1. S

    Loss of EQ, can't get 100% hard, NEED HELP!!!

    Hi guys! here's my story. I used to have random rock hard erections all day long, but after taking antidepressor for 3 months, I can't get 100% hard anymore and have EQ problems. So like I said, I used to have rock hard erections, but I took an antidepressor from september to december 2017 and...
  2. T

    The bathmate is giving me poor erections.

    This is really irritating cause i recently just started getting sexual with a girl. And i have a hard time getting strong 100% erections now. I obviously would hate to stop doing the bathmate cause than my penis would remain skinny. Any tips advice? Yes i do a shit ton of kegels.
  3. M

    I need help for only Length program please

    Hello. Before i start with questions, let me introduce myself: Age: 21 Experience: I have done 1-2 weeks of Side-to-Side stretches and Squeezing Goal: Length My measurementes: Flacid: Non bone pressed length:7cm Bone pressed length: 10cm Erected: Non bone pressed length: 12cm Bone pressed...
  4. G

    getting back to it

    I’ve drifted in and out of pe for years, I’ve just started back at it again doing some light jelqs and bathmate/ssj sessions only light work while I condition myself to it again. This time I’m enjoying it more than ever. Done about 2-3 weeks training since starting back up and seeing better...
  5. B

    So fellas, viagra or cialis?

    Which do you like better for maximum erection that can last a while if you have a lady coming over in 2 hours to fuck? And why?
  6. F

    Ring of Power?

    Hey guys. Any of you have any comments on this "ring of power" device that I've come across in the forums? Supposed to increase testosterone levels, boost libido etc. I did find a thread that talked about it quite a bit, but it abruptly ended in 2015, and I haven't seen or heard anything...
  7. iGrowSteady

    Couple of Quick Ones Gents...

    As the PE train chugs on to BigDickVille, population all of us, I just have a couple of questions \ thoughts and what not. First, depending on what and how y'all exercise, do you usually finish wet? I JQ \ SSJ for an hour around five nights a week, usually to porn. By the end I'm a good bit...
  8. orgasmic19

    Mixing supplements for bigger cum shots

    How many of you guys ever mixed different supplements together and what do you advise? I am thinking about making a smoothie for greater cum shots and libido. I was thinking about mixing pure horny goat weed powder into a blender along with lecithin powder, zinc gluconate powder, pygeum bark...
  9. boohoohoo

    Your Best Tips for Increasing Erection Quality

    Hello all, So I have been in the PE game on and off for a little while now and one thing I have treated as an afterthought is erection quality. The sad thing is that for much of the past few years my erection quality has been so poor that I haven't been able to sleep with several women that...
  10. orgasmic19

    Low sex drive after orgasm

    Hey guys, I am only 23 years old and I feel like have a low sex drive compared to others. Right after sex I mean orgasm I feel sort of down and out. I still get night and morning woods, but after I ejaculate I feel sort of low including energy and mood wise. Basically I lose interest in sex...
  11. B

    Lost Gains?

    Hi, I'm fairly new to PE (started at 7.5 BPEL, 5.5 girth) and have been using the phallosan for about 3 months now. I gained about 1/4 inch in length during those first 2 months, but felt I could gain more if I went cold turkey on masturbation (which I was doing about 3-4 times a day, a...
  12. Y

    Lidocaine long term effects

    Hi everyone, I'm suffering from premature ejaculation but I also have a high libido so usually I have sex 3 to 4 times a day. I would like to know if it's safe to use a lidocaine spray 3 to 4 times a day and if there is any long term effect to this, like permanent loss of sensation? I...
  13. orgasmic19

    My reasons to quite porn

    As part of the younger generation of porn users I did not start watching porn until I was about 14 years of age. As a typical teen I thought I knew what sex was all about, but I was dead wrong according to all the studies. Guy's in PE would talk about all the negative effects of porn, but at...
  14. J

    Mostly men are suffering from ED issues like low libido , lack of sexual energy …

    Mostly men are suffering from ED issues like low libido , lack of sexual energy , weak stimulants etc can cause unhealthy lovemaking .
  15. S

    My first 3 month routine!

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to PE although have dabbled in the past. I'm starting a routine which I plan to do for the next 3 months. I have a bathmate and a phallosan and can only spend about 1 hour a day on active PE. Just wanting to share my plan and get some feedback to make sure i'm...
  16. C

    Masturbation/Sex while training

    While I'm still exploring things within the forums this is one I haven't found a common consensus on.... When is the best time to have sex or masturbate? Unfortunately my wife and I don't get to have sex as often as we'd like being on opposite shifts and I'm never going to say no when we have...
  17. Golden Crotch


    I know this isn't the right place to post this, but I just really need some help ASAP! So please visit the link below! Link----->
  18. orgasmic19

    Can masterubation prevent ED and testosterone loss

    Hey, guys I was reading about how regular masturbation is healthy, but of course you don't want to over do it. Here is a comment I found on 🙈 forum by a member named kingpole. Do you guys really think regular masturbation can prevent ED if done right? kingpole I think if your not a...
  19. smitty2590

    Best lotion for penis

    Hey guys I know this has been asked before but I was having trouble locating the thread. I currently use coca butter religiously, and my skin looks and feels amazing on my penis but I know there was something recommended that was more towards helping with healing or something. Also not that it's...
  20. orgasmic19

    Rest Days?

    Hi. Guys I am currently doing basic stretches for 15 minutes and jelqing for 20 minutes and increasing the time every week by 5 minutes. I work for 5 days and two days off for rest but I need your opinion should I take rest days or not and how important are rest days? Because I noticed some guys...
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