1. A

    Minimum stretched girth required for sleeves?

    Hello, I am interested in getting a Phallosan but I am researching on what are the best sleeves to get other than what Phallosan provides as I have read that they are of poor quality. More importantly, is the best alternative sleeve for the Phallosan able to fit and provide max suction on less...
  2. Golden Crotch

    Questions for DLD about Erect Stretches

    Hi. These questions are mainly for DLD but anyone who has had experience with this exercise is also welcome to join in and answer my questions. So I recently saw in a forum post where DLD stated that erect stretching helped him gain length faster, now here are the questions I have: 1. What...
  3. I

    Need help getting size pls

    Hi so IM really desperet in getting a bigger Dick not only for my girlfriend but for my self and for my self confidence because whenever i look at my Dick i just feel really bad ... and i guess u could call me a grower IM around 6-9 cm flaccid depends on IF i let it hang naked or IF its cold and...
  4. S

    Growing myself a shower - need fellow experimenters!

    So I've always been one of those guys who grows more than triple when I get an erection. When flaccid I can be anywhere between average on a good day, to hardcore turtling down to like an inch and a half on a bad day. Needless to say, I've never been one for locker rooms. Happily, this seems...
  5. K

    Grower vs. Show-er?

    Hi Brotherhood! Is it possible for a "grower" to turn into a "show-er?" If so, which exercises help the most? Thanks!
  6. B

    Why does turtling happen?

    I was always curious why turtling happens. I never seen to have that flaccid hang and instead of penis always seems retracted in the flaccid state. Is there a reason for this?
  7. S

    My unit wont stop turtling and its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!

    Its like all my junk wants to do is to turtle. No matter what i do , all it wants to do is to turtle. It was like this even before PE. Its beginning to Piss me off cause my flacid size is tiny because of this issue. Its like whenever i start moving or walking , it begins to turtle. After a good...
  8. 7

    To extender experts

    Whats up guys! i got a extender and im trying to use as many hours as possible, but i still have some doubts... At which lenght its better to use it to make some gains? Ive read that its better to stretch the flacid penis until ur nbel to attach the extender, and then start to add some...
  9. A

    How to increase Flaccid length

    I am quite small when flaccid i.e 4.2. whats the best excercise to increase the flaccid length and girth permanently. Im 7.2 when erect.
  10. eugine8plz

    Exercises for Flaccid Gains?

    I am trying to make some flaccid gains within the next few months (3-5 months). Does anyone have any exercise recommendations that are especially good for flaccid gains?? Thanks bros!!
  11. B

    Huge increase in flaccid after 3 weeks of Bathmate

    Been using the Bathmate for about 3 weeks now. While I've seen a little increase in erect size, I have big increases in flaccid size. I've always been a "grower, not a show-er", but today for the first time I didn't have to be embarrassed peeing in the trough at the ball game. Just flopped it...
  12. H

    New here, looking for more flaccid length

    Hello there, As the title says I am new here :) I am not really disappointed with my erect Penis (7" BPEL) but would like it to be longer in the flaccid state (as the title says XD) which is now 3.7" NBP. Now my question: Is it really possible to obtain a significant change in length without...
  13. K

    Nude Beach

    So the first time I went I didn't get nude because the weather was actually horrible. it was raining. Anyway the second time I went I got nude. I brought my dog with me. The problem was I had horrible shrinkage for some reason. I think because I was shy. The experience itself was good. It...
  14. Y

    Turtling prevention

    New here so not sure if this is the proper forum. But I have found a very effective way to prevent turtling that I wanted to share. I know they say turtling is natural, but it annoys the hell out of me and I'm always reaching down to make adjustments. The last two days I have tried using Breathe...
  15. N

    How to become shower?

    Hello guys. I am definitely grower. Sometimes he can get so little because of turtling that I wonder how can he grow back while erected. I want to get nice flacid length so even before sex I would look fine. Are there any exercises for this or does it only work with pills?
  16. habban

    skin wrinkles and girth.

    Hello! Recently it has been more obvious that the skin on my penis gets "wrinkles" because i have more skin on the shaft than necessary. This is very clear when i'm flaccid at least. I notice it everytime i'm going to pee when i pull back the skin to show my glans. It also feels pretty...
  17. megamike

    Flaccid Length

    I'm a grower,is there any way or exercises to increase flaccid length?
  18. B

    Starting over with my results

    So im a noob, but ive posted on MOS before, however my asshole of a roommate got into my lap top and deleted all my progress pics and my account. Not just this one... every social account i had. Then before deleting my pics , he sent them to my friends and FAMILY to screw me over.As anaken...
  19. I

    Average Size - Grow VS Show - New Thinking...

  20. M

    My results from 1 yr of jelqing

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