1. Brawn Johnson

    The Best Way to Start PE

    Hello, I'm putting together a game plan for a serious attempt at PE, and I thought I'd run it by the people here! If I'm missing something or getting something wrong, I'd really appreciate anyone letting me know. I plan to use the MoS $25 discount to buy: The Lengthmaster (+video membership...
  2. Jedi75

    P-Shot..? Who has done this..?

    Been using a combination of size genetics, hand jelking and Phallosan for a number of years and my growth has stopped/plateau. I've reached a frustration level of almost quitting, highly stressful job and now to top it off a nice dose of ED. Great..! I've heard of the P-Shot before when I...
  3. D


    Hi I own a Penomet pump but am thinking about investing in a bathmate pump What do you thing, I should stick with the penomet or should i make the investment if yes to bathmate, which one should i get My stats are: 7.5" NBPEL Girth- 6" base, 5"mid shaft & 4.5" under glans My goal...
  4. A

    Puffy vs Hard Veins

    Hi, I've been pumping on/off for a few years. In the past, I would get thick/puffy and really liked it. Now, I get hard and do not get puffy/thicker. The veins start feeling hard so I quit. What's up with that and how do i get back to puffy? That's where I saw gains.
  5. G

    Back to it, and a question.

    Hi guys, been out for awhile. Had some great gains between 2012-2014 and then got super busy with family/kids/lack of privacy. Now with more privacy, will resume my PE and general fitness growth. It's time to make time for myself. In the hiatus, I used my Bathmate Extreme every few months...
  6. S

    cant get whole glans in!!!

    just got my PMP in yesterday and its all great quality. only problem is i cant get my whole glans in the unit. it will get the top in no problem and its holds perfectly and to be honest its totally comfortable but when i take it off the tip of my glans is totally ballooned . the ballooning...
  7. B

    bathmate vacuvin mod..

    Guys if you have not done the vacuvin mod on the bathmate, I suggest you do it. All I can say is holly hell the expantion I got of just 2x5, I know someone that is going either be in trouble when she gets it, or she is going to love it.
  8. A

    Bathmate and Penomet - The Vacu-vin modification clarification

    At least I hope the title of this thread can be carried with the few pictures I'm posting. It's just an O-ring cockring between the Bathmate and the Vacu-vin. It can take a moment to get it working, but it works. Material removed inside the Vacu-vin cork so it'll slip on the Penomet...
  9. Sinthious

    Stretching too much?

    Hello everybody I am still rather new at this having started less than a week ago (1+year of reading the forum). When doing the basic stretches i have a hard time feeling any kind of stretch, other then down or behind the cheeks. There is a point on the top of my shaft that with light...
  10. D

    Girth enlargement

    Hi So I'm new here and I can't complaint about my genetics when it comes to penis size. Without any enlargement it's 7 inch long and 5-5.3 inches girth. I like my length, and I don't want any more because i bottom out my girlfriend already. I just want more girth, I want to stretch her out to...
  11. M

    Routine Feedback.

    Hello Gents, I need some feedback on my routine. I stopped PE for 2 years and just came back recently. Working as a full-time is difficult to find the time to practice PE. As for now, I am mainly focusing on length gains. Here's how my routine look like:- Phallosan Forte I usually...
  12. F

    Beginner help + bath mate

    hey guys! hows everything. been on here for a while, but just started to commit to the begginer routine shown below :Basic Stretching: 3 Sets of each stretch below Behind The Cheeks to the Left: 30-seconds Behind The Cheeks to the Center: 30-seconds Behind The Cheeks to the Right: 30-seconds...
  13. mordecai_

    Glans enlargement

    Anyone have any success enlarging their glans? I'm looking for the most efficient/exercise that might result in more of that mushroom shape. Appreciate any tips.
  14. A

    Help using the snail wine pump for an x30 mod!

    I bought a snail wine pump as I heard this pump fits perfectly over the bathmate valve. I'm having trouble using it as a vacuum mod. Does anybody know how to use this particular wine saver for the bathmate? Thanks
  15. eugine8plz

    Phallosan or penimaster pro

    Which do you guys prefer? What are your guys thoughts on both of these tools?
  16. Lightning

    The All New Bathmate HydroMax X50 Xtreme Hydro Penis Pump is Here with Discounts!

    The All New, Long Awaited Bathmate HydroMax X50 Xtreme Hydro Penis Pump is Now Here! This New X-50 Replaces the Goliath and is for people looking to Achieve Maximum Penis Gains by Penis Pumping with a Hydro Pump. EXCLUSIVE! Get $140 in Discounts when you Order Exclusively...
  17. J

    Hope this works. Road to an 8x6

    After checking out the forums for a bit I've decided to start a routine and invested in a penomet and a size genetics. I'm new to PE so worst case scenario I'll at least get some solid newbie gains with this routine. Routine I'm doing Length Warm up with hot wrap 3 reps of -1 minute...
  18. B

    How many PE-Exercises Should one add to routine?

    How many PE-Exercises Should one add to his routine? I was told in the past to just add one or two PE-Exercises at most to your routine to see where your gains are coming from, but I noticed some guys have more then one or two exercises to their routine. So, my question is how many exercises...
  19. mahoney1234

    Had some $$ to throw away

    So I've been going crazy to get a pump. Sending it to my home could cause issues, so just to see before I make a real purchase, I bought an x30 from a sex shop that a girl I've been fucking works at. Considering after the session, I'm going to buy the one with the hand pump from here/official...
  20. mahoney1234

    Penomet vs Bathmate?

    I must must start pumping. It seems bathmate is more popular. But the penomet with the increased pressure would make more sense.
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