1. S

    Maybe a new way of stretching for me

    I had an idea to utilize my rehab band with stretching and I actually felt like I maybe onto something. Gonna fine tune this and see if I see any noticeable benefit.
  2. becky3000

    Becky's journey starting over is it too late to get to 9? Idk lets try

    My name is BECKY but you can call me "the creature". Always taught i had a huge dick well that's until April 8, 2017. I talked to DLD he told me what to do but i didn't take any action. Now i have decided to take action so as of today i will start my life transformation journeying from 6 and a...
  3. S

    Rest day

    I felt like I was reaching the brink of overtraining after my BAthmate session yesterday so I skipped PF overnight. Still a lil sore so I decided to do a full day rest today. Going to bed now and felt like PF wouldn't be overkill but playing it safe to go hardcore tomorrow. What's the general...
  4. H

    Curious to know

    I have this female friend 30 age in age but she has the voice of a little female girl. What do you call such situation or should I say disease or birth defects? I will appreciate if you guys can throw more light on this.

    clues to gains without measuring

    So last night me and the missez had sex for the first time in a week due to it being that time of the month for her, anyway the last few times we have been at it I've noticed it's been harder for me to put it in her so im thing girth gains right? Now I say this because I'm not actually taking...
  6. D

    Baseball bat "cure"

    Quick rundown. Started jelquing approx four years ago. Just recently moving into devices. Currently 8.2" and 5.4" eg. Goal 10.5" x 7" Question is, I'm noticing a baseball bat shape where the base is "skinny," and heavy, thick-looking up to the glans. Are there specific exercises some of you...
  7. D

    Possible Bathmate and jelq injury?

    Have done some reading, and can't find much in the following concerns. Have done wet jelquing in the past, and nothing else. No injuries then. Fast forward to three years later, and wanted to try the Bathmate x40 for diameter gains. Have been using the X40 for eight weeks, three to four times...
  8. D

    Can someone explain,in lay man's terms, why no girth work while doing length work?

    And has anyone done both successfully?
  9. T

    Are there limits of possible gains or are they endless?

    I would just like to know everyone's opinion on whether there is a limit to gains? Could someone gain 5 inches in length or 3 inches in girth after 10 or 20 years of PE?
  10. P

    Continuous wearing

    So we know we can wear the phallosan all night but how long can you wear it continuously , No bathroom breaks, just the device on straight, with descent Tension? Has this device when worn for too long at too high intensity been know to in rare circumstances to cut off a lot of circulation.
  11. jekyllnhyde360

    Kingdom of girth routine

    Ok, so here it is, take what you will. *Jurassic Crusher* What you'll need- a clamp, a hard surface, and a Mason Jar (taped optional) Basically, you want to start off by getting as hard as possible, and then clamping off like you would regularly. After this you want to find a hard...
  12. B

    ADC and Bathmate Progress, any comments is great!!

    Hello, Ill start with i decided to try the All Day Clamping procedure for the last 8 weeks coupled with using a bathmate at night or in morning and taking weekends off, i have thus far gained .25" in girth in the eight weeks at this and wondering if its just too much training, am I over...
  13. P

    OK I'm going to start

    So I plan on buying the phallosan , Size genetics and possibly the bathmaster eventually. Want to get the LengthMaster but because of my paralysis I cannot keep my penis in a flaccid state so it could be dangerous, and I am not able to do the stretches myself I don't mind getting devices put on...
  14. S

    Earthing and PE

    Earthing is the newest trend I'm aware of in alternative health, and from what I can tell, it's legit. The basic idea is that the human body, out of contact with the earth(bare feet on bare ground) becomes electron starved and develops all kinds of problems as a result. Makes sense to me, but...
  15. M

    Phallosan forte and ADS

    Where can I find a cheap phallosan forte? I have a job I work at a clinic where workers and clients walk around all day and it's hard to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes to rewrap , so do anyone have a way that I can stay rap for at least eight hours?
  16. T

    �naked people movies� addiction and penis injury - any help appreciated (long read)

    Hello everybody, I’m a german man of 28 years. I’ll try to keep my intro here as short as possible but I’m afraid there is a lot to talk about in my case. My background and condition Background: I’m a severe �naked people movies� addict for roughly eight years and I had a time were I was basically...
  17. Golden Crotch

    "Cementing Gains"

    Hello Brothers! I have not been on here in quite a while due to an adjustment period with school/college, but I'm glad to be posting again. Hopefully I can show you some of my future gains. Anyway, there's been a question on my mind. So, what does it mean exactly to "Cement your gains"...
  18. Zambrodom3

    Soy and Impotence

    Hey boys! So, directly on topic- a month ago I purchased a 5kg bag (yes, that's how they sell them where I bought the product from) of Whey Protein. I was an ABSOLUTE IDIOT for doing this, because I did not do my research very well and later on discovered it had Soy in it. I was foolish to read...
  19. jekyllnhyde360

    JKLNHYD - My new routine (targeting mainly girth)

    Lately i've been wrapping my head around the development of a new routine, specifically targeting girth. I've gone from fairly average at 6x4.5 to a pretty descent ''maybe even a little big'' 7x5.:blush: Not complaining or anything, i've had great success, but i'm starting to really crave a...
  20. Juggers

    Seeking 8 incher or more for video

    Hello fellow MOS people. I am requesting someone to make a video of their erect penis showing balls and all who is 8 inches nbp or more if possible. You do not have to show face. Please pm me for more details as to why etc thanks. P.S if this is posted in the wrong section forgive...
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