1. N

    Elite Hanger ?

    Has any one ever seen this hanger..Same principle like the LG Hanger..And 69.00 US
  2. N

    Bathmate Pump and Hanging Question

    I have never tried Hanging yet and want to incorporate it in with my Bathmate routine..The hanger I was thinking of buying is The Malehanger.I also have been using the BM X30 Hydromax pump now for almost 5 months now and my weekly routine now is 4 days at 20 min a session with 3 days off.Is it...
  3. N

    Zen Hanger Deluxe real leather lace up penis hanger

    Just wondering about this lace up Hanger.The Zen Hanger Deluxe real leather lace up penis hanger / stretcher with silicone sleeves..
  4. jekyllnhyde360

    Where to go when you have ideas for a product? (None PE related, just cash)

    I've have a few products, ideas etc... but i've never known how to get started. My guess is probably with an attorney and a manufacturer. I have an idea for something currently, thought of it just out of necessity, been wondering if it might be a good idea to put things together.
  5. B

    If I have sent you a silicone sleeve to test, Please post your review.

    If I have sent you a silicone sleeve to test, please post your review below and what you think.
  6. M

    Thinking of purchasing

    Hey guys I've been looking into the product. For those that have it how are your results? Can it be worn while having to bend down and complete work task? Or should it be used during the night while I sleep?
  7. 8

    TenChiGoDokuSei 26 week program

    Hey y'all, It's been a little while since I posted on MOS, but damn I'm happy to get back to the PE regimen again, and I'm excited to share my experience of hard earning gains through long dedication and hours. No shortcuts in life, and so this applies also to PE. In this thread I will be...
  8. F

    Phallogenetics Tension Questions

    Good day, gentlemen! Today, I will go down to the Post Office and pick up my Phallosan Forte PLUS an XL bell. Also on order is an X4 labs stretcher. I ordered this one over the Size Genetics primarily because I live in Canada and the X4 is made in Canada and shipped within Canada, so no...
  9. B

    LENGTHMASTER AND HANGING , the road to greatness

    Hello my fellow PE brothers. This is my new log . A fresh start . A new beginning! Previously , my PE journey has brought ups and downs , gains and losses , with moments of joy but also frustration with bouts of sadness. The path of the PE practitioner can be a very bumpy road to travel...
  10. Egghead1

    It's been a while my brothers...This site has grown so much I could cry.

    First of all, DLD, the stuff that's been going on here at MoS is more than important but I'm sure you all realize this by now. I've been rifling through hundreds of posts for the past month and I just want to say that I love you all. Where have I been? I'm a little sad to say that I quit PE...
  11. johnny-wang


    Hey guys, sorry been away busy on some other issues, and haven't had time for PE so much. Just want to ask if 4x 15 mins sessions for 5 days / week is enough to see any reasonable result in about 60 days? I know its pretty much down to varying factors, but lets just look at it theoretically.
  12. B

    just hung my first set

    hey all I just hung my first 20 min set tonight, hung 5 pounds all I can say is wow, results was great, went into the bathmate a hour later.
  13. A

    Whatsapp Group

    Is there a whatsapp group for members?? If it ain't ,dont you think that there should be one?
  14. stillwantmore2

    Malehanger Site Feedback Wanted....What Do You Like/Not Like?

    Hello everyone. I was hoping the Brotherhood could help me out a little. I'm currently looking for feedback on what YOU as an individual see when you go to my site. What do you like when you get there? What if anything throws you off so to speak? If you were in the market for a device like mine...
  15. H

    Hanging plus vacuum extender

    I'm looking to start hanging, probably going to go with the malehanger and fallow his routine he recommends. I also have a sizegentics and was also planning on doing a vacuum mod to it using the autoexender vac mod 4. My question is, is this to much for length gains or should I start with one...
  16. T

    Hanging is starting to get pretty heavy.

    So I'm on the malehanger program which means I start at 2.5 lbs and every two weeks add 2.5 lbs. at first I was hanging for 3 sets of 30 but when I got too 7.5 I lowered it to 3 sets of 20. But now I'm on 10 and it's heavy as fuck. The last 5 minutes I go nuts sometimes cause it's so heavy...
  17. T

    Need help with my hanging routine ASAP

    So I've been hanging religiously the last 6 weeks. 5 days on three 30 minute sets than 2 30 minute sets once it got heavy. I am on 7.5 lbs and my program says to move to 10 lbs but I don't know what to use for it. I've been using a gallon of water and measuring that up to my desired weight the...
  18. A

    Back to clamping

    I have been doing PE for quite a while but never consistantly. I had done clamping in the past and i think its a great great excercise for girth. Recently im back to clamping with 3 sets of 10 min each with 5 min break inbetween and jelqs for restoring blood flow. I use a rubber pipe which is...
  19. B

    Thinking about hanging.

    I am close to reaching my girth goals, I mesured tonight my flacid girth was 5 1/2 post , and close to 6 erect, I am thinking about hanging to increase my length, my goal on length is 8 to 8.5
  20. T

    Penis is getting harder to stretch

    So my routine has been 40 minutes hanging 5 min tunica and than newbie routine stretching and than 40 minutes hanging. 10 minute jelqing than cool down. Ive been doing this 6 days on 1 day off for the last 4 weeks going on 5 weeks. But this week Ive noticed my penis is getting tougher to...

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