length work. How does one achieve this state? How does one know that he is in this state? What should you do in this state?
  12. L

    Please help with X30 pump issues.

    Hello everyone, thanks for reading my post. I bought a X30 from a retail store about 2 months ago and I only used it for maybe 5 sessions. I have some concerns and if you all could help me out I'd really appreciate it. Lets cover the application quick, I don't have a bathtub, only a shower...
  13. L

    Problems and concerns with purchased X30, need guidance

    Hello everyone, thanks for reading my post. I bought a X30 from a retail store about 2 months ago and I only used it for maybe 5 sessions. I have some concerns and if you all could help me out I'd really appreciate it. Lets cover the application quick, I don't have a bathtub, only a shower...
  14. D

    is at least two hours good enough?

    Sup guys, So ive started using my SG with the VLC again and at the moment I am only using it at night when I go to bed. Im not sure what time I take it off through the night, but Im sure im getting a good two hours stretch in. Im using the extra two large bars (Leaving me with only the two...
  15. B

    Discoloration kit?

    I was reading a post where dld talked about a discolouration kit, my dick is pretty dark from the bathmate. any idea what this kit is about?
  16. master_mind

    New idea of ring of power. Suggestions required.

    I have heard if we add saline solution to the tubes of ring of power they produce more volts and is much better. Now if I take hollow copper and zinc rods or drill holes and make then hollow and then add saline solution to the tubes. This will enable the saline solution to run in the entire...
  17. L

    Input from the vets

    Morning 15 minute bathmate session 6 30 minute bundled stretch in vac extender with leg strap (with as much tension as possible without actual pain) Afternoon Several hours of mild tension in vac extender mostly intended on being passive time. Evening 15 minutes bathmate Half hour...
  18. Golden Crotch

    Is slight pain a sign of too much intensity?

    When stretching, is slight pain a sign of too much intensity, or is that the correct way to go about it?
  19. L

    Why can I hang so much weight- just started hanging

    I read a lot of posts where guys can only hang 7-8 lbs and fatigue with around 10-12 lbs. I am way ov er that and just started hanging end of september. I started with 10 lbs for 3 sets of 20 minutes each once daily 6 days a week. Within a few days I added 2.5 lb plate to first set and felt...
  20. JB007

    Can manual work lead to hand and wrist problems down the road?

    Hey Dld, or any long-time pe guys that have done a lot of manual stretching and jelqing for at least a few years- do you ever experience any pain or numbness or stiffness in your hands? Anyone ever develop carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis or anything like that? I've been doing a lot of manual...

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