1. T

    Thoughts on Cycling and Penis Health

    I've read numerous times that cycling causes problems with erection quality. One of my buddies raced semi pro for 20 years. He's 44 now and is experiencing issues with ED. As someone who likes cycling this is a bit concerning. It's so much fun but there's an obvious risk factor connected to the...
  2. IAmSpartacus71

    Back to PE, break over

    I thought my break will be longer but I missed PE and want to gain more. New short term goal: 7.5x5.5 My routine (5 times a week): -Warm up -Double squeeze (this exercise: for 20 minutes, 10 seconds squeezes. -Masturbation to...
  3. L

    Help! EQ problems after 12 days of PE

    Hey guys I need your help, sorry for my English I'm from Denmark 26 years old. I have had problems getting an erection in the last 2 days. It takes me 5-10 minuts to get a soft semi-erection. (03-29-2017) This problem started after doing some edging watching porn, I went too far and was at...
  4. B

    Sizegenetics size and other questions for DLD

    Hi DLD, I need your advice, I have been used sizegenetics in most everyday and my penis looks a bit bigger than I have ever been before. I don't have anymore turlting when I have used the sizegenetics. My balls have hanging down alot and it has made my penis looks a bit bigger. It have make me...
  5. L

    All night erection while sleeping = gains?

    Because of my job situation I'm having trouble keeping my unit from turtling. Not wearing underwear or using an ADS would not go unnoticed, to put it that way. I figured maybe I can compensate for it by using supplements or something to have all night long boners, so that I'm doing a lot of my...
  6. GoodLookingNerd

    My Lengthmaster progress thread, w/ VLC and Bathmate

    Hey there brahs! I just ordered my lengthmaster a couple days ago and am super stoked about getting it. I am gonna be posting on this thread and posting my progress. The main routine will be a morning routine w/ the LM and healing all day w/ the VLC then another PM session w/ more LM and...
  7. M

    Dr Elist Penile Implant. What do ya think about this?

    Penile Enlargement Implant by Dr. Elist (Penile Enhancement Surgery) It kinda looks like it speeds up the process of what PE would do. What are you guys opinion about this ?
  8. 1

    An experiment about abolishing the refactory period.

    Hello anyone, I had certain ideas about abolishing my refractory period, so that there will be no post orgasm shrinkage. Since I used to orgasm train, I always had the wish to stay permanent hard. The idea is that I will train my penis like a muscle memory. My plan is that after the orgasms I...
  9. P

    Serious question try to understand

    So some of you might recognize my profile by now, and know about my injury which makes PE more complicated. Anyways I'd like to get the size genetics, And add it to my routine. But here's the thing -have no sensation down there. -any kind of physical touch causes an erection , So I don't even...
  10. I

    no gains :(

    ok guys i dont know what happen but i guess the first post didnt go through so this is my second attempt on a thread.. any ways im new to this site fellow p.e. brothers and i like what i see this place is really helpful... so some of my back ground is i have been doing p.e on n off for about a...
  11. H

    Is Masturbation/Edging good for gains ? (DLD ?)

    Hey everyone I wanted to hear your opinion of Masturbation and EDGING because i gained big girth but nearly no length, maybe 0,3" after 5 months .. and didnt masturbate or edged at all ... this question is especially for the big gainers how do you feel about this topic did these two...
  12. iGrowSteady

    If You Can't Get Fully Hard, How do You?

    With advance notice that this may not be the right forum, figure I'll reach out and see what y'all think. As I recently mentioned, I think, about not being able to get a hundred percent hard, (ED? Not sure honestly as there are soooooo many variables!) I'm curious as to what members of the...
  13. A

    Do Gains Tend To Be Linear?

    Do gains tend to be linear, as in: If the total gain is 2'' in length, then it is typical for a man to experience ~.1'' in length-growth for approximately 20 months, or is it much more typical to have various "bursts" of growth, during concentrated periods? -Adam
  14. P

    Fianally done it.

    Hi Guys, I've been browsing this forum for months, finally committed and signed up. I would like some advise, i know there is plenty of stickys but there is so many i'm not sure what one to follow. I'm seriously considering enlargement surgery but i am going to hold off for 2-3months...
  15. Zambrodom3

    Soy and Impotence

    Hey boys! So, directly on topic- a month ago I purchased a 5kg bag (yes, that's how they sell them where I bought the product from) of Whey Protein. I was an ABSOLUTE IDIOT for doing this, because I did not do my research very well and later on discovered it had Soy in it. I was foolish to read...
  16. C

    1) Why are all erection angles of longtime Users relatively bad 2) Health question

    Hey guys, I stumbled upon this forum and was amazed by the impressive results that really seem to be possible. Being a rational guy, I read every scientific study I found on the net and now Im a bit concerned about the possible side effects. If you lengthen the ligaments to enlarge your...
  17. youknowme123321

    How old were you when you discovered PE and how did you come across it?

    I am 28 years old. I was 21 when I discovered PE. I think i found it after having watched pron for many years and all those guys have bigger cocks than me. I think I googled penis enlargement and found info on an extender. 6.5'' then and 6.5 as of the last time I measured back in 2012. I bought...
  18. Lightning

    Pistachios for Harder Erections - Study Inside

    I started my Pistachio Diet yesterday to see if it improves E.Q. I am eating 4oz of Pistachios everyday. I have good erections now but I want to see if they can improve based on this diet. Pistachio Diet Improves Erectile Function Parameters and Serum Lipid Profiles in Patients with...
  19. J

    Side effects Of pumps ??

    IS it true if you use the Hydromax it can make you go limp dick? in other words, have a really soft dick that cant get hard what are the health risks with using a Hydromax pump or any pump for that matter
  20. W

    Pumping for Potency

    I purchased Penomet because the advertisement of the manufacturer states that this device can get rid of impotence. I have been using Penomet since the last week of December and so far I still need Viagra for sex. Is there a routine that can promote potency? All the routines I read are...
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