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  1. S

    penis hanging like weight lift

    anyone try penis hanging like you do weight lifting like 40 pounds and doing 3 set of 15 rep you think il will give me more resault then 3 X 20 min at 25 pounds
  2. stillwantmore2

    Malehanger 90 Day Contest! Win A Malehanger AND $100! Details Here!

    Hanging Contest! Win A Free Malehanger AND MONEY!! Hey everyone, since it’s contest season again, I thought I would put up my own. This is for guys who are either currently hanging, or (preferably) new to hanging…or not currently hanging at all. You can win a FREE Malehanger AND $$ How...
  3. stillwantmore2

    Some Of My Penis Hanging Results

    (You need to "request desktop site" if on a mobile browser to see the images.) Hey guys, reposting this for the sake of sharing on my site for now. I can't find my other thread I made a while back. If a mod wants to delete that OTHER thread, go ahead. Please leave this one alone as I'm using...
  4. habban

    Bathmate and turkey neck

    Hello! I just wonder what the correct technique is to get rid of turkey neck and scrotum skin going up on the shaft with the use of bathmate. I know that if you stretch the skin above the turkey neck, the shaft skin, the foreskin and so on, the turkey neck will reduce. I know for a fact that...
  5. B

    Grigori Rasputin Penis

    Rasputin was russian healer. a very tall guy that killed in 1916 by some guys and his penis cut off and today it an object that displayed in some russian museum/ the penis claimed to be 11-13 inches, dont know what the size but this guy was big guy with huge suasuge. what do you think his...
  6. B

    Intrigued yet frustrated (new LM owner)

    So I've been working with my LM for a few weeks now. Just as a stretcher. When it is setup up initially for a session, the stretch is otherworldly. Great device. However, for me to get any decent grip I have to clamp it all the way down. This ends with massive bruising each session. It's not...
  7. DLD

    I told everyone not to post products in the main forum! PLEASE READ!

    I made an announcement last month that no PE products that we have no approved to be posted in the PE products and reviews. I will delete any thread that does not follow these rules. If you continue to do so I will ban. This is no a marketplace for people to promote what they want to promote...

    Foot long stretches

    Iva been doing the foot long stretches for the last 10 days n "allowed" me to realize how possible is to get real tangible gains whit the exercise is a powerful n being cautious is important here. im going to continue whit that exercise until dec 31st n see what i get, what do you guys think...
  9. kofandy2001

    Shaolin penis hanging

    Found this on yourtube. Though l share;)
  10. A

    how about the Shiva Kriya - Adi Rimpoche penis hanging video

    how about the Shiva Kriya - Adi Rimpoche penis hanging video
  11. R

    My progress over about 10 years of PE

    Ok, so I started PE almost 10 years ago after an ex spread the message around to friends that I had a small penis, word got around and I became the butt of many jokes, at the time put me into a bit of a depression and from that I became a bit obsessed with PE, after many years of work I've...
  12. master_mind

    Innovation. Use your phallosan as a hanger , better than any hanger in all 360 degree

    I can wear my phallosan modified hanger for 2, 3, 4 any amount of hours and can sleep also . Just watch t.v. And do hanging. No need to spend any money for that. I can do that in all angles just have to change my position. I also sit like a dog and let it pull from behind. Pulling upwards...
  13. M

    SexFit - a pedometer for your penis!

    What do you guys think about this cock ring? Discuss.
  14. Lightning

    Length Master Videos

    LengthMaster is Now Available! The World's Most Powerful Stretching Tool Years in the making and now shipping! DLD here, I have some great news for you! I have a limited amount of Length Masters coming in next week that I am shipping out priority to my MoS brothers. This is by far the absolute...
  15. Lightning

    Length Master User Instructions and Support Thread…

    LENGTHMASTER USER INSTRUCTIONS Please read this manual completely and refer to the videos included for greater understanding. This is the worlds most powerful stretching and hanging device and should be used with care. Take your time in learning how to use these three powerful tools to maximize...
  16. R

    what is turteling?

    my dear friends, if i may ask, what is turtelling??:(?:(?:(?:(?:(?:(
  17. C

    Coogi's hanging & pumping progress thread

    Hey guys, I've been in Penis Enlargement for about 7 months, and I decided to start a progress thread. Just a bit about my history, I used an extender for 4 months (first pe I ever did) I logged over 400 hours, and saw better FSL and EQ but thats about it. For the next 3-4 months I used the...
  18. J

    Breakthrough! penis enlargement cream that may work.

    I have invented a cream, i will tell you how to prepare it, and it will work great for SRT. Buy some stretch mark cream with Ginseng, add to pestle and mortar, add some pepper mint oil (edible version) and some L-arginine, mix them all together. The pepper mint oil is a vasodilator...
  19. N

    Looking for 3 inch gain how long?

    Hey guys im new to the forum and wanted some advice as to your success stories. I'm looking to grow my unit about 3" longer but I'm wondering what is the quickest most effective method for achieving my goals. Currently I'm standing at 5.5-5.8 erect and want to hit the 8.5 mark someday :) Is...
  20. T

    Bathmate vs SizeGenetics Extender

    If you could choose one device, what would you choose and why? Also, for people with the extender, do you strap this to your leg so people can't tell or what? Like would it be acceptable to wear this at work? Thanks.

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