1. Mlathem

    Call me the comeback kid. Time to beat Peyronies disease. Had peyronies 2 1/2 years

    These 2 1/2 years has been a struggle atlas for my dick. I think there were some different factors playing into it. I took steroids 1-2 years before the injury and diagnosis and i had low low testosterone after this point which cased me to have lower libido. Thats what got me searching on the...
  2. G

    Resuming P.E. w/ LM & SG

    Hello. I've been away from P.E. for a long time and i'm going to be starting up again. In the past, I used no "tools", but this time i'm going to purchase a lengthmaster and Size genetics. I do recall that gains can be accelerated by maintaining a slightly stretched state after "workouts", so...
  3. A

    Seeking direction.

    In the past few weeks, I've been investing in gear for a total P.E. gym so that I can set upon an advanced daily regimen. I am hoping I can garner some quality input on structuring a routine with what gear I currently have but also am very interested in being introduced to others so that I can...
  4. M

    Does PE brings Back Pain

    Dear Brothers, I have a small question and I really need your suggestions. I have a history of Sacral Chordoma since 2011. Since my surgery I was having a normal bearable mild lower back pain it was always stable. But since I have started P.E. (Manual, Extender and Bathemate) my back pain has...
  5. DLD

    Caption Contest : Hammer Time!

    Lets see who gets us the laugh the hardest on this one!
  6. M

    Manual P.E or Device

    Dear Brothers, Question is which one is better more effective.... Manual Stretching or Using an Extender Manual Girth PE or Bathmate
  7. eugine8plz

    Has anyone here tried the ROP?

    Hey bros, just wondering if anyone here has ever tried out the ring of power and if so have you seen any positive effects from it such as higher testostrone levels? I have never gotten my test levels checked out but I believe that they may be a bit lower then average. If anyone has anything to...
  8. DLD

    Thank You Benefit, I just saw this!

    Sorry Benefit for not seeing this. I deeply thank you and I hope you see this and accept my appologies for missing it but also my gratitude for such a wonderful letter. God Bless You! DLD
  9. B

    Major prayers needed my brothers.

    My brothers the last few days, there has been alot of stress here at home, alot of fighting with the mother inlaw, well she will be moving out in a few days. but with her moving out money will be tight, I have a job interview lined up for Monday for 40 plus hours a week. it has put so much...
  10. M

    Where Should I start from

    Dear MOS Brothers, Hope everything is good at your end... I am using Extender from last two months and also X40 since 5 days... I have somehow hurt my penis and these days only using bathmate and Uncle Jim's Wraps. Question is now from members site, Which Phase should I start from? Also I had...
  11. M

    Urgent help needed

    My brothers from another mother, I somehow by using extender have wounded. There is a very small wound on my shaft just after the head of my penis in the middle it's small but it pains slot. Any suggestions...
  12. S

    Routine check in.

    Hi all, I've recently completed my first 3 months of P.E or 'quarter' as I have been calling it. I measured using a ruler the day after a rest day and I measured in at a solid 5.5 in length, I did the same with a tape measure and measured at 5.6/7. I'm a little confused really partly because...
  13. M

    Cold Water usage....

    Dear All from brotherhood.... Just a simple question.... how good is to wash penis by cold water?.... like while doing P.E anything we use Hot water as Warm up or Warm down.... so during the rest of the day... is it okay to wash penis with cold water.... well yes cold water gives the feeling of...
  14. M


    end.of.April I'll.be a.year in p.e started.at 5.5 bpL 5.5 girth ... so.far.gained 1.5 length and.. 5 girth .if I.get.hanger how.much.more.can.I.gain.length and.in what time I.want.to.be at.least9BP
  15. M

    How useful is to pump

    Dear All, I am using extender.... I was reading online and somewhere it says don't use pump while using extender and doing P.E. as it is special for people who have problems with erections... I don't think I have any problem with that. I just need to increase the length and girth. Is it...
  16. S

    Newbie knocks and bumps

    Hey all, I'm 6 weeks in to my P.E conquest and have been pumping for the last 2 weeks. However I've noticed a few little signs of potential injury which are; some small black spots on foreskin, a stinging feeling around my glans and some bruising after pumping. Has anyone else seen or had...
  17. I

    i want to permanently enlarge my glans

    hi friends Am new to this site and forum..I am reading success stories of of penis enlargments from many. I also have been practicing jelq for nearly 2 years..i gained good gain in my girth and I stays permanent even after 2 years My major interest previously was to increase my girth. I...
  18. S

    will i be a bitter ex if i play my ace card

    hello all, I'm in two minds about what to do in my situation so would appreciate all advice. Basically i was seeing a girl for nearly 2 months, we separated but it became clear she was seeing a guy (that she is in a relationship with now) behind my back and was definitely leading me on. i...
  19. B

    Just brought vacutech...please help a brother

    A bit of my P.E history My P.E has never really taken off due to not getting any alone time to use my bathmate Always felt rushed in the bathroom when flat sharing. Previously at my mums she didn't want me pumping In the bath. I'm back at my parents for the time being and have just brought a...
  20. D

    Just brought a vacutech need advice

    Hi guys, I'll give a brief run down of my P.E history so far. I brought a bathmate Hercules in April struggled to use it as am staying at parents for time being. I did use it now and again but used to give me major sperm chord pain I think due to over pumping. In fact can someone please clear...
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