1. S

    Volume underrated in possible gains discussion?

    So I was thinking the other day about penis volume. And that an mere increase of lets say 0,25 inches can mean alot of extra volume to the penis. When we talk about normal gains we often talk about numbers like maybe one inch increase in lenght lets say 0.5-1 year and maybe 0,5 inch in girth...
  2. 92tmorgan


    So I started PE the beginning of this year. I’ve picked up different workouts and things to do as I’ve read more and more. My routine feels pretty great. I know I’m doing a lot but I don’t feel like I’m overloading myself. My routine is as follows. Morning I do length master BTC bundled...
  3. V-TAX

    Overtraining on purpose for maximum gains?

    I`m a newbie and I`ve been thinking. Is it possible that If I take no days off, no matter how fatigued my penis will be and no matter that I wont be able to achieve erections at all, would this force growth in big amounts? I mean, I hope this wouldn't destroy or kill my penis, I`ve never done...
  4. M4L!K

    Gains or peyronie?

    Hello brother I hope you are doing well, So I started PE while ago with a right curve penis at the base, I thought it was just a bend and it will fix with general stretching, so after some months doing my routine and some increase in length (I'm focusing on length now), the right bend moved up...
  5. Hung-Honcho

    Do Bromelain and Papain help PE gains?

    Hey guys ,So I read online that Bromelain (found in Pineapple) and Papain(in green unripe papaya) help treat peyronie disease by breaking down the collagen and making the penis tissue soft and malleable for correction. My question is this, would this aid penis growth with Stretching and hanging...
  6. DLD

    Riding the fatigue, forcing growth, making the best length gains!

    I’m sure many of you heard people talking about fatigue and riding the fatigue and may have wondered what this means so I thought I would do a quick post explaining it. The pelvic floor muscles and their strength, development and longevity through Kegels have a lot to do with their ability to...
  7. N

    Silistretcher gains

    Has anyone made any substantial gains on their silistretcher yet? I loved the PF but had some problems with concealing it as well as the bell started leaking the vacuum after a while. I will eventually get the silistretcher however before I pull the trigger I’m just curious on people’s...
  8. H

    Effective solution for flaccid length gains

    Hello to the Brotherhood, I hope everyone is well. I'd like to have flaccid gains just as much as erect gains, but what is the best solution for that? I don't want to get into hanging just yet, so would a combination of manual stretches and silistretcher be my best bet? It's been difficult...
  9. lano1106

    Coffee and Caffeine effects on PE gains

    I drink maybe 8 cups per day on average.... Someone on another forum has suggested that the fact that I am hard gainer may be explained by my coffee drinking habit. I did google the idea... I haven't seen anything conclusive but I have found it wasn't the first time the idea has been discussed...
  10. FireBoner

    What is the limit ?

    We all know that with the 3D we can gain a lot from PE But how much ? This is my question : Let's say someone is 2-3 years in PE and is now pretty much not going any further... For the normal guy how many inches could he get from those years of training ? 1,5 - 2 - 3 inches ??? I know that...
  11. T

    Length gains

    How come most PE’rs gain at most 1.5-2icnches and very few gain more than that?
  12. DLD

    SRT Passive to Active: The fastest possible way to make length gains SRT approved ???

    Ever since I got my SiliStretcher I have been creating routines and different methods of using the difference components. I think that I have created a new way to go after length gains that will be so much faster when you think about this logically. The best time to make length gains is when...
  13. R

    SizeDoctor penis enlargement gains

    The SizeDoctor has literally been a gamechanger since MoS took an old design, and modded it much more successfully. However, what is now needed, is users feedback on gains using this device Continue with your own progress threads, but also, please can you update us here with gains your having...
  14. R

    SiliStretcher penis enlargement gains

    The Silistretcher from MoS has been really popular since it was released. However, what is now needed, is users feedback on gains using this device. Continue with your own progress threads, but also, please can you update us here with gains you have, from using what we belive to be the best ADS...
  15. R

    MityVac Pump penis enlargement gains

    The MityVac pump series from MoS has been more popular then ever, and with good reason. However, what is now needed, is users feedback on gains using this device. Continue with your own progress threads, but also, please can you update us here with gains you have, from using the MityVac range...
  16. Egghead1

    After 2 years of dating I told my girlfriend about penis enlargement

    Hey guys!! I’ve been so busy with PE, work and life that I barely have time to post anymore so to make up for the last couple of months this is gonna be another long post! So I've been with my woman now for just over 2 years and we finally decided to move in together. When i first met her i had...
  17. B

    30 days of gains

    hey Mike are you still doing the 30 days of gains competition,
  18. bigogeek

    Hypocaloric diet + PE gains?

    Does a hypocaloric diet slow down your penis gains? So, the question itself it's not that difficult, as a nice bigorexic I am I love getting muscle gains, but as a newbie I am in the PE territory I don't surely know if the same happens with the penis. I know that the process it's different...
  19. megamike

    Forcing new gains?

    Hello everybody! it has been a while since I have posted anything outside of my own routine and progress thread. So,I've been stuck at my current length for some time now and as a result I am losing hope but still highly motivated by my own goal and mental image of what my ideal cock would look...
  20. L

    Beginner: What To Do?

    Hey guys, Hope all is well! I just joined the community after looking for the best forum that would help the most to help me get to my goal. I am currently 6x5 and am hoping to reach 7.5x6 eventually. Based off of your guys experiences, what do you think would be best for me to start? I am a...
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