1. jekyllnhyde360

    Is it REALLY even possible to become a shower?

    The burden of being a shower is increasing in magnitudes i never thought possible. Women are free socially these days as well as sexual, which is great, i'm not complaining at all. But more and more when out at the bar or even talking to girls online or text personally, women are seemingly more...
  2. Golden Crotch

    Correlation between height and penis size.

    Maybe there's already a thread out there on this, but I've been pondering.. on average, is there a direct connection between height and penis size? I've always thought that the taller the guy is, the longer he also is "downstairs". But after reading kingpole's PE story, I guess that threw my...
  3. A

    Return to PE. cleaning BATHMATE?proper jelq? Avoiding stretch marks?

    Hey all. So I've been doing off and on pe fir like 4 years and I mean I never honestly sat in to it long enough to see permamnt results. It's been about 5 months since anything. I went to get backdate that was left In the shower but theres white powder stuff in the outside around the rubber. I...
  4. H

    New Bi-Monthly Contest! Win a tool of your choice!

    As per the subject, this thread is for the monthly contest I have been talking about. All you need to do in order to be a part of the contest is to drop your routine here and make sure you stick to the routine and stay consistent for one month. If you fail to stay consistent with your routine...
  5. D

    Maintaining an Erection Without �naked people movies�

    How do you guys manage to do girth work without watching �naked people movies�? I always have to have some kind of stimulus, but hate having to sit and watch �naked people movies� for 30+ minutes. I like to do my PE while I sit and catch up on my shows at night, but it's usually impossible for me to maintain any kind of...
  6. D


    How do people maintain erections for girth work without turning to �naked people movies�. I just can't stay up 30. Minutes with no stimulation.
  7. Golden Crotch

    Questions for DLD about Erect Stretches

    Hi. These questions are mainly for DLD but anyone who has had experience with this exercise is also welcome to join in and answer my questions. So I recently saw in a forum post where DLD stated that erect stretching helped him gain length faster, now here are the questions I have: 1. What...
  8. S

    Growing myself a shower - need fellow experimenters!

    So I've always been one of those guys who grows more than triple when I get an erection. When flaccid I can be anywhere between average on a good day, to hardcore turtling down to like an inch and a half on a bad day. Needless to say, I've never been one for locker rooms. Happily, this seems...

    #1 Motivation Tip to do your workouts any time!

    So the #1 tip is very basic and works EVERY time for me... Get your tools, equipment, or whatever else u need for your routine READY by your side and u will have no choice but to get the routine done For me I always first have to set up a towel with all the lubes and oil, and then wash my...
  10. B

    Pumping with Bathmate outside the tub?

    Not sure of I should post this in the bathmate section because this is more about penis enlargement rather than the pump itself. So far I have gained 3/8" in EL/MEG and 5/8" in BEG pumping in the bathmate for an hour. I thought of upping the time by 15 minutes which would total 75 minutes...
  11. C

    3 months post-hernia surgery - time to start PE again

    I did my first PE session on 2.7.2017 so it was just fitting to start working out again on 2.7.2018. Did my best to get a girth measurement to go along with the good length one I got. I barely got a 5.25" on 1, struggled to get another barely 5 25", and a bunch of 5" when I knew I wasn't 100%...
  12. K

    Grower vs. Show-er?

    Hi Brotherhood! Is it possible for a "grower" to turn into a "show-er?" If so, which exercises help the most? Thanks!
  13. T

    Can someone give me a short intense routine that will produce results?

    For the last 6 months i have been doing basic pe stretches. The newbie routine and an hour of hanging. I have gained a good amount, i went from 5.9 nbel to about 6.5 nbel. However that took a huge chunk out of my day, about two hours. And although I gained alot, i can no longer dedicate so...
  14. H

    What to do in planning before and getting privacy for concentration.

    Hello everyone, I have been looking at PE for a month or so now and have absorbed much information about it. I would like to take the plunge and start doing it. However before I commit, I'd like to be well prepared thus I would like to know a few things. What could/should I buy? I plan...
  15. eugine8plz

    PE while working full time?

    Hey brothers, so recently I got a new job and it has full time hours. I have worked full time hours (8-10 hour days) before but the shifts usually started around 10 am. My new job starts at 7:30 am and ends at 5:30 pm. My question to all of you is how do you guys fit PE into your days when...
  16. jekyllnhyde360

    Hanging flaccid from hanging

    Coming to this conclusion, as someone who has NEVER been a shower (always have shrinkage actually.) I've been noticing that after heavy sets (30 +lbs,) i regularly have a good flaccid hang.
  17. B

    Why does turtling happen?

    I was always curious why turtling happens. I never seen to have that flaccid hang and instead of penis always seems retracted in the flaccid state. Is there a reason for this?
  18. B

    Why do we always talk about bone pressed erect length?

    At the end of the day when you are with your lady and you get hard and whip it out she sees the visible part of your penis. Your bone pressed EL can be 7 inches but if the visible length is only 5.5 inches then it wont look big to her so why do we always focus on BPEL?
  19. B

    is it normal? dark red spot in glans?

    hey, today in the shower i did warm up and did newbie routine streches, i got serious and pulled it correct without pain but with intense pull, problem was when i finished the routine that i figured after dark red spot in glans head so i afraid to go on and do jelq. is it normal this red dark...
  20. S

    My unit wont stop turtling and its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!

    Its like all my junk wants to do is to turtle. No matter what i do , all it wants to do is to turtle. It was like this even before PE. Its beginning to Piss me off cause my flacid size is tiny because of this issue. Its like whenever i start moving or walking , it begins to turtle. After a good...
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