1. G

    Routine feedback

    I'd like opinions on my routine. After my warmup. 10 minutes expressive stretch with the LengthMaster. 5 mins rest 10 minutes regular stretch. 1 min stretch going up, down, left, right. 5 minutes rest 10 minutes bundled stretch. Complete counter clockwise turn and hold. 1 min stretch going...
  2. D

    Text Guide On Reaching 1-2 inches gains in 3-6months

    Could someone please tell me or link me to a routine where I can gain 1 inch or more obviously within 3-6 months. Using only lengthmaster, any all day stretcher, and wraps for the tools etc. I'm looking to get to 6 inches, but for now I want a routine for 1 inch in gain
  3. J

    Traction questions

    Hello everyone new here I have some questions about traction/extender devices I have been seeing mixed information some say wearing 2 hours a day has made more results vs people people who wear it 5 hours + and then I see people also posting other way around that 5+ hours daily brings more...
  4. K

    Angion Method Questions and Answers

    Hello Guys, There is a video here that really is concerning me about ED. Also, he says a few things about how penis can grow based on vascular things and bla bla (things unknown to me) Someone who has great experience like @DLD @huge-girth @oldandlively @squirt_inducer_man ?
  5. K

    A beginner - ok routine?

    Hello, I just discovered PE and I'm looking for 1 inch increase. I'm in a relationship so I will not use any devices for now. I will do the following routine and hope to do it for 30min every morning. Is this sufficient to do every morning or should I do it in the evening as well? Any exercises...
  6. J

    Need sage advice to reach 8", Routine recommendation to prepare for my Pre-ordered Lengthmaster

    Hello everyone. This community looks like a very good support group for those wanting to increase their size. I've been reading some posts and don't understand the convention 5x5x2. Does this mean 5 minutes w/ device, 5 minutes rest, then 2 times per day or 2 sets? I already pre-ordered the...
  7. J

    Best way to gain 1” in length and girth with minimal effort?

    I have to assume similar questions have been asked dozens of times but… I understand with anything in life, anything worth having takes time and effort. I’m already satisfied with my size. I’m 7.1~ NBPL and unsure about girth - most girls have told me I’m the biggest they’ve been with so...
  8. T

    Silistretcher vs Stealth Stretcher?

    Hey gang, been awhile. Life got in the way but I'm back. One question i have is the major difference between the silistretcher and the stealth stretcher? Also, has anyone worn an ads while working out? Does it slip off at all?
  9. DayDreamDN

    Burning sensation SS 2.0

    Burning sensation after 1 hour
  10. megamike

    Need help with intense, length-oriented routine

    Hello brothers, please can someone help me out with a routine to boost some gains? I've been hard-stuck at 8.2x6 for more than a year now, I have lots of free time and semi-private situation at home. I have an extender,a pump and a length-master. all opinions welcome I just need to make my dick...
  11. T

    Need a length routine

    Just received the bathmate xtreme and LengthMaster, I have already gained 1.75 inches in length and am purely looking to add length. I went from 6nbpel to7.75nbel and looking to break it into 9. What have you got for me?
  12. Z

    I'm a newbie and I'm having problems with my routine!

    Hello guys! It is the first time in my life that I write in a forum. I'm 23 years old but for some reason I've never liked these things. Even though I've read forums all my life. I have an important question to ask you. Has anyone ever used JesExtender yet? I bought this deal for 3 weeks...
  13. S

    Routine help wanted

    Hey guys, this is my third attempt at PE. I'm a grower with a frankly laughable flaccid size but a respectable 6.5in BPEL. Girth is where my problems lie, barely around 4in EG. I always said I would be delighted to add an inch in length and an inch in girth. But at the moment my goal is 7x5 as...
  14. C

    New routine

    What do you guys think about my newbie routine: Length day: silistretcher as long as possible throughout the day. Hang/swing 1.25 lbs for 10 minutes. 50 jelqs by hand followed by one 5 min bathmate session. Wear c’ring for one hour afterwards. Girth day: silistretcher as long as possible...
  15. megamike

    Help! intense routine needed...

    can anyone suggest an intense routine that will help me gain 2 inches in length and 0.5-1 inch in girth??
  16. F

    Routine Schedule Question (Lengthmaster and SiliStretcher)

    DLD, Recently purchased the silistretcher and going to order the LengthMaster and pump as well. I wanted to ask if you had a schedule, in terms of if these excercises are done every day or intervals. Thanks in advance for your time, and all your help.
  17. DLD

    DLD SiliStretcher Reverse Pyramid Sets...Mind Blowing Routine!

    DLD SiliStretcher Reverse Pyramid Sets Many don’t know this about me but I have a very bad case of dyslexia. It’s just hard for me to see things in the right way. However, this does benefit me in many ways too. Many exercises I have come up with have been at the expense of my dyslexia. This...
  18. DLD

    SiliStretcher Exclusive Length Routine ??

    SiliStretcher SRT Routine Gaining to healing in one session going from active to passive stretching. Some people come here for girth and and some for length, they will follow a program that either they find on the forum or some come to me or others to write them a custom routine but, by and...
  19. Gallows

    Sex before PE affecting quality of exercises

    Hi Lately, I've noted that I'm truly struggling with basic exercises whilst doing my daily routine. I've been having sex prior to doing my PE and it leaves my penis in a somewhat exhausted state. Stretching is almost excruciating and using Bathmate is uncomfortable. Could this be a phase that...
  20. DLD

    DLD Peyronie’s and Bent Penis Routine

    DLD Peyronie's Routines DLD Peyronie’s and Bent Penis Routine Shaping Your Penis Overview Matters of Size techniques can be effective in most cases of Peyronie’s disease and/or bent penis disorder. By using pressure and stretch, you will be able to even out the sides of the penis. This is the...
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