1. M

    flesh light

    Hey guys I'm actually going to be having a little more privacy on my hands for the next two months. I'm looking into getting some sort of Fleshlight or masturbator. Is there any certain brand that is the best out there or feels the best? Also something that isn't going to break the bank
  2. smokey622

    Maintaining An Erection PT. 2

    What's good MoS. So I am a week without fapping. I went on a trip two weeks ago and no fap for a week but I caved in on last Saturday. I realized my endurance during sex has went to shit because of not fapping. I bust within 3 minutes or less. Last night it was 15 strokes literally lol. I...
  3. P

    NoFap and endurance? Possible side effects of NO Sex and/or masturbation.

    Hi, I haven't been posting for quite awhile and am in the phase in life when i realized i was addicted to masturbation. That had, until now, a huge negative effect and consequences on my general success in life. I started avoiding masturbation and that in itself has good and bad sides. NO FAP...
  4. jekyllnhyde360

    The Final Frontier

    It's the last of the new practices i plan on implementing, total ejaculatory mastery. I was never a premature ejaculator growing up, quite the opposite actually, when i first started getting my dick wet up until fairly recently, i could pretty much fuck for as long as i wanted, and blowjobs...
  5. F

    EQ Damaged from PE?

    I've been doing PE pretty strenuously for a little over a month, but my Erection Quality (EQ) is seriously degraded. Getting an erection is increasingly difficult, and this morning, I couldn't get it up past a semi. Porn, visualization etc were ineffective. Haven't tried Viagra, although I...
  6. orgasmic19

    New routine and need advice

    Hey guys, it's been a long time since I've done any active PE and I mean a long time. So far this is what my routine looks like and I would like to keep it simple. Any suggestions and advice would be appreciated including reps and how long should I do it? 1. 5 minutes hot wrap. 2. The...
  7. B

    Modest goal

    Hey, looking to increase my 6X4 erect bone pressed length and girth to 6X4.5. It's not much, I mostly would just like to fill up a standard size rubber instead of buying skinny ones. Of course if I do gain a little length I'm not going to complain, but that's not my focus. Hopefully I can do...
  8. DutchAthletic92

    Numb glans caused by Length Master

    Hey MOS, So I was doing my routine yesterday. And I think I clamped in too high which crushed my glans so to speak. I wasn't painful or something so I continued with my routine and after 30-40 minutes in Lenth Master I took it off and started edging. I didn't feel any pleasure. It feeled raw...
  9. W

    Non PE injury

    Hey guys love the site and DLD, gained great size from here especially girth. I reccently got in to noFap though. Still would do my exercise but wouldn't finish if edging was involved. Well the NoFap got to be a bit too much and in some sexual frustration I humped the bed. Hard. I knew a...
  10. P

    Premature Ejaculation Journey

    I'm Lasting 10sec to 2minutes. Frustrated. Any help and guidance is appreciated. 20min edging and reverse kegel. -PONR at the end. Will do a better job focusing On not nutting.
  11. boohoohoo

    Your Best Tips for Increasing Erection Quality

    Hello all, So I have been in the PE game on and off for a little while now and one thing I have treated as an afterthought is erection quality. The sad thing is that for much of the past few years my erection quality has been so poor that I haven't been able to sleep with several women that...
  12. O

    I cum way too fast

    I been dealing with premature ejaculation for a long time now. I just learned about reverse kegels two weeks ago so I'm hoping they help. I also been using my bathmate five days a week for 15 minutes with 5 minute jelqs in between. My main concern is premature ejaculation. Help a young brother...
  13. N

    Ligament pain,,, seeing some gains after 2 months

    Brothers, So after about 2 month of on and off PE, I think I'm noticing some sort of gain both length and girth, very exciting. However I am experiencing some slight pain on the left side at the base of the penis, I do have a slight lean to the left so maybe it is, that the ligaments on that...
  14. B

    how often should i rest?

    what is the most effective workout schedule for PE? should i be exercising daily or should i take rest days? if i should take rest days then how many and how often?
  15. A

    PE sessions becoming somthing else

    Although i could ask this question in my other thread, but i guess it requires its own topic. I do PE but i cant control myself at rewarding myself at the end of each session, sometimes i ejaculate during the session and this brings an end to it. I do stretching first and then bring myself to...
  16. M

    the best edger

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YOtZfM5Z_ys we gotta all get these lol.someone look.into.it
  17. S

    Question about edging.

    I just want to know when & how long to do edging when doing pe?
  18. Castiel

    Huge cum LOAD

    ehi guys, are you taking some stuff for bigger cums and best orgasm? I'm taking lecithin(big load), pygeum(precum), l-arginine (stronger erection) , maca , damiana(ball size) and zinc from 3 day...too early too see result...:cool: 1) anyone taking somenthing? 2) how your girl reacted? 3)when...
  19. B

    BaseG Girth/MidShaft/Base

    Please do not Dismiss me as a Newbie as I have been on This website around 3 Maybe 4 Years now (Not an Account Holder until recent) Wanted to Thank the Brotherhood as the knowledge within this forum is Extremely powerful to Men worldwide. I Never measured before so do not really have...
  20. DLD

    What do you consider porn?

    What do you consider porn? I know there are different levels but where does it go from innocent sexy to porn. I think clothed dancing video or beach videos with consenting adults is where I draw the line. I was edging tonight and I looked at clothes women 'twerking' whatever that is. This...