1. D

    Kegel Machine

    whats the thoughts on this guys. gets excellent reviews
  2. H

    Kegel training plans

    With my schedule, I can only SRT Mon-Fri. Someone suggested doing challenging kegel training on the off days. What should I be searching for? Thx! Chris
  3. T

    Pump optimization

    What’s up brothers? Been a while for me since I’ve been building my career, but I wanted to hop on and remind people about some pumping techniques wether it’s bathmate or other pumps. When you are pumping, you NEED to Kegel and reverse Kegel! If you don’t you are wasting time essentially... Do...
  4. Brawn Johnson

    The Best Way to Start PE

    Hello, I'm putting together a game plan for a serious attempt at PE, and I thought I'd run it by the people here! If I'm missing something or getting something wrong, I'd really appreciate anyone letting me know. I plan to use the MoS $25 discount to buy: The Lengthmaster (+video membership...
  5. DLD

    Welcome to Big Al's Question and Answer forum and Me Coach assistance

    A big welcome onboard to Big Al! I hope all goes perfect!
  6. J

    EQ after PE session good or bad?

    Hi, im new to matters of size but not new to PE or other forums.:cool: I have been doing PE for over 6 months but my experience doesnt seem to match others and i havent made any gains at all. My question is for all the veterans or individuals that have success with JELQing and have made gains. I...
  7. W

    Kegel 8 V

    I've got no intention to buy one, but I was wondering what your thoughts on this device are. Will it work? Almost all reviews I could find on Google are from the website itself.
  8. S

    Loss of EQ, can't get 100% hard, NEED HELP!!!

    Hi guys! here's my story. I used to have random rock hard erections all day long, but after taking antidepressor for 3 months, I can't get 100% hard anymore and have EQ problems. So like I said, I used to have rock hard erections, but I took an antidepressor from september to december 2017 and...
  9. L

    Old injury

    Hey guys After you the community helped me with Length master through out the week, I was hoping you could help me with an old stupid injury I got by jelqing wrong 12 years ago. I remember searching for PE online when I got misinformed about Jelqing or probably misunderstood what was written...
  10. T

    Ive been getting horrible erections lately...

    So my erections have been so poor lately. My routine is basically just 15-20 min of bathmate so nothing to intense. Ive been pumping for about 4 months so my penis is use to it. This is really freaking annoying cause if i stopped pumping all together my cock would stay skinny. At this...
  11. H

    Flaccid length measurement

    So this morning I decided to measure my flaccid penis. I used the plastic ruler that came with my hydromax pump. I did a bone pressed top measurement and pulled the penis forward. I saw 7 inches flaccid penis. I don't want to believe this has anything to do with my erect length. Two months...
  12. iGrowSteady

    This Might Be Awkward: It Involves Ur Asshole...

    Having finally added Kegels into my manual routine, that is ten minutes a night in between doing Jelqs and SSJ's; y'all remember my recent post about them and even though I believe I'm doing them properly, I don't necessarily feel that I'm flexing \ tightening the area all that well. However one...
  13. T

    Bathmate and Stretching

    Hi Guys, I'd say I'm new to this but started PE back in 2004, after some failures with a Jes Extender, I gave up and Have done PE on and off since then. Since the wife left me in January I thought I'd get back in to it and boost my confidence trying to increase my penis size. Any way, can...
  14. tommy44_u

    Need Help

    Im 39 years old my diet and exercise is ok. 5 foot 6 inches and 165 lbs. I PE 5 times a week now 2 days off. My problem is that I cant seem to go extra rounds with the wife. My EQ is great no problems there. Morning wood is good. Before getting it on its rock hard. But after I blow the...
  15. Mick09

    What Jelqing Technique Do You Use?

    So this is how I’ve been jelqing for the past 10 years (type 1): Start completely flaccid, with an o-grip around the base. Start stimulating the penis, and as you get aroused kegel some blood into the penis and then clamp off at the base. Keep repeating this process (stimulating, kegeling...
  16. Mick09

    Hard CC, Soft CS and Head

    Anyone else get this? When you're erect your CC's are totally firm, but CS and head inflation is minimal. I've seen this discussed elsewhere but no real reason or solution. One possible mechanism is potential damage done to valves that control bloodflow in and out of the penis. So I have...
  17. W

    sphincter vs pc muscle - kegel the right way.

    Hi guys, Lately I've been reading more about kegels and it apears when doing them I also contract my sphincter more then the pc muscle itself. I don't have to pee all the time, so stopping the flow and locating it that way is pretty hard. I realy want my erections to be as rock hard without...
  18. B

    about doing the reverse kegel

    Hi all, I have got some questions about doing the reverse kegel. For the last few weeks I has been trying it out to do the reverse kegel. I can feel the muscle at the back of my ass is pushing the bc muscle to my penis, but i can feel the poo come out of my ass so I had to go to toilet to...
  19. N

    Do vacuum hangers lower erection angle permanantly or temporarily?

    Hey guys I wanna start hanging but I have a few questions before purchasing one. Do hangers such as the LG Hanger or the Vac hanger 3 ( I'm thinking of buying this one) lower a high erection angle. My penis points at 11 o'clock I hate it bcoz it makes it look shorter then it really is in the...
  20. B

    Pelvic floor tightness

    Hi all, Today I went to see physiotherapy to get a check up for my pelvic floor. She had put her finger up in my anus and she said that my pelvic floor are good as they are strong, but the pelvic floor muscle don't relax after when I squeeze my pelvic floor muscle. She said that I would need...