1. O

    Trying a new supplement regimen for my d**k

    After some research, I decided to go with this combo. I'm tapering down my nicotine use (vaping and oral tobacco) to give myself the best chance of getting better erections. I have some mild/medium ED and would like to do this without viagra. I am starting a girth only PE program which won't...
  2. stillwantmore

    Kratom My Personal Experience So Far! (It's The Tits!)

    Hello all! So, I'm posting this to share about my own first hand experiences so far with an herbal supplement called Kratom. If you've not heard of kratom yet, well, do some Google searching! It's some pretty cool stuff. In a nutshell, it's an herbal that comes (usually) from Asia...Thailand for...
  3. D

    Natural Supplements for Overall Penile Health

    So a friend recommended I try this over the counter pill you can get at sex shops called a Kangaroo. The thing lasts 3 days and since I've taken it, my erections look like when I was 18. I honestly forgot just how big my dick really is lol. The ingredients in them are: "l-lysine, ginseng, ginko...
  4. H

    Sleep Paralysis

    I have suffered from sleep paralysis for many years but it started reducing since 2013. I however experienced another one last night and also had a dream in the process. When I woke up, I couldn't move or open my mouth but I'm usually awake. Do you guys experience this some times?
  5. GashKing

    PUMPING - Pressure, Length of Time, How many times per day ?

    Just started pumping again about 1 month ago. Never really got into it much, but used it as a additional supplement exercise in addition to my regular PE exercises, workouts. My questions to the successful pumpers. How many times per day is safe to pump, intervals between pumping...
  6. tommy44_u

    Need Help

    Im 39 years old my diet and exercise is ok. 5 foot 6 inches and 165 lbs. I PE 5 times a week now 2 days off. My problem is that I cant seem to go extra rounds with the wife. My EQ is great no problems there. Morning wood is good. Before getting it on its rock hard. But after I blow the...
  7. D

    Dreadman Simple & sinsiter kettlebell 100 day log

    Hello guys I wanted to make a thread following my work outs. One of my favorite fitness tools is the kettle bell . I starting using them in highschool when I wrestled and use them now to supplement my jiujitsu training. 8ve decided to simplify my traininhg for the next 100 days I
  8. M


    I've been seeing a bunch of guys getting thrombosis so I think we need to have a topic for the everyone to know the causes and how to help if you've got one. Here is some information I found!po=36.9565 Here is another topic I...
  9. Egghead1

    It's been a while my brothers...This site has grown so much I could cry.

    First of all, DLD, the stuff that's been going on here at MoS is more than important but I'm sure you all realize this by now. I've been rifling through hundreds of posts for the past month and I just want to say that I love you all. Where have I been? I'm a little sad to say that I quit PE...
  10. smitty2590

    Question about ads

    Ok so I'm considering trying another ads along with my routine. I never cared for my pf just to much shit and replacing stuff all the time etc. I've been looking into two thighs both seem very simple in design. The esl40 and the tlc ventless tugger. I believe that's the correct one on the...
  11. S

    should there be a pump after jelqing?

    I have been jelqing for almost an year and i never feel the "pump" or temporary increase in girth the members here including DLD are talking about. I suspect that this is the reason why i have made very little girth gains Can someone please explain? I usually jelq with a 50 - 60% erection and...
  12. P

    suggestions for Vacu Tech cylinder? need ones with experiance for VacuTech sizing

    Hi guys! I want to buy a Vacutech Electric system. (I also looked at Kaplans, and few others) I believe in a month or two I plan on buying it. Before then I want to make triple sure I purchase the correct cylinder. I also want to buy both a elliptical and thickwall both. I have a...
  13. S

    Pro argi9, anyone?

    My buddy is trying to sell me this arginine supplement. Supposedly causes the results to last 12 hrs instead of 1 hr. Could be marketing bs but if it's true that might be a wonderful increase in speed of gains! Anyone had any? I might be willing to guinea pig
  14. orgasmic19

    Better erections and gaining

    Should I be worried about better erections if I truly want to gain?
  15. G

    Back to it, and a question.

    Hi guys, been out for awhile. Had some great gains between 2012-2014 and then got super busy with family/kids/lack of privacy. Now with more privacy, will resume my PE and general fitness growth. It's time to make time for myself. In the hiatus, I used my Bathmate Extreme every few months...
  16. IAmSpartacus71

    Taking a break

    Hi, After more than one year of PE I'm taking a break for a month or two. My question is: Are my ligaments going to be more sensitive to stretch after the break so I'll see greater results in length? Is that the way it works or I'm totally wrong? Thank you! BTW: If you guys have already...
  17. S

    Trust the process

    I've just gotten back into PE after some mild exercise interspersed with several hiatuses. I've had one period of time where I grew from 5 months of consistent, but not intense, work, and one time with 2 months of consistent and intense work. I've finally realized that I'm holding myself back by...
  18. M

    Do Supplements stop Immune system to respond?

    All good in the brotherhood.... I have a query... I am using NO3 Chrome at the moment for Arginine + 3 tablets of Omega 3 on daily basis with extender. Question is they will do good... But am I going to be addicted to them, secondly I have heard using regularly supplements will let immune system...
  19. G

    How to take evening primrose oil as a supplement

    I'm just beginning to start with PE and I'm starting to buy supplements for the same. I was just wondering of how one should take Evening primrose oil. The PEBible doesn't exactly state how. Should it be taken orally or should it be applied on the Penis and if so how much should be taken or...
  20. B

    Back from the Urologist /New Plan of Action Advice

    I posted about my injury a couple of days ago. Just got back from the doctor and turns out everything is alright. No blood constriction. I told him about the cockring and pretty much said the same thing that I should stop using it. Honestly I got too dependent on it. It got to a point where I...
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