1. B

    Long time fan return p.e. (Pics included.)After years

    Hello everyone, Ive always been a big enthusiast of p e. But years have passed, dealing with many life problems. I suffer with severe depression and anxiety. I just' haven't been able do p.e. in quite a while due to many tragic events in my life I used to be 10" . I've lost my size . Im...
  2. B

    pumping size question

    is youre pumping size youre real soze
  3. D

    Newbie with questions

    Hi guys. I'm new here. A little about me. I'm 39yo, avg build, non smoker. I've been dealing with general/health anxiety for about 5 years now. I've also struggled with ED on and off for the last few years. I believe the ED is from my anxiety as sometimes I can get super hard, but can...
  4. T

    Can't make mityvac hidro pump work

    Hi I tried to find complete guide for water pumping with mityvac. I watched what i found. But i break my head trying to understand if im doing something wrong or its just broken. Air pump works just fine. But when i attach the water part in the middle as shown in pictures and videos. It doesnt...
  5. V-TAX

    Overtraining on purpose for maximum gains?

    I`m a newbie and I`ve been thinking. Is it possible that If I take no days off, no matter how fatigued my penis will be and no matter that I wont be able to achieve erections at all, would this force growth in big amounts? I mean, I hope this wouldn't destroy or kill my penis, I`ve never done...
  6. C

    Does Penis Pumping increase lenght?

    Hello, Newbie here. What's your experience?
  7. Getbiglonger7

    Length after pumping

    I'm going to have a BM Session n going to have a LM Session after that.Is that counterproductive I don't think it is,the penis could be a bit more expanded tough..
  8. J

    Pumping vs. Bathmate. I never tried a Bathmate. Any advantage?

    As the title, I never tried a bathmate in my life. I was wondering if there is any advantage in terms of gains or intensity or perhaps results? Im not worried about comfortability or anything like that. I just wonder if one has better results over there other etc... thanks!!
  9. S

    Pumping without silicap

    My silicap started to tear but is still usable for hopefully another day or two(not to worry! Already ordered another), but I’m wondering what i should know about pumping with only the sleeve on, no cap? Presumably take it easy and don’t shoot straight up to my normal pressures?
  10. T

    Pump optimization

    What’s up brothers? Been a while for me since I’ve been building my career, but I wanted to hop on and remind people about some pumping techniques wether it’s bathmate or other pumps. When you are pumping, you NEED to Kegel and reverse Kegel! If you don’t you are wasting time essentially... Do...

    Is it possible to plateau from the Jelq exercise?

    So I've been doing very intense erect Jelqs for at least a few months already, pretty much every morning I gained a bit of length and especially girth But now it feels like my inner penile tissue is already used to the very high intensity and I don't feel that slight burning expansion much...
  12. V

    New member

    Just wanted to introduce myself. Based in UK - PE'ing on and off for a while. Was 5.5BPEL x 4.8 Max 6.5BPEL x 5 Now 6.25BPEL x 5 Main method Phallosan. Interested in pumping, will look into. I usually put a small sleeve on to get a supertight seal - it's a bit of a squeeze but...
  13. DLD

    Maybe we should print up a batch of these :)

    Maybe we should print up a batch of these :)
  14. N

    Getting Blood Blisters on my Foreskin

    Ok, I have taken quite a bit of time off from pumping to deal with a HUGELY annoying case of Phimosis. I was prescribed hydrocortisone for 2 weeks but knowing hydrocortisone thins the skin I only used it for 10 days rather than the prescribed 2 weeks. That unfortunately was enough to thin the...
  15. A

    forced to upgrade? (warning: graphic details)

    So i finally cracked this x40 extreme and went to go grab my other x40 that i had stashed for just such an emergency, and i noticed that it had somehow cracked as well... I have been completely packing the tube girthwise every day for a while now and i thought that i could gain some length in...
  16. T

    Ive been getting horrible erections lately...

    So my erections have been so poor lately. My routine is basically just 15-20 min of bathmate so nothing to intense. Ive been pumping for about 4 months so my penis is use to it. This is really freaking annoying cause if i stopped pumping all together my cock would stay skinny. At this...
  17. T

    The bathmate is giving me poor erections.

    This is really irritating cause i recently just started getting sexual with a girl. And i have a hard time getting strong 100% erections now. I obviously would hate to stop doing the bathmate cause than my penis would remain skinny. Any tips advice? Yes i do a shit ton of kegels.
  18. T

    Best Bathmate temp gains ever today!

    I know its a bathmste post, but i wanted the main sub to see it just so i can get advice on how to always have workouts like this. I started my bathmate routine at 4.5-4.6 girth. Finished at 5.75. Did tunica stretch beforehand, than dd 6 sets of 6 minutes. How can i make these gains last...
  19. S

    Questions/doubts about routine BATHMATE

    Hello everybody first of all greetings to everyone and going straight to the point; I have been using only bathmate for almost 2 months, right now im max pressure with full erection and to not lose the erection i watch ���� while i do it. But as far as i know theres nothing like jelqing and...
  20. GashKing

    PUMPING - Pressure, Length of Time, How many times per day ?

    Just started pumping again about 1 month ago. Never really got into it much, but used it as a additional supplement exercise in addition to my regular PE exercises, workouts. My questions to the successful pumpers. How many times per day is safe to pump, intervals between pumping...
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