1. jezmo

    New guy from england

    Hi< I am a new guy, 20, been pumping for 8 months daily and my erect penis has gone from just over 7 inches to just over 8 with a much bigger head, which, as someone pointed out may have happened naturally anyway. So yeah Hi.
  2. B

    Back of Vagina feels warm according to the tip of my penis

    I have had sex with wifey for 14 years over 1k times. Not until these last 3 months have I noticed something interesting. That I have done 100's of times before without feeling this way. (I pump an hour before and with cock ring over balls and shaft) I go down on wifey 5 min, she goes crazy...
  3. B

    So maybe a big dick does make you lazy!

    So the other night wifey said to me, "Wow, I remember how it used to be." After our weekly couples massage night, I went down on her til she came with the big O. I went down on wifey 3/4 times a week for 14 years and spent about 10-20 min each time on her in addition to 10-20 min of sex. I...
  4. S

    Volume underrated in possible gains discussion?

    So I was thinking the other day about penis volume. And that an mere increase of lets say 0,25 inches can mean alot of extra volume to the penis. When we talk about normal gains we often talk about numbers like maybe one inch increase in lenght lets say 0.5-1 year and maybe 0,5 inch in girth...
  5. 92tmorgan


    So I started PE the beginning of this year. I’ve picked up different workouts and things to do as I’ve read more and more. My routine feels pretty great. I know I’m doing a lot but I don’t feel like I’m overloading myself. My routine is as follows. Morning I do LengthMaster BTC bundled...
  6. Veedubb0508

    Starting out

    Official Starting measurements Bone pressed erect 3.75 inches Girth erect 3.4 inches Bone pressed soft stretched 3.80in Soft not stretched 1.8inches Girth soft 3.1 inches I just started doing exercises yesterday. I most likely have the smallest dick on here and thats kinda cool i guess LOL...
  7. C

    Does Penis Pumping increase lenght?

    Hello, Newbie here. What's your experience?
  8. Lightning

    New Penis Enlargement Video Section! L@@k

    We have created a new video page with all the manual penis enlargement exercises for everyone to access. This page currently features over 85 manual exercise videos with multiple views and soon will feature over 100 videos including tools. We will be updating it weekly with new videos. Enjoy...
  9. M4L!K

    Penis stretching and legs flexibility

    Hi it's M4L!K I wanna share with you something, when I do basic stretching, sometimes I attempt to put a straight leg on a couch edge or something high enough at 11 o'clock, and the other leg straight from the ground at 6 o'clock, and do my stretches. When I do that I can feel the ligaments...
  10. T

    Are there any penis enlargement procedures that actually work?

    Ive been trying to gain girth for 4 years and cant gain. Im tired of this and im getting depressed from it. Are there any legit peocedures out there?
  11. M4L!K


    So I wanna ask, is there any video or instruction on how to wrap my dick with uncle Jim's wrap?. ? Because when I do it myself my dick really cold :(. any HELP
  12. H

    At what length is the penis nonfunctioning?

    I'm curious on how long can one's penis be before it's considered idle. I've read about __________ having to drink two beers and have a girl bite his duck before he has to perform, and he's 9.5 or 10 inches right? Can pumps help with this issue? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  13. R

    These are amazing the SIliSleev Duro Penis Sleeve (DUROSLEEV)

    Tried these out a few night ago using the Silistretcher as conventional ADS, and hanging weights. My verdict is FANTASTIC!!! these are way ahead of the standard stock silisleev in more ways then one. As always, MOS ships the items discreetly, and well packaged. Sent via DHL, came very quickly...
  14. T

    Female influence Told my girlfriend about penis enlargement

    It was really tough telling my gf about it and after 2.5 years of doing it she’s the first person I told and surprisingly she took it very week and is helping me pay for a LengthMaster and a hydromax extreme
  15. R

    Girth work What size pump cylinder to order? How to accurately measure your penis for pump cylinder sizing!

    What size pump cylinder to order? Gain Length The rule of thumb is if you are focusing on penis length , order a MityVac pump cylinder in a diameter that is closest to the thickest part of your erect penis girth (see measurements below). The idea is to pack your erect penis in the cylinder...
  16. Avglen61

    Holding the ejaculation

    Sometimes when I'm about to ejaculate, I hold my penis tightly so that I won't get any semen out. Is it wrong to do so? Am I damaging my penis?
  17. Avglen61

    Penis Professor

    Does any body have any idea about and the exercises related to it? Came to know about this when I first started PE
  18. Avglen61

    I am SKINNY.....

    Hey guys..... I have been doing PE for 5 months...... Only recently I have known about MOS..... I have a question related to PE and body weight...... "Does PE works on skinny men?" I have been skinny since I was a kid and I am currently 15kg underweight(I am 20 years old and 5"10' tall)...
  19. O

    A study about womens penis size, body shape and height preferences

    long story short. they love tall men with a V shape body and a big dick lol
  20. Haursen

    Penis Fatigue?

    Hey Change Artists, To the best of my knowledge ever since I have been in the art of PE, I do not think I have experienced complete penis fatigue. How would I get to this point to where I feel that the penis is completely exhausted? What does it feel like? What exercises would generate this...
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