1. DLD

    MOSred the Discoloration Cure?

    MOSred the Discoloration Cure? Discoloration has been a very frustrating thing for many years now and every system that we use that shows promise is very slow acting and for some men it doesn’t work at all. I have been playing around with this theory in my head since we started looking into the...
  2. NIK1

    Black Seed Oil for Red Spots and Discoloration

    Found this info on Black Seed Oil..If you are dealing with pigment issues from PE, this oil can help.Although the oil smells bad, it works well for PE and also keeps the skin Healthy and Hydrated..Not too light that it glides, it absorbs well like Aloe Vera, and with enough oil can be great...
  3. I

    discoloration and itching when pumping question?

    so i began pumping a couple weeks back, the first week was great followed 5x5x3 to a T and did expressive pumped stretches at the end of the 3rd set, just 3x 30 secs.. the only thing i saw was great expansion usually up to 0.4, and a little doughnut but nothing crazy. no days off. finally took a...
  4. B

    I wanted to ask because the skin of my penis became dark after slow Squash jelq?

    I wanted to ask because the skin of my penis became dark after slow Squash jelq?
  5. A

    Return to PE. cleaning BATHMATE?proper jelq? Avoiding stretch marks?

    Hey all. So I've been doing off and on pe fir like 4 years and I mean I never honestly sat in to it long enough to see permamnt results. It's been about 5 months since anything. I went to get backdate that was left In the shower but theres white powder stuff in the outside around the rubber. I...
  6. J

    Penis nerve damage from chemical peel?

    I used a penis pump and my penis became very discolored. I used a tca chemical peel on my penis to try and remove some of the discoloration. I did the peel in January 2018, so its been 5 months and I still have loss of feeling and cannot maintain erection during intercourse. is this...
  7. F

    Back in The Game, but questions!

    Greetings gentlemen. After a layoff of several months, I've decided to get back into the PE game. As some of you may recall, I suffered discoloration due, I expect, to clamping and likely to using the bathmate as well. But the biggest problem was the swelling of my frenulum, which, after...
  8. Mick09

    Laser for Discoloration? And DMSO

    Posted by hobby on 🙈: "Opinions seem to vary about the permanency of this pigmentation. It may or may not clear up on its own, but if it does it will take a long time - many months. Laser treatment was effective for eliminating skin discoloration caused by iron injections. There is a...
  9. jpgm1

    Bathmate Success??!!

    Hi guys I want to get a Bathmate, more specifically the xx40, but I constantly get conflicting information on whether the gains are permanent or not. To the people that have a Bathmate; -Have you made permanent girth gains? -How significant were they? -Have you made permanent length...
  10. F

    Darkened Skin and swollen frenulum

    Greetings. I've been recently on a very intense PE routine. While many exercises were incorporated, it's the clamping and resultant darkened skin I want to talk about. I was hitting this routine consistently for almost 3 months. I would do 1 or 2 clamping sessions in my girth routine, each...
  11. jpgm1


    Hey guys! I just have a small question, should I be targeting discoloration while I get to my ideal size or should I wait until I achieve my final goal to do it?
  12. S

    Alternative length master exercises?

    Hi all, I have a few questions but first please understand my situation. I've tried using the length master for basic stretching countless times and had some success, but my problem is that my penis varies in size GREATLY and is EXTREMELY fluid. What I mean is that although my erect size is...
  13. K

    white dry patches that turn red after pumping

    So i started with only 1 white dry patch and not it multiplied to 3 or 4 and now its turning red after I use a pump. I don't think its just discoloration because when I am flacidd the white patches look like they are dry. It could be from a lack of attention in the hygiene area. I've been...
  14. A

    Least Risky Way To Gain Girth?

    Hey all. So I need some girth and hopefully flaccid hang. Problem is I have a nice looking penis and discoloration,stretch marks and papule flare/bumps as well as changing shape of penis concerns me(my penis is very straight) I've tried Bathmate. Jelqing and jelq device but I haven't done...
  15. S

    My PE questions and progress (Looking for answers)

    Hi guys. I'm pretty new to PE, only did some manual work on and off as well as BM session on and off. I made this post to ask you guys all my questions during my PE journey and to show my progress. I'd like to reach 8-8.5 inches BPEL and 5.5 inches EG. Right now, I'm focusing on length. I use my...
  16. N

    Why do so many brothers sustain injuries?

    I've been reading through the Boo boo's and Band-aids forum, researching a solution or information on my own condition, and there seem to be so many brothers injured. My urologist was very stern in his suggestion for me, not to do PE, but i figured thats what he must advise. I've come to realise...
  17. M

    Safe and Effective way of Penis Pumping for Beginners

    Dear Gurus, I am new to Penis Pumping and want to do it. But I am confused what is the effective and safe way of doing Penis Pumping. I read some injuries stories and those are really scary. Can anybody please give the answers of following questions. 1). For how long everyday should I use...
  18. A


    So....I originally posted a month or so ago about how hard the veins were during pumping. I got some great advice: I was using too much pressure. I have gone for very low pressure and spread it out and am gaining the thickness i like. Now though, i have big veins popping up on one side of my...
  19. F

    New here. Looking for some realistic (I think) gains.

    Hey everyone, I've been aware of MOS for some time but haven't jumped into PE and I would like to change that. I was fortunate to be blessed with a natural 8-1/8" BPEL but not as much in girth at 5-1/8". Obviously I would like to focus on girth. I would love to get to 5.5" - 5.75". Should...
  20. A

    Bathmate brownish spots on shaft

    So I used the Bathmate since December and I noticed around early April I got these multiple brown spots on my foreskin on the shaft. I had gotten one before it went away after a couple weeks. So I kept pumping for a week or two more and decided to stop. The brown stops are still there and I...