1. Minceydice

    Priapism pump?

    Read something where a guy claimed a simple 20$ modification can be made to any pump to alter it into a priapism pump. Has anyone heard of this ?
  2. REDZULU2003

    What size pump cylinder to order? How to accurately measure your penis for pump cylinder sizing!

    What size pump cylinder to order? Gain Length The rule of thumb is if you are focusing on penis length , order a MityVac pump cylinder in a diameter that is closest to the thickest part of your erect penis girth (see measurements below). The idea is to pack your erect penis in the cylinder...
  3. KingD

    MitySleev Penis Pump Sleeve Issue

    I got my MitySleev Penis Pump Sleeve yesterday and I couldnt wait to try it out on my Bathmate Goliath. I was really loving the MitySleev while using my Bathmate but my worst fear happened. The MitySleev ripped at the entry hole. I was hoping the MitySleev would live up to its name but...
  4. Sycheaus

    Teaching partner PE exercises?

    Have any of the brothers ever taught their significant other any enlargement techniques to practise on you? My girl has expressed interest in me showing her some manual work for her to do on me, was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or experiences to share? Thinking I'll show her how to...
  5. REDZULU2003

    MityVac the serious penis enlargement vacuum pump that kicks ass!!!!

    Well the title gives it away (like) I did one of my "getting to know you" sessions with my new MityVac with 2" cylinder last night lasting 90 minutes. These sessions are what I roll with when I get new equipment for the first 1-2 weeks while I get accustomed to them, rather then jumping...
  6. S

    bathmate xtreme hand ball pump

    anybody having issues with the hand ball pump without the hose, in the lock postion,when pumping with the hand ball pump, air is bubbling in and you can see a loss of water, anybody expriencing that? is there a loss of pressure?
  7. REDZULU2003

    MityVac Pump penis enlargement gains

    The MityVac pump series from MoS has been more popular then ever, and with good reason. However, what is now needed, is users feedback on gains using this device. Continue with your own progress threads, but also, please can you update us here with gains you have, from using the MityVac range...
  8. Lightning

    MityVac ProLine Series ThickWall Pump Cylinders 1.5" & 2" Diameters

    MityVac ProLine Thick Wall Penis Pumps 1.5 & 2" displayed
  9. jekyllnhyde360

    Does the Vacuvin mod bring more pressure than the Extreme hand pump?

    just wondering what any of you who have used both think? i ditched the hand pump on the extreme, it annoyed the hell out of me...
  10. REDZULU2003

    BIG NEWS: MoS has a great new head pump coming!!!

    Lighting and I have been talking behind the scenes, and MOS has a great hew head pump coming along!!! \o/ This is what I have wanted for years, but only until now have we been able to make it a reality with MOS. Many men want to enlarge their glans size, and yes it can be done just like with...
  11. Lightning

    MityVac Hydro Vac Penis Pump User Instructions

    MityVac HydroVac User Instructions When your MityVac arrives, it will come in a plain brown discrete box. This is the actual box it arrives in below. When you open the box you will find a black hardshell case inside with all the components required for your MityVac HydroVac pump system all...
  12. Lightning

    NEW - MOS MityVac HydroVac Penis Pump Line - L@@K

    HYDROVAC PENIS PUMPS BY MOS Introductory Price from $134.00 Get the best of both worlds in one penis pump system. The New MityVac HydroVac by MOS offers a wide range of sizes from 1.75" to 4" diameters hydrovac cylinders to accommodate your pumping goals by either air vacuum pumping or...
  13. T

    Pump optimization

    What’s up brothers? Been a while for me since I’ve been building my career, but I wanted to hop on and remind people about some pumping techniques wether it’s bathmate or other pumps. When you are pumping, you NEED to Kegel and reverse Kegel! If you don’t you are wasting time essentially... Do...
  14. iGrowSteady

    Dick Cream - Ruler VS Eye - And Other Fun Things!

    Okay y'all, here's a catch all thread of thoughts questions and concerns, and what not! First, I've been a little off with my measurements, using a soft ruler VS a hard one; the former showing my BPEL is a bit less. Naturally I thought I was losing ground, until I used a hard ruler and was able...
  15. NIK1

    Bathmate Pump and Hanging Question

    I have never tried Hanging yet and want to incorporate it in with my Bathmate routine..The hanger I was thinking of buying is The Malehanger.I also have been using the BM X30 Hydromax pump now for almost 5 months now and my weekly routine now is 4 days at 20 min a session with 3 days off.Is it...
  16. GashKing


    What pressures do you pump at, for how long/time? (I do 5 sets @ 5 Hg's, for 10, 10, 12, 15 and 20 mins while wearing a shaft ring)
  17. acromegaly

    forced to upgrade? (warning: graphic details)

    So i finally cracked this x40 extreme and went to go grab my other x40 that i had stashed for just such an emergency, and i noticed that it had somehow cracked as well... I have been completely packing the tube girthwise every day for a while now and i thought that i could gain some length in...
  18. T

    Best Bathmate temp gains ever today!

    I know its a bathmste post, but i wanted the main sub to see it just so i can get advice on how to always have workouts like this. I started my bathmate routine at 4.5-4.6 girth. Finished at 5.75. Did tunica stretch beforehand, than dd 6 sets of 6 minutes. How can i make these gains last...
  19. G

    Torn/ Injury of Urethra using Hydromax Xtreme from Bathmate

    Hello I used bathamte for a while few months in the past and I had no injury with it. I bought recently Hydromax Xtreme and used 2 times and was fine. Recently I used Hydromax and I have noticed that my urethra opening was injured, it was getting bigger. I mention that my penis didn 't...
  20. GashKing

    PUMPING - Pressure, Length of Time, How many times per day ?

    Just started pumping again about 1 month ago. Never really got into it much, but used it as a additional supplement exercise in addition to my regular PE exercises, workouts. My questions to the successful pumpers. How many times per day is safe to pump, intervals between pumping...
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