1. M

    getting ed when pumping

    hi so i been peing for 3 weeks now since i have returned and always when i pump after some weeks i cant get an erection anymore this is one of many attemps of me trying to gain girth and this is exactly the problem why i couldnt succed why is this happening and what can i do to stop...

    stretching while I go to sleep

    Every night I stretch while I'm in bed, I do bundles in all directions, regular stretches, __________'s, V's and A 's and after I've finished I turn on my side get into the behind the cheeks stretch while I go to sleep. I'm not sure how long I'm in this position for , I suppose it could be...
  3. habban

    Follow the penis behaviour?

    Hello! I have started to think about something lately. I don't have a rule of when i train. I usually train whenever i feel i want to, and when i have time. But i add rest days sometimes to be on the safe side. But i have studied how my penis acts and i wonder if you think i should follow these...
  4. E

    Some input on my ongoing project...

    Hi there I'm working on a small PE project, which involves a lot of stats(from past workouts) to create as much information as possible for my self, but also those who read it. It sounds a little strange right now, but it will make sense when its done. I'll be done by June 1st. Think of if as...
  5. C

    Can I train harder?

    Hi guys, I've had a few months experience with extender then stopped due to uni workload. I've got back into things last year and did a stretching/jelqing/bm routine for a month before I went away for a trip and dropped off in consistency. I've yet again gotten back into things and have been...
  6. jekyllnhyde360

    Does girth gains affect erect length?

    I read some post where someone said girth gains shrink erect length, but im pretty sure that's bullshit, right? I mean some people do both at the same time and it still works. ughh, i hate it when i read stupid comments that make me question things.
  7. wazedi

    steroids talk on penis and body enlargment

    *i dont know if its allowed talking about steroids here..if not,feel free to delete this threat* after years on gym and penis enlargment i was thinking taking some roids for better and bigger results.i was thinking about dbol and testo for my gym and in another cycle try hgh or igf1 for my...
  8. A

    Hello everyone... And question..

    Hey everyone, just wanted to say hey. Iv been following this forum for about 4 months and played around with pe for a few weeks from jan. I have however got myself a proper routine now and have been at it for about 3 weeks 3days on1 off. I was first quite sceptical about the whole concept and...
  9. M

    I just want to gain 0.7 in girth.

    Listen guys, Im not happy with my girth. I find myself thinking this isnt going to work. I havent seen any good pics of people really making gains. Maybe im not looking right, or maybe this isnt going to work and it's another scam. Well Im up for the challenge... I just want to gain 0.7...
  10. jekyllnhyde360

    Does it take everyday pe to truly make gains? (girth)

    The reason I question this is because I always kinda played it safe always taking rest days when I felt fatigue. and gains came slowly! but for the past short while I did my exercises more frequently, almost everyday and they are very intense so after the first day I usually need 1-2 days off...
  11. D

    The Expressive Blaster!

    Doing this new exercise for 2 weeks now and already half inch of the inner dick has become exposed. The exercise:Follow the steps mentioned below: 1.Do 100 quick kegels while your buddy is stretched straight up. 2.stretch straight out and pass the non-gripping hand underneath the space...
  12. dickerschwanz

    Mixing up the routine with cycling - maximizing rest/healing -(theory)

    What I often hear and read through the Penis Enlargement forums is that rest is in some form is absolutely necessary to ensure healing. This is proven and makes sense. The opinions on how long you need to rest differ: Some propose a good night of sleep is enough, others use the 1on - 1off...
  13. K

    How 2 get back 2 Pe

    After I have 2 take a long break from Penis Enlargement and 2day i return 2 it.I feel like I just cant start back(I'm 8in by the way)How do y'all stay motivated
  14. S

    Not so New-bie

    I'm looking for a good routine to jump start some type of gains. I'm not really new to the world of pe but this is the first time that I've been consistent, its been since Nov. 2011. Here's the routine I just finished: Stretches: all directions 3x1:20 sec. Heli's( complete circles) 10x20 sec...
  15. dickerschwanz

    focus on longer flaccid but no errect gains

    Once I reached my goal in errect lenght I just want to go for flaccid lenght and girth. Im not near my goal but I like to plan ahead..(in my mind I already reached it ;) ) Now I understand that a certain workload(time and tension) enlarges your dick. Im now guessing that a certain workload...
  16. G

    Length Plateaus: frequency or intensity?

    I wanted to get some opinions on what the best general solution is for slowing length gains. If you had to pick one, would you choose the same routine with more intense stretching or increase the frequency of your workouts? Thanks for any input.
  17. jekyllnhyde360

    Are extender REALLY better than manual stretching!

    i was just on an extender site , and it was talking on how manual stretching is only good for quick gains of up to half an inch, becaus your ligaments get tough very quickly . so they said after that initial gain you would basicly be working out hard for peanuts. they claim that the reall way...
  18. J

    My Bathmate with Daily Updates

    Get a Bathmate Hydromax, Bathmate X-40 or Bathmate X-40 This thread is to log my experience with the Bathmate (ordered from Bathmate Canada ordering to daily use. edit: for USA and European Orders Use: Bathmate USA Ordering Online Very easy. They had a summer sale for $99.99 and it was...
  19. C

    Jelqing at 100 percent

    I wish jelqing while 100% was safe because while doing my jelqs I'm usually end up being 100 percent erect then I wait awhile to get down to 60-80 percent. Anyone jelq at 100 or what are some good percentages to jelq at.
  20. M

    Temporary Gains from Cialis/Viagra/Levitra?

    Has anyone gotten any temporary gains from any of these drugs? I know they wouldn't be huge but assuming maybe .25 in length or in girth possible?
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