1. H

    Silistretcher vs Phallosan Forte

    So I just ordered the PF and just came across the Silistretcher. Is the SS a better less expensive alternative to the PF? And can the SS be worn overnight? And should I return the PF when it arrives and order the SS instead?
  2. J

    Phallosan to transfer bpfsl>bpel?

    Hey guys, i bought a PF two month ago and wearing it 5-6 days per week and logged 421 hours in January and February. My size is 6.2 BPEL and 7 BPFSL. Now i wonder how i can close this 0.8 inch gap? I read that jelqing is the best way. How often should i jelq? Or should i wait for another 2-4...
  3. Kaleem08

    Phallosan Forte(No tracking number sent)

    Hey guys, would anyone happen to have a good contact at Phallosan? I've emailed and called several times with no response, about when I'd be receiving a tracking number. I recently purchased the device on 2/26/2018, and had the status of my order go to PAID on the same day. Does anyone know how...
  4. S

    Phallosan - "All Day Hanger" feat Golf Donut

    What you see here is my limp dick in a phallosan bell and sleeve (with a silicap), weighed down by a 5 oz golf weight. I added the tension attachment with a fucking padlock on it just for kicks, but only wore it like that for two hours, when i started to feel slippage. The golf weight is still...
  5. E

    Am I wearing the Phallosan correctly?

    Hi All- when I wear the phallosan at night, after several hours it seems that my gland slips down to the lower part of the bulb. I can barely fit into the medium bulb...but I’ve been using this one because the large is too big I think. Is the phallosan still effective if the head isn’t in the...
  6. S

    Phallosan strap replacement

    My PF strap is on its death bed. The velcro barely holds together when i give it a good tension. I checked the phallosan website and it looks like they don't even sell replacements. But I bet there are some good hacks out there that do the job. Anyone?
  7. C

    Phallosan Plus or Size Doctor?

    Hello all, I have been away from these boards for over a year and completely stopped PE. I did make maybe 1/4 inch gain in a couple months the previous year and that wasn't really being consistent. I want to give this a good crack now. Currently out of work - so far too much time on my hands...
  8. P

    I need something that I can wear after my Phallosan to stay elongated.

    So I started training again, I am in my second week with the Phallosan currently wearing it for five hours straight mid-green strength, and I am going to work my way up to 10 hours. However I have been noticing that when I am not wearing the device and my penis is flaccid without it it...
  9. Brawn Johnson

    The Best Way to Start PE

    Hello, I'm putting together a game plan for a serious attempt at PE, and I thought I'd run it by the people here! If I'm missing something or getting something wrong, I'd really appreciate anyone letting me know. I plan to use the MoS $25 discount to buy: The Lengthmaster (+video membership...
  10. A

    Wearing it on the golf course?

    Is the pf concealable enough to not be noticed wearing it on the golf course?
  11. N

    Discomfort at base with O ring

    Just curious if I’m the only one who experiences this uncomfort but the best way to describe it is stickiness at my base where the O ring is at, it feels like a slight burn. Does anyone have any remedies? I was thinking of just using a little baby powder maybe that would help, unless anyone has...
  12. C

    Estimated arrival?

    Hello everyone, I have been browsing around the MOS forums along with other PE forums for a while now and trying to gather as much information as I can about the Phallosan Forte and I've made the decision that I would like to buy it. The only question that I have is how long will the product...
  13. V

    XL Bell

    I've had the XL Bell for about ten days now. My glans is not XL but the standard one was too small, esp as I always wear the protector cap. Feels much more comfortable. I use it with the medium sleeve. Another thing: a couple of times when the suction was really good I saw my head swell up...
  14. G

    Tapered Girth

    Hi all, at the moment I’m doing some jelqs size genetics stretching and dld superset bathmate/SSJ’s. My girth is 6’’ base girth 5.25 mid and 5 just below head. What exercise would be good to equal it out? I would like to get to 6’’ all over.
  15. D

    PE Caused ED - Urgent Help Needed

    Hey all, So I'm in a crappy situation. I have what I believe to be a serious case of ED, caused by PE. Symptoms: - Light Spasm in my penis throughout the day. I tried going to bed without pants on last night, and my member spasmed for quite a while. - Extreme difficulty obtaining an erection -...
  16. DLD

    Welcome to Big Al's Question and Answer forum and Me Coach assistance

    A big welcome onboard to Big Al! I hope all goes perfect!
  17. R

    What's The most recommended Penis Enlargement device Today when it comes results?

    I would like to ask for recommendation on the top three penis enlargement or extender today? I don't about the price. all I want is the extender that has a faster results and safe to use, wherein I can wear It In the office or night time while going to sleep if its applicable. I have read many...
  18. V

    New member

    Just wanted to introduce myself. Based in UK - PE'ing on and off for a while. Was 5.5BPEL x 4.8 Max 6.5BPEL x 5 Now 6.25BPEL x 5 Main method Phallosan. Interested in pumping, will look into. I usually put a small sleeve on to get a supertight seal - it's a bit of a squeeze but...
  19. J

    EQ after PE session good or bad?

    Hi, im new to matters of size but not new to PE or other forums.:cool: I have been doing PE for over 6 months but my experience doesnt seem to match others and i havent made any gains at all. My question is for all the veterans or individuals that have success with JELQing and have made gains. I...
  20. DLD

    Bi-Monthly Posting Contest for the Month of August...Get involved win big!

    August/September Monthly Contest: Win the tool of your choice plus $100 in cash! From now on, the best posters of the month will be judged and awarded for 2 consecutive months of posting OK Brothers for the August 2018 posting contest, here is what we are looking for: • Members that get...

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