9 inches

  1. Golden Crotch

    Listen to this if you need motivation and inspiration! DON'T QUIT!

    This song has always helped me any time I've ever felt like giving up on any of my goals. I hope some of you PE brothers also find it inspiring. God bless you guys! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTRUvttsTsU&pbjreload=10
  2. Egghead1

    How a Positive Stereotype can be BAD.

    This topic has been discussed many times here at MoS and also on other PE forums but I just heard it on a podcast about 30 min ago AND it came up while talking to my woman a couple of days ago. I listen to the Joe Rogan podcast almost daily and every now and then he brings up the all black guys...
  3. Golden Crotch

    Do extenders cement gains?

    So, I've heard it said before that extenders cement gains.. So if I'm using the principles from SRT along with my extender, and hypothetically speaking, I go from let's say 6.0" NBPEL to 7.0" NBPEL in a matter of 6 months. After acquiring that length, would I still need to do some kind of...
  4. O

    BLACKED guy models

    so I came across this : "The hottest interracial website is looking for brand new male talent within the US that are between the ages of 18-32 who have an athletic or muscular build and penis is 9 inches or over. We are located in Los Angeles and if you are selected, we will fly you out here...
  5. M

    New still

    So 2 years ago 2016 first started pe by stretching I did it for 2 weeks but got bored with it but I did see how it made me harder I tried jelq but hands keep getting tired so didnt do that much I didnt even do it for a week my goal was to get to 9 inches from my 8 and have way more thickness...
  6. S

    9+ inches

    I always thought 9 was too much, and I'm ok with my 7, but I'll probably go for 8. Anyhow, seeing 9 in videos it looks insane, not in a bad way haha. So from guys packing 9, how is it? Do girls flip out when they see it? I can't imagine not getting an intense reaction from such an inhuman size
  7. T

    Long Read. Suffered ED at young age from PE but Fighting back for size! Not all bad!

    Hi guys. I would like to tell my story. Many years ago, about 10, I found out about PE. I had a normal penis and was a healthy, spry, 18 year old horny teen. One day, I read about jelqing and I quickly sort of jumped right in. An hour later, I was erect jelqing, my eyes could not believe the...
  8. I

    Best site to purchase tubes

    Hey guys! I'm looking to add a smaller tube to my collection. I have a 2' tube currently but I'm not filling it up, anyone have any tips for a site to buy smaller tubes to pack it =)
  9. megamike

    How big can one possibly get ?

    title says it all. theoretically speaking,how much can you gain and and in what time frame. for example, if I am currently 8 inches in length,is it anatomically possible to get to 11? and how much time would it take me to gain that
  10. F

    Size Doctor Extender

    Just got it and my girlfriend said it was a waste of money for me. Im 9 inches and she said I'm big enough. It's unused. I only opened the box to show you that I have the products. Feel free to text me for more pictures or questions. I will only accept payment through PayPal...
  11. DutchAthletic92

    Just ordered the Length Master

    Hi guys, I've just ordered a Length Master! I still have to be patient and end my newbie routine lol. Delivery is about 10-12 days to the Netherlands (Europe). I've made this decision because I need to ramp up the intensity. And i will be doing pre bundled tunica stretches. I'm keeping...
  12. habban

    Some insecurities about my girth

    Hello! I may have talked about this before perhaps, but now and then my insecurities appear and i somehow need to tackle them, maybe you can help me. If i hold the measuring tape around the middle of my shaft naturally without compressing i measure 4.9 inches. Exactly like any casual guy...
  13. N


    I assume it's main question from newbies, but still it is bothering me. For now I still can't tell clearly whether I gained or not. It's 2 month already with small amounts of rest days and only manual routine and.... No changes which I can notice. It's not hard to train - it's hard to pursue...
  14. GoodLookingNerd

    My Lengthmaster progress thread, w/ VLC and Bathmate

    Hey there brahs! I just ordered my lengthmaster a couple days ago and am super stoked about getting it. I am gonna be posting on this thread and posting my progress. The main routine will be a morning routine w/ the LM and healing all day w/ the VLC then another PM session w/ more LM and...
  15. B

    Newbie finally boarding the train..... next stop, Longville!

    Hey brothers, new poster here, been lurking for a quite a while off and on but only recently picked this site back up. Reason being I am finally starting my journey to Longville. I will give you my story, then what I am doing and what my goals are. Background I am early 40s and in good...
  16. M

    how old when you started p.e and how has it changed your life.

    let's hear it I started at 21 and I.feel.like a hung monster now even.tho.I.have only.gained a inch but still.I.feel.more.confident and gonna continue till.I'm.1000inches.. lol
  17. DutchAthletic92

    Pre stretching tunica with bundled stretches

    Hi everyone, I've been PEing on and off for 3 years now. Because of my very busy schedule i had to skip many PE workouts so i haven't gained much... But i want to continue my PE journey. I have a few hours left nowadays so i started with the DLD newbie routine. I haven't done any exercises...
  18. 2

    Is 9" just excessive?

    Hey all, so I'm kind of new to PE. Anyway, I'm starting out with an above average length (7.6") and I was originally planning on going for 8-8.5" but have since considered 9" (or possibly even 10"). I believe I could reach 8" fairly quickly but after that I realise the time commitment...
  19. B

    Grigori Rasputin Penis

    Rasputin was russian healer. a very tall guy that killed in 1916 by some guys and his penis cut off and today it an object that displayed in some russian museum/ the penis claimed to be 11-13 inches, dont know what the size but this guy was big guy with huge suasuge. what do you think his...
  20. MoreThanLuck

    Testosterone + Progenitor mix Patent

    Why doesn't anyone talk about the following article:Patent US20050065159 - Penis enlargement - Google Patents If you read through it, towards the bottom you see examples of this study done. This one in particular sparked my interest: EXAMPLE 1 [0080] A male patient, age 41, was treated...