1. J


    Hi, does anyone have experience with phallogauge I can get it on but it slips of easy and it only seems to stretch my ligaments not the shaft of my penis .. also if you stretch the ligaments does this make your erection angle lower instead of point upwards? Thanks.
  2. D

    PE Caused ED - Urgent Help Needed

    Hey all, So I'm in a crappy situation. I have what I believe to be a serious case of ED, caused by PE. Symptoms: - Light Spasm in my penis throughout the day. I tried going to bed without pants on last night, and my member spasmed for quite a while. - Extreme difficulty obtaining an erection -...
  3. A

    Flaccid hang/public nudity help

    Hey all. So i live close to sf and like to go to the events and walk around nude. When hard im 7.2 inches x 4.6 inches but soft im like 1.5 inches. Ive never been consistent with PE but even using the bathmate before the parade doesnt help much im larger for like maybe half an hour. I see...
  4. P

    Going back out there... a story or two

    Hello all, I have a few stories for any that are bored enough to read. I also share in hopes to help any others in a position similar to mine and to provide a window into another angle of life for those who are not. First of all, I was in a relationship with a much older woman for 11 or...
  5. S

    Loss of EQ, can't get 100% hard, NEED HELP!!!

    Hi guys! here's my story. I used to have random rock hard erections all day long, but after taking antidepressor for 3 months, I can't get 100% hard anymore and have EQ problems. So like I said, I used to have rock hard erections, but I took an antidepressor from september to december 2017 and...
  6. K

    PE Partner?

    Does anyone have a PE partner that you do PE with? Just thinking that a lot of people benefit from having a workout partner in the gym, so what about a brother to keep you accountable?
  7. D

    Natural Supplements for Overall Penile Health

    So a friend recommended I try this over the counter pill you can get at sex shops called a Kangaroo. The thing lasts 3 days and since I've taken it, my erections look like when I was 18. I honestly forgot just how big my dick really is lol. The ingredients in them are: "l-lysine, ginseng, ginko...
  8. M

    Angion Method

    Since there are discussions on other sites with almost everybody positively raving about it , anyone incorporated it over here? It appears so simple, and too low intensity to work, but It seems like a game changer for EQ gains and ED suffers . Too soon for anybody really to say for size gains...
  9. T

    Ive been getting horrible erections lately...

    So my erections have been so poor lately. My routine is basically just 15-20 min of bathmate so nothing to intense. Ive been pumping for about 4 months so my penis is use to it. This is really freaking annoying cause if i stopped pumping all together my cock would stay skinny. At this...
  10. T

    The bathmate is giving me poor erections.

    This is really irritating cause i recently just started getting sexual with a girl. And i have a hard time getting strong 100% erections now. I obviously would hate to stop doing the bathmate cause than my penis would remain skinny. Any tips advice? Yes i do a shit ton of kegels.
  11. J

    Penis nerve damage from chemical peel?

    I used a penis pump and my penis became very discolored. I used a tca chemical peel on my penis to try and remove some of the discoloration. I did the peel in January 2018, so its been 5 months and I still have loss of feeling and cannot maintain erection during intercourse. is this...
  12. D

    Maintaining an Erection Without ����

    How do you guys manage to do girth work without watching ����? I always have to have some kind of stimulus, but hate having to sit and watch ���� for 30+ minutes. I like to do my PE while I sit and catch up on my shows at night, but it's usually impossible for me to maintain any kind of...
  13. D


    How do people maintain erections for girth work without turning to ����. I just can't stay up 30. Minutes with no stimulation.
  14. B

    Night time use of Phallosan

    Hey guys, had my phallosan for a month or so and have been trying to wear it at night but I'll always wake up at 2 or 3am and have to take it off as its uncomfortable, are there any tips on making it more comfortable for night time use I cant really wear it during the day with my job being...
  15. Mick09

    Hard CC, Soft CS and Head

    Anyone else get this? When you're erect your CC's are totally firm, but CS and head inflation is minimal. I've seen this discussed elsewhere but no real reason or solution. One possible mechanism is potential damage done to valves that control bloodflow in and out of the penis. So I have...
  16. M

    long lasting hard erections increase size?

    just a quick question, is there any truth in long erections increasing size by keeping a higher amount of blood in for a prolonged period of time? i'm fortune enough to have rock hard erections that can last a long time if i wanted without any real stimulation and i do this a lot, could my penis...
  17. Mlathem

    Call me the comeback kid. Time to beat Peyronies disease. Had peyronies 2 1/2 years

    These 2 1/2 years has been a struggle atlas for my dick. I think there were some different factors playing into it. I took steroids 1-2 years before the injury and diagnosis and i had low low testosterone after this point which cased me to have lower libido. Thats what got me searching on the...
  18. W

    sphincter vs pc muscle - kegel the right way.

    Hi guys, Lately I've been reading more about kegels and it apears when doing them I also contract my sphincter more then the pc muscle itself. I don't have to pee all the time, so stopping the flow and locating it that way is pretty hard. I realy want my erections to be as rock hard without...
  19. kak03

    What makes the penis grow during puberty

    So my mind is tired from work and penis enlargement has been on my sleepy mind. I appologize if this is going to be a bit rambly. As far as my knowlegde goes the penis grows during puberty from expansion. Basically the penis will expand during an erection and this stimulus coupled with an...
  20. L

    Weird erections after circumcision

    Hi Guys I have a (couple of) questions about adult circumcision? I got circumcised 15 days ago.. everything looks great. The scars and swellingness are healing very quick. (The bruises are still there but getting better). I've notest that my erections looks very weird, as if there is only one...
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