1. Wintergates

    Hanging lace lenght question

    Whats most effective , hang high with a short lace or hang very low with a long lace almost touching ground
  2. Wintergates

    New member quick questions

    Hello 1) is clamping equal to jelq in terms of effectiveness 2) can u gain lenght by hanging very light for hours straight "time under tension" method with enough weight just to feel a gradual stretch increasing fatigue over time 3) Is it better to decide the path "girth or lenght" first and...
  3. L

    YAASS FINALLY BACK - Legendary journal PE

    Heyy guys, happy to be part of the community. Short background, measurements and pics following today when I get off work. cheers -L
  4. P

    Going back out there... a story or two

    Hello all, I have a few stories for any that are bored enough to read. I also share in hopes to help any others in a position similar to mine and to provide a window into another angle of life for those who are not. First of all, I was in a relationship with a much older woman for 11 or...
  5. A

    Minimum stretched girth required for sleeves?

    Hello, I am interested in getting a Phallosan but I am researching on what are the best sleeves to get other than what Phallosan provides as I have read that they are of poor quality. More importantly, is the best alternative sleeve for the Phallosan able to fit and provide max suction on less...
  6. C

    1" = A Mile; Her arousal doesn't start with your penis

    Many of us have gone through life hearing guys brag about having 7 and 8" penises and women saying how her man (or ex or whoever) had an 8" penis etc. I'm here to tell all of you that 99% of that is made up bullshit. It seems every man out there says he's huge yet studies have concluded that the...
  7. C

    I'm certainly not Forrest Gump

    And even if Jenny was yelling "RUN CLAD RUN!" I'm not sure if I'd go any faster. Training for my first real 5k in a few weeks. I haven't really ran in almost 20yrs up until 2 months ago. When I was in boot camp I managed 21:30 on a 3 mile run (5k is 3.1 miles) and the next 4yrs my average was...
  8. DLD

    Maybe we should print up a batch of these :)

    Maybe we should print up a batch of these :)
  9. H

    Masturbation causes a bent penis

    As per the subject, I'm beginning to think that the real reason why my penis curves to the right is because its tighter on that side than on the left side. This is due to my left handed grip where my fingers tend to press hard on the right side, so the muscle has developed tighter/stronger. I...
  10. I

    This Might Be Awkward: It Involves Ur Asshole...

    Having finally added Kegels into my manual routine, that is ten minutes a night in between doing Jelqs and SSJ's; y'all remember my recent post about them and even though I believe I'm doing them properly, I don't necessarily feel that I'm flexing \ tightening the area all that well. However one...
  11. DutchAthletic92

    I regret to have to say that.....

    Dear MOS, Due to moving to a new apartment with new roommates i’m not able to hang anymore... I lack the privacy and time to get in 10 hours of hang per week. Yesterday was my last hanging session. I’m way too afraid that someone will knock on my door and comes in unexpectedly... This is...
  12. T

    Have a new short theory on the bathmate

    This is going to get some hate. But the standard 3x5 minute sets for the bathmate i think is not enough for serious gains. Lately i have been holding my dick in the bathmate for alot longer, even 10 minutes. The longer i hold it in the bathmate it the better gains i get. I think we should be...
  13. L

    Selling Phallosan Forte

    Hey guys, Just to make this short I'm planning on selling my Phallosan Forte. I got it a few days ago and after using it one time, I realized it's not going to work out for me. So, if anybody wants to buy it just PM me. I have receipts and pics if you want proof.
  14. D

    How Long Before Your First Results

    I've been back at it stretching my dick like crazy for a month with only gains in eq. How long was it before anybody else saw gains? I always quit after 3 months and not seeing any real gain. I was hoping some new techniques and harder stretching would get me an extra cm by the end of a month...
  15. jekyllnhyde360

    Jeqyllnhyde360 diet/weightloss/body recomp

    Currently- 280 lbs Goal weight- 180-170 Diet- I started this whole thing off with a 5 day water fast and dropped 15 lbs. just wanted to flush the salt out. Next i'm doing a juice fast for anywhere between 30 to 90 days, and once i get to around 190, ill either do a water fast, or just...
  16. D

    New extender for stretching from the base

    Hello Brothers, I never knew this kind of extender exists. Anyone tried this? Here is the link:
  17. Mlathem

    Call me the comeback kid. Time to beat Peyronies disease. Had peyronies 2 1/2 years

    These 2 1/2 years has been a struggle atlas for my dick. I think there were some different factors playing into it. I took steroids 1-2 years before the injury and diagnosis and i had low low testosterone after this point which cased me to have lower libido. Thats what got me searching on the...
  18. megamike

    Fat pad!

    Has anyone tried a local fat burner to get rid of lower belly/pubic fat pad??
  19. H

    Is there anyone that has used the length master for 6 months?

    As the suggest implies, I want to know if there is anyone that has used the length master consistently for 6 months. I will also like to know what type of gains you have made from using the device. I'm currently using my length master daily for 1 hour doing downward bundled stretches only. I...
  20. Egghead1

    The Importance of Heat Wrapping and a cooldown after an intense senssion

    So I've been dealing with an issue for the past 2 months that has little to no documented history on this site or any other site on the internet. I've been doing a pretty intense girth workout since August/September and everything has been going fairly smoothly until recently I would start to...
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