1. B

    Chem pe!

    I’m making corrections to this thread I didnt know my phone autocorrected everything. Chem pe is a gamble like I said before I’m cool with it. I’m expecting maybe .5 since this dht is 10% but then again I’m not really expecting anything and yes it’s legit and there gear. The allsaints 2.5%...
  2. daironmonk

    Did expressive hanging ever catch on?

    ive been MIA for awhile so Im not sure but did Expressive hanging ever catch on? if so will it work with my hanger?
  3. R

    Erosets Vein Oil Revisited

    Hey guys so I wanted to make a post regarding this oil as I was actually surprised by its affects. This is something everyone should be using in my opinion. I found the recipe on the old post which can easily be found if you search or even google search "Erosets vein oil". After 3 days of using...
  4. A

    Back to clamping; with pics!!

    I have been doing PE for quite a while but never consistently. I had done clamping in the past and i think its a great great exercise for girth. Recently im back to clamping with 3 sets of 10 min each with 5 min break inbetween and jelqs for restoring blood flow. I use a rubber pipe which is...
  5. A


    So....I originally posted a month or so ago about how hard the veins were during pumping. I got some great advice: I was using too much pressure. I have gone for very low pressure and spread it out and am gaining the thickness i like. Now though, i have big veins popping up on one side of my...
  6. G

    Varicocele Natural Remedies, Techniques, Terapies

    Hello Everyone, Please share here your experience in healing, dealing with varicocele using natural remedies. I found some sources that mention that the varicocele is caused by kidney malfunction, or valve of the vein malfunction So surgical option is not viable as it deals with the...
  7. A

    Puffy vs Hard Veins

    Hi, I've been pumping on/off for a few years. In the past, I would get thick/puffy and really liked it. Now, I get hard and do not get puffy/thicker. The veins start feeling hard so I quit. What's up with that and how do i get back to puffy? That's where I saw gains.
  8. N

    First 6 days, some discomfort, equipment Q, may have been jelqing wrong

    Brothers, Thank you all for the help you provide with this forum.I must admit that although I heard about PE many years ago, I was always apprehensive to fully engage. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac so yeah, any little pain I freak. However, I need to do something about my average 5" penis (or...
  9. D

    Longtime member returning here

    This forum, and people following exercises to enlarge their penis is still around?! I am amaze for it being since a longtime i was here. We had many excruciating and humiliating experiences when i had started doing the exercises from this website. Penis suddenly not moving anymore, acting as if...
  10. M


    I have just recently discovered that I have thrombosis and was wondering if I can still stretch and if not is there anything I can do so I'm not completely inactive? Really worried about being sidelined for too long and having my goal pushed back a year or so. Any help would be greatly...
  11. X

    Less oxygen = more growth

    Hey guys, I don't know if this exact way of thinking has been discussed lately but it seems that people aren't doing it so I'd like to bring it to light. It seems that when we talk about girth gains, we tend to talk about stretching the tunica. However, Im starting to think there might be a...
  12. D

    Stretching/Jelqing Newbie Question

    Hello guys! Just joined some days ago and made a serious commitment to the DLD routine! My main problem is that I need stronger erections and I'm too ''soft'' but I think the program will help solve all of penile issues generally. 3rd day I've been doing the exercises and I have some questions...
  13. D

    Converting an X40 to hand valve or vacuvin

    Any of you ever convert one of these to a hand valve or vacuvin, first thing is how do I get the old valve unit out? The cap and twist out valve are easy, but the piece down in the tube with the spring is a tough one.
  14. S

    Help! desperated and frustrated :c

    Hello, I'm here for advice or guidance, please, I've had a bad experience with penis enlargement, I'm going to read again some of the posts that I had encountered in this place but I wanted to write this too. Look, I really want to have something like a 20 cm/ 8 inches of dick (I have around...
  15. B

    Is it possible to get natural EQ on par with EQ with a CR?

    So I've always had EQ of 8-9 all my life but I've always been a notch below what I get with a CR. I'm guessing that I'm not the first one thinking about this so I'd like to throw the question out there: are there any exercises to get a natural erection matching one with a CR? (no pills, and...
  16. A

    My view on several cockrings

    Greetings Brothers! Another thread, about cockrings. "Small" intro; I've liked cockrings for a longer time, mostly I've used them by myself, several times with a special other. Overall, I enjoy the pressure many rings provide, making your penis harder and in certain cases more veiny...
  17. A

    The array of supplements I've tried health and PE wise

    Greetings! This is my first thread. I've never really introduced myself to this community, but I've surely lurked around and posted a few times. Just a quick intro; 30-years old as of 2017, body weight changes, but 5'7" "strong" built, people don't often talk about my height that much nor...
  18. D

    help on deciding on product

    To those who've had experience with the following, please assist me in making decision. Im looking in to either the LengthMaster or the Jelq Device from Power Gym Both are similarly priced and its not cost I'm worried about rather functionality. Both are and seem like great products...
  19. orgasmic19

    allergic reaction to Titan pills or something else?

    Hey, guys today I woke up and noticed little red bumps on my for arm and private area that some what itch. I was wondering if this is a allergic reaction to the Titan Pills or something else?
  20. the boss!

    Fluid retention?

    Is there any fluid retention thread? Or info I should know? Not always, I try not to get to the point of fluid retention, but sometimes I get there. Is it good? bad? neutral? I really don't mind having it unless is gonna delay or hold me from gains.
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