1. Egghead1

    After 2 years of dating, I told my GF about PE

    Hey guys!! I’ve been so busy with PE, work and life that I barely have time to post anymore so to make up for the last couple of months this is gonna be another long post! So I've been with my woman now for just over 2 years and we finally decided to move in together. When i first met her i had...
  2. bandit2010

    30 days of gains

    hey Mike are you still doing the 30 days of gains competition,
  3. bigogeek

    Hypocaloric diet + PE gains?

    Does a hypocaloric diet slow down your penis gains? So, the question itself it's not that difficult, as a nice bigorexic I am I love getting muscle gains, but as a newbie I am in the PE territory I don't surely know if the same happens with the penis. I know that the process it's different...
  4. megamike

    Forcing new gains?

    Hello everybody! it has been a while since I have posted anything outside of my own routine and progress thread. So,I've been stuck at my current length for some time now and as a result I am losing hope but still highly motivated by my own goal and mental image of what my ideal cock would look...
  5. TheSpaniard

    Maintenance after wanted gains?

    My current stats are 6.5x5.5 My goal is 7-7.5x 5.5-6 After I reach my goal, what kind and how much maintenance will I need to keep the gains?
  6. L

    Beginner: What To Do?

    Hey guys, Hope all is well! I just joined the community after looking for the best forum that would help the most to help me get to my goal. I am currently 6x5 and am hoping to reach 7.5x6 eventually. Based off of your guys experiences, what do you think would be best for me to start? I am a...
  7. FireBoner


    I've been doing the basic stretching and some jelqing very religiously 5 days a week for the last month and I've gained around a half centimeter wich is I think almost a quarter of an inch in both lenght and girth thanks to this community !(like)
  8. P

    I need something that I can wear after my Phallosan to stay elongated.

    So I started training again, I am in my second week with the Phallosan currently wearing it for five hours straight mid-green strength, and I am going to work my way up to 10 hours. However I have been noticing that when I am not wearing the device and my penis is flaccid without it it...
  9. T

    Pump optimization

    What’s up brothers? Been a while for me since I’ve been building my career, but I wanted to hop on and remind people about some pumping techniques wether it’s bathmate or other pumps. When you are pumping, you NEED to Kegel and reverse Kegel! If you don’t you are wasting time essentially... Do...
  10. adventure

    I'm new here, so I hope some of you guys can clear up some misconceptions...

    I've been interested of trying to get my dick to a size bigger, as I am not quite satisfied with its current size... so I took onto the internet and searched throughout to see if there was any possible way to get a bigger dick, I came across a few videos mainly pointing out towards the bath mate...
  11. J


    Hi, does anyone have experience with phallogauge I can get it on but it slips of easy and it only seems to stretch my ligaments not the shaft of my penis .. also if you stretch the ligaments does this make your erection angle lower instead of point upwards? Thanks.
  12. J

    1 year and no gains, please help

    I've been pumping for one year now. I almost gave up, because after the first 2 months, I got zero temporary gains. Literally no difference in girth after 20-30 minutes pumping, not even for 5 minutes. Finally I started seeing some temp gains so I stuck with it. Here is a rough chart Starting...
  13. Getbiglonger7

    At what age did you guys started whit this PE stuff?

    HEY everyone one of the questions i have about PE is at what age a man gets concerned about the size of its Penis if they ever get,i was worried about my size in my teens i had this skinny penis was ridiculous.but didnt know a goddamn thing about PE.It was until my mid 20s when i found out about...
  14. L

    YAASS FINALLY BACK - Legendary journal PE

    Heyy guys, happy to be part of the community. Short background, measurements and pics following today when I get off work. cheers -L
  15. N

    Where should I start?

    Hey everyone! I’m new and where I stay pretty busy I haven’t had much time to research the other threads. So I apologize if I ask something that has been answered elsewhere. I am 31 years old and would like to gain girth and a little bit of length would be nice too. What routine would be best...
  16. V

    XL Bell

    I've had the XL Bell for about ten days now. My glans is not XL but the standard one was too small, esp as I always wear the protector cap. Feels much more comfortable. I use it with the medium sleeve. Another thing: a couple of times when the suction was really good I saw my head swell up...
  17. T

    I can’t gain girth for the life of me.

    So for the last 5 months I’ve been so busy with everything I can’t dedicate hour on hour to PE. My routine has been 5 min tunica stretch each way and than 15-20 min in the bath are. During my one month off I was doing your bath mate sessions every day. I didn’t see a little little bit of...
  18. G

    Tapered Girth

    Hi all, at the moment I’m doing some jelqs size genetics stretching and dld superset bathmate/SSJ’s. My girth is 6’’ base girth 5.25 mid and 5 just below head. What exercise would be good to equal it out? I would like to get to 6’’ all over.
  19. V

    New member

    Just wanted to introduce myself. Based in UK - PE'ing on and off for a while. Was 5.5BPEL x 4.8 Max 6.5BPEL x 5 Now 6.25BPEL x 5 Main method Phallosan. Interested in pumping, will look into. I usually put a small sleeve on to get a supertight seal - it's a bit of a squeeze but...
  20. J

    EQ after PE session good or bad?

    Hi, im new to matters of size but not new to PE or other forums.:cool: I have been doing PE for over 6 months but my experience doesnt seem to match others and i havent made any gains at all. My question is for all the veterans or individuals that have success with JELQing and have made gains. I...

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