1. B

    Sleeve Review

    Brothers, I was very excited to get the SiliSleeves to add to my arsenal. I’ve been stretching for a while (about 6 months seriously) and wanted to heal in an elongated state. I’ve noticed that I turtle a lot after a stretch session and wanted to do something about it. Wrapping with an ace...
  2. R

    Everyone that has ordered a SiliStretcher and leaves a recent review on the SiliStretcher in ShopMOS will receive a free SiliScale!

    Surprised more of you haven't jumped at the chance :) This comes from the boss
  3. DLD

    My review of MOSGrip, incredible! Inexspensive! Total Grip

    MOSGrip Review by DLD I have had the MOS grip powder now for about a week and there’s a few things I’d like to say about it. First it’s amazing how little you need to use in comparison to other powders. A simple dusting of the powder bag is plenty. And when you consider how little you need to...
  4. S

    Mityvac review!!

    If you have the mityvac plz post your review here as well!!! It would be great to hear some diffrent point of view os this pump As well if you find any new tricks that would be great!!! I have been playing with the pump and i just can say this "F@#king Amazing!!! I used to use the bathmate...
  5. stillwantmore

    MEL MAGAZINE Article Feat. DLD, Big Al, Stillwantmore! Very good write up! Very positive as well. Thanks again to Brian the interviewer and author as well as MEL Magazine!
  6. T

    X50 X review

    I got my X50 X last year but because the house is always busy found it hard to use. Now I'm on nights and have an empty house most of the day so pumping like 2-3 times daily except for weekends got to figure that one out or that might be my rest day. I have started using bio oil which is...
  7. stillwantmore

    My Review Of Bandits' Silicone Sleeves

    Hey everyone. First off, thanks Bandit for sending me a sleeve to review. I chose a 8 inch long sleeve. The inside diameter appears to be a little over an inch. That's fine, as this sleeve is very stretchy. If you cut it to the approximate width you think you want first, roll it up for...
  8. B

    If I have sent you a silicone sleeve to test, Please post your review.

    If I have sent you a silicone sleeve to test, please post your review below and what you think.
  9. D

    New extender for stretching from the base

    Hello Brothers, I never knew this kind of extender exists. Anyone tried this? Here is the link:
  10. eugine8plz

    Has anybody watched Elbows 6 week Bathmate review on YouTube?

    So there is this one guy on YouTube named elbow (or so I think) and he does a 6 week review on the bathmate x30 I believe and by the end of the 6 weeks he gained like 2" in length and 1.5" in girth (or so I recall, I haven't watched the videos in awhile). I recommend watching the series if you...
  11. stillwantmore

    Cialis Vs Viagra Personal Review

    So, I have never used Cialis until this morning. I thought I would post a first hand experience, comparing it to my generic Viagra experience. I am in good overall health with no pre existing health conditions. No medication allergies either. The only other ED medication I have experience...
  12. crazyed27

    2 stage? Anybody do it?

    So I just bought a 2 stage cylinder. I do not have it yet. Just wondering if anybody has experience with it. Specifically how to get out of it? Like if I pump my shit too big to get out of the first stage? I've been pumping for years. My main cylinder is a vacutech thickwall elliptical 2 1/4 by...
  13. G

    Back to it, and a question.

    Hi guys, been out for awhile. Had some great gains between 2012-2014 and then got super busy with family/kids/lack of privacy. Now with more privacy, will resume my PE and general fitness growth. It's time to make time for myself. In the hiatus, I used my Bathmate Extreme every few months...
  14. GoodLookingNerd

    Bib starter vs. hanger & Hanging advice Please

    Not trying to start a war. I've seen hanger's vids on wrapping and putting on his device. The inside of the device doesn't have those plastic moldings protruding out that the Bib starter has and is a smooth surface. Also, not a lot of wrap was applied and the device was put on. I am a...
  15. BeefyBee

    My thoughts on Phallosan Forte (progress thread)

    the Good: 1. It's comfortable and actually kind of pleasant to wear. 2. Immediately noticed a reduction In turtling. 3. Imediately noticed increased sensation in my penis during sex. 4. Using Phallosan to assist in my manual stretching is awesome. I have a very hard time keeping grip on...
  16. S

    tunica tugs gains ??

    Hi guys . anyone got girth gains by using tunica tugs ??? in how long time ??? does it enlarge the glans too ?? or just the shaft ?? how many reps should do to maximize the gains ??? is it advanced exercise or newbie ???
  17. Juhox

    Real medical solution

    Hi brothers! All of you who suffer from Peyronie's disease, I advise to buy natural medicine called serrapeptase. It's an unique enzyme that removes nonliving tissue from body, and therefore that plaque that causes Peyronie's disease will significantly disappear. Additionally, if you or...
  18. D

    Just received my vacutech!! Questions?

    Hey guys long story short back on the grind again. Bathmate didn't work out as have no privacy. Brought a vacutech at the end of November, got held up in customs till last Wednesday. It arrived with half the box missing. I brought the thick wall elliptical system. But only items in box was the...
  19. DLD

    Need a Highly Advanced Extender User to Test the MOS Extender prototype.

    Looking for someone in the US who has deep understandings on extenders to test out a photo-type to the future MOS Extender. This is different than anything on the market and testing will need to be thorough. This is the first step in a long process so lets not get too excited yet. Please post...
  20. N

    Are you normal? Large penis size database

    Here is a large data base That was released today. I know people have a phobia of small penis syndrome, maybe a large reason why they're on this site. So look no further on other sites MOS got you covered! Note- Sized are based in BPEL...
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