1. Wintergates

    New member quick questions

    Hello 1) is clamping equal to jelq in terms of effectiveness 2) can u gain lenght by hanging very light for hours straight "time under tension" method with enough weight just to feel a gradual stretch increasing fatigue over time 3) Is it better to decide the path "girth or lenght" first and...

    Is it possible to plateau from the Jelq exercise?

    So I've been doing very intense erect Jelqs for at least a few months already, pretty much every morning I gained a bit of length and especially girth But now it feels like my inner penile tissue is already used to the very high intensity and I don't feel that slight burning expansion much...
  3. D

    How Long Should It Take To See Results?

    I've been at it, 20 min of jelq plus 20 min of hard stretching, for probably 2 months now and nothing has changed at all. My eq isn't even all that great. Should I be getting some tiny amount of growth by now or not?
  4. T

    I can’t gain girth for the life of me.

    So for the last 5 months I’ve been so busy with everything I can’t dedicate hour on hour to PE. My routine has been 5 min tunica stretch each way and than 15-20 min in the bath are. During my one month off I was doing your bath mate sessions every day. I didn’t see a little little bit of...
  5. IamSpartacus

    Testicle health massage and jelq.

    Alright guys I had a longer video but it wouldn't upload so did this one quick. My first video on MOS to help out the gang. Lighting isn't the best but I hope you guys get the idea. Do this 15 mins a day lube of choice. I like cocoa butter because it smells nice ha ha. <iframe...
  6. A

    Flaccid hang/public nudity help

    Hey all. So i live close to sf and like to go to the events and walk around nude. When hard im 7.2 inches x 4.6 inches but soft im like 1.5 inches. Ive never been consistent with PE but even using the bathmate before the parade doesnt help much im larger for like maybe half an hour. I see...
  7. Haursen

    Slow Squash Jelq...Is it Exhibit A or Exhibit B?

    Hi Sizers, I hope everyone is well. I needed clarification on the Slow Squash Jelq... Is the exercise like... Exhibit A: or Exhibit B: Thank you in advance for clarifying! :)
  8. B

    I wanted to ask because the skin of my penis became dark after slow Squash jelq?

    I wanted to ask because the skin of my penis became dark after slow Squash jelq?
  9. S

    Girth from stretches?

    I can’t do much girth work for now, so I’m just curious if anyone gains from straight stretches, ie if i do the newbie routine sans jelq, plus phallosan, should i expect any girth? Just wondering, thanks!
  10. L

    Old injury

    Hey guys After you the community helped me with Length master through out the week, I was hoping you could help me with an old stupid injury I got by jelqing wrong 12 years ago. I remember searching for PE online when I got misinformed about Jelqing or probably misunderstood what was written...
  11. A

    Return to PE. cleaning BATHMATE?proper jelq? Avoiding stretch marks?

    Hey all. So I've been doing off and on pe fir like 4 years and I mean I never honestly sat in to it long enough to see permamnt results. It's been about 5 months since anything. I went to get backdate that was left In the shower but theres white powder stuff in the outside around the rubber. I...
  12. MCBLZ

    MC BLZ - Personal Log >>> Hellbent for Girth

    Just getting started again here and wanted to finally post up my progress log including the couple entries I made back in 2014. Unfortunately I did not measure for about 3 years, but I was in and out of training - mostly hanging with the x sleeve and some Bathmate work (sporadic). Nice to...
  13. kak03

    How I got rid of fluid retention

    I just want to share my experiences with todays workout. I've been on and off from PE for years but have been sticking to it for a while now. I only focus on girth as I'm already hitting bottom on most girls so I've been using the hydromax. My problem has always been fluid retention. I get...
  14. D

    I regret to have to say that.....

    Dear MOS, Due to moving to a new apartment with new roommates i’m not able to hang anymore... I lack the privacy and time to get in 10 hours of hang per week. Yesterday was my last hanging session. I’m way too afraid that someone will knock on my door and comes in unexpectedly... This is...
  15. T

    Bathmate and Stretching

    Hi Guys, I'd say I'm new to this but started PE back in 2004, after some failures with a Jes Extender, I gave up and Have done PE on and off since then. Since the wife left me in January I thought I'd get back in to it and boost my confidence trying to increase my penis size. Any way, can...
  16. Mick09

    What Jelqing Technique Do You Use?

    So this is how I’ve been jelqing for the past 10 years (type 1): Start completely flaccid, with an o-grip around the base. Start stimulating the penis, and as you get aroused kegel some blood into the penis and then clamp off at the base. Keep repeating this process (stimulating, kegeling...
  17. T

    Have a new short theory on the bathmate

    This is going to get some hate. But the standard 3x5 minute sets for the bathmate i think is not enough for serious gains. Lately i have been holding my dick in the bathmate for alot longer, even 10 minutes. The longer i hold it in the bathmate it the better gains i get. I think we should be...
  18. Commodore

    Vein is bleeding in my penis, help.

    I had a cut in my foreskin and got infection in it. This cut was that bad that i got a scar after it healed. It took two weeks to heal, and after 7 days ( after it was healed ) everything looked perfect so i jelq and i saw that i got bruce were the scar is. So now i am very scared that the vein...
  19. T

    Need some damn girth, please.

    Hey, I've done the newbie routine on and off for around 2 years now but gains have been small especially in my skinny shaft. At this point, I know what I am aiming for and that is purely girth (+width of course) and I am now fully committed. However, due to poorness (and being a certain...
  20. DLD

    Kegels are essential to growth! No Kegels, slow to no growth. New thoughts by DLD.

    I was pondering the differences in men who have made very fast gains and those who have been slow to gain. This always bothered me because I could compare many men, who are using the same workout, where some gain and some do not with the only difference being Kegels. We tend to look at Kegels...
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