1. N

    Where should I start?

    Hey everyone! I’m new and where I stay pretty busy I haven’t had much time to research the other threads. So I apologize if I ask something that has been answered elsewhere. I am 31 years old and would like to gain girth and a little bit of length would be nice too. What routine would be best...
  2. B

    Chem pe!

    I’m making corrections to this thread I didnt know my phone autocorrected everything. Chem pe is a gamble like I said before I’m cool with it. I’m expecting maybe .5 since this dht is 10% but then again I’m not really expecting anything and yes it’s legit and there gear. The allsaints 2.5%...
  3. H

    Sleep Paralysis

    I have suffered from sleep paralysis for many years but it started reducing since 2013. I however experienced another one last night and also had a dream in the process. When I woke up, I couldn't move or open my mouth but I'm usually awake. Do you guys experience this some times?
  4. M

    been offered treatment for a penis scar, which would you choose and why?

    unfortunate climbing accident ended up with a 10p sized atrophic scar on my member. i've been offered two choices to plump my penis up and make the skin uniform and good again, microfat stem cell transfer or hyaluronic acid injections. any ideas which i should choose?
  5. S

    Correct Link to Purchase the Phallosan Forte from ???????????

    I'm in business so I understand everyone is selling something and every link that I click is giving someone a commission...I have no problem with that. I just want to know which is the correct site or if there is a "correct site" (perhaps they are different because of contractual agreements)...
  6. megamike

    Fat pad!

    Has anyone tried a local fat burner to get rid of lower belly/pubic fat pad??
  7. Egghead1

    The Importance of Heat Wrapping and a cooldown after an intense senssion

    So I've been dealing with an issue for the past 2 months that has little to no documented history on this site or any other site on the internet. I've been doing a pretty intense girth workout since August/September and everything has been going fairly smoothly until recently I would start to...
  8. R

    Erosets Vein Oil Revisited

    Hey guys so I wanted to make a post regarding this oil as I was actually surprised by its affects. This is something everyone should be using in my opinion. I found the recipe on the old post which can easily be found if you search or even google search "Erosets vein oil". After 3 days of using...
  9. DLD

    HUGE NEWS! Get ready Brothers We Have Cause to Celebrate!

    Yes indeed we are about to celebrate something fantastic! I will not make the announcement myself but when the announcement is made today you will be sooooooooo happy! No one will be able to know what I am referring to until it happens. Get ready to make the Brotherhood so much stronger!
  10. johnny-wang

    Once and for all!

    Everywhere on the forum, there are a lot of conflicting statements, theories, beliefs as to what is the better equipment for length workouts and gains. So, I'd appreciate if we could clarify this here: A hanger or the Lengthmaster? Give reasons if you can.
  11. Egghead1

    It's been a while my brothers...This site has grown so much I could cry.

    First of all, DLD, the stuff that's been going on here at MoS is more than important but I'm sure you all realize this by now. I've been rifling through hundreds of posts for the past month and I just want to say that I love you all. Where have I been? I'm a little sad to say that I quit PE...
  12. megamike

    Expert help needed!

    I need some of the veterans on here to help me construct a routine for optimal length gains. I have been gaining girth easily with my current girth routine but I am afraid I can't say the same for length,been stuck at the same length both bpfsl and bpel for a while. help?
  13. C

    newbie looking for answers

    I have done a lot of research on pe and really hope this improves my 6.5 bpel by 5meg im 18 and still a virgin i want to woo the first girl i do it with im currently on a routine from pegym to condition my penis but i want this to work sometimes i get discouraged i want to reach 8.5×6.25 i will...
  14. B

    Warning! Man dies from penis enlargement surgery

    The first case of a man killed by penis enlargement surgery has been reported in Sweden. A healthy 30-year-old had wanted to increase both the girth and length of his genitals using a process where fat is transferred from his stomach. Plastic surgeons first carried out the elongation, which...
  15. T

    Thoughts on Cycling and Penis Health

    I've read numerous times that cycling causes problems with erection quality. One of my buddies raced semi pro for 20 years. He's 44 now and is experiencing issues with ED. As someone who likes cycling this is a bit concerning. It's so much fun but there's an obvious risk factor connected to the...
  16. T

    DLD sent you an email

    Hey DLD sent you an email about my new routine and could use some advice. Thanks
  17. W

    Brought myself up from under 6in to just over 7.5in for length.

    Got into this improvement stuff at first not for size but for fixing a slight curve and staying harder a few years back. I thought any size gained would be unnoticeable and any thing more than half an inch gained was bull, mostly due to any research i did lead to most saying it was dangerous. To...
  18. B

    tightness pelvic floor muscle

    Hi all, I have not been on this site for a while as I has been doing alot of research to find out of the actual condition what I have got. I have found out that the overall problems I have got is actually a pelvic floor muscle issues which caused the pain in my stomach, back pain, urgent to...
  19. I

    Fillers, Dick-Skin Creams, and Fun!

    Hey guys long time! Wanted to build up a couple reasons to create a thread with the brotherhood, multiple birds with one stone and all that! So in doing so, something that I wasn't going to actually ask about, maybe just bring up, is how the skin on my head \ glans is constantly red and dry \...
  20. N

    I'm about to smash this Pro Extender against the wall!

    I'm starting to think that I bought a knock off. I wanted to get the SG but it wasn't available at my local dealer. For starters, the silicone tube faster system is a mess, the tube simply wont's stay in the notches were they are supposed to be, it looks like the are too thick. The "comfort" pad...
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