1. xqtrrr

    Erecetion level throughout erect stretches

    Do I have to try and maintain full erection, throughout the erect stretches, or is ok if I lose some erection.This is what I do.I get an almost 100 % erection, kegel the head, grab it, and pull hard outwards.Now If I try to relax my Pelvic floor, aka Reverse Kegel, I cant maintain 100 %...
  2. 8incyclops

    Erect Jelqing

    Has anyone had success with erect jelqs for length?
  3. johnny-wang

    How to convert BPFSL to EL

    I have been doing PE for a while albeit inconsistently and I have not gotten an significant growth length-wise. I started at 7.5 NBPEL and went to 7.75 stopped for a while due to some issues beyond control, currently at 7.5 NBPEL. My problem is when extending, my BPFSL easily hits 9'' even while...
  4. jekyllnhyde360

    Jackups better than jelqing for erect length?

    Not sure what these are called pullups, i called it a jackup because it feels almost as if youre incrementally gaining length when you do it. Anyways, my hanging took a hit, so i've been thinking about when i made most of my gains and it was when i used to jelq. Eventually after sometime i got...
  5. C

    Is semi erect jelqing useless?

    I’ve been doing 100 semi erect 2-3 second jelqs a day with medium pressure. I’ve read a few articles on here that it doesn’t help as much as erect jelqs do... should I just switch to erect jelqs? My main concern is damaging my veins and causing insensitivity...but I’ll start out slow with low...
  6. P

    I need something that I can wear after my Phallosan to stay elongated.

    So I started training again, I am in my second week with the Phallosan currently wearing it for five hours straight mid-green strength, and I am going to work my way up to 10 hours. However I have been noticing that when I am not wearing the device and my penis is flaccid without it it...
  7. Wintergates

    Hanging position

    I hang erect in a chair , whats better: lay down on the back of the chair this make my penis slightly fall down due the force or its better the push my chest forward making my penis totally straight down
  8. Wintergates

    New member quick questions

    Hello 1) is clamping equal to jelq in terms of effectiveness 2) can u gain lenght by hanging very light for hours straight "time under tension" method with enough weight just to feel a gradual stretch increasing fatigue over time 3) Is it better to decide the path "girth or lenght" first and...

    Is it possible to plateau from the Jelq exercise?

    So I've been doing very intense erect Jelqs for at least a few months already, pretty much every morning I gained a bit of length and especially girth But now it feels like my inner penile tissue is already used to the very high intensity and I don't feel that slight burning expansion much...
  10. Egghead1

    How a Positive Stereotype can be BAD.

    This topic has been discussed many times here at MoS and also on other PE forums but I just heard it on a podcast about 30 min ago AND it came up while talking to my woman a couple of days ago. I listen to the Joe Rogan podcast almost daily and every now and then he brings up the all black guys...
  11. Minceydice

    Need Advice on Curve

    So when im fully erect my penis pretty much points up at the ceiling i guess this is because i have a very high erection angle, think __________ but a little more prominent. My upward curve also doesn't help this situation. Today i measured the underside of my penis and it came out to 8...
  12. A

    Minimum stretched girth required for sleeves?

    Hello, I am interested in getting a Phallosan but I am researching on what are the best sleeves to get other than what Phallosan provides as I have read that they are of poor quality. More importantly, is the best alternative sleeve for the Phallosan able to fit and provide max suction on less...
  13. S

    Loss of EQ, can't get 100% hard, NEED HELP!!!

    Hi guys! here's my story. I used to have random rock hard erections all day long, but after taking antidepressor for 3 months, I can't get 100% hard anymore and have EQ problems. So like I said, I used to have rock hard erections, but I took an antidepressor from september to december 2017 and...
  14. C

    1" = A Mile; Her arousal doesn't start with your penis

    Many of us have gone through life hearing guys brag about having 7 and 8" penises and women saying how her man (or ex or whoever) had an 8" penis etc. I'm here to tell all of you that 99% of that is made up bullshit. It seems every man out there says he's huge yet studies have concluded that the...
  15. L

    Old injury

    Hey guys After you the community helped me with Length master through out the week, I was hoping you could help me with an old stupid injury I got by jelqing wrong 12 years ago. I remember searching for PE online when I got misinformed about Jelqing or probably misunderstood what was written...
  16. H

    Masturbation causes a bent penis

    As per the subject, I'm beginning to think that the real reason why my penis curves to the right is because its tighter on that side than on the left side. This is due to my left handed grip where my fingers tend to press hard on the right side, so the muscle has developed tighter/stronger. I...
  17. P


    Sooner or later we see that hot couple. Buff guy with blond hottie girl who look like theyÂ’re from jersey i dont think much of myself but i was at the beach and the chick was chillin on the sand. Her man left momentarily. I had been checking her out but of course i didnt think she...
  18. I

    Chewable Viagra, Penis Implant, and When Does Average End?

    Okay boys, quick one here... At least quick for me... First this I'm curious about, if anyone's tried it and or if it's bullshit: Second, thirteen G's isn't anything to sneeze at, but if this is legit would you do it? And like, is it legit...
  19. H

    Flaccid length measurement

    So this morning I decided to measure my flaccid penis. I used the plastic ruler that came with my hydromax pump. I did a bone pressed top measurement and pulled the penis forward. I saw 7 inches flaccid penis. I don't want to believe this has anything to do with my erect length. Two months...
  20. smokey622

    Maintaining An Erection PT. 2

    What's good MoS. So I am a week without fapping. I went on a trip two weeks ago and no fap for a week but I caved in on last Saturday. I realized my endurance during sex has went to shit because of not fapping. I bust within 3 minutes or less. Last night it was 15 strokes literally lol. I...
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