1. Castiel

    Huge cum LOAD

    ehi guys, are you taking some stuff for bigger cums and best orgasm? I'm taking lecithin(big load), pygeum(precum), l-arginine (stronger erection) , maca , damiana(ball size) and zinc from 3 day...too early too see result...:cool: 1) anyone taking somenthing? 2) how your girl reacted? 3)when...
  2. orgasmic19

    Better erections and gaining

    Should I be worried about better erections if I truly want to gain?
  3. C

    What really grinds your gears?

    Let's discuss all those things that really "grind your gears" and drive you batshit insane. I'll start. The guy at work who insists on singing along to the radio to every song (he hums when he doesn't know the words) at least 1 full octave higher than the original song. Imagine if you will...
  4. DLD

    The 90 day 2021 No Masturbation Challenge

    [Invalid link deleted.] I recall DLD did well! :) arkailija
  5. R

    Wendi Penis enlargment course

    hi guys, i dont have the intro file of this course, could you plz tell me how to use these sessions?
  6. S

    Is it dangerous to ejaculate whilst sitting on the edge of a sofa?

    I have read that iIf a male is sat upright on the edge of a sofa or chair masturbating there is a chance that he will become unaware of the pressure from the chair building up on the area between his anus and scrotum as a result of the pleasure experienced from the masturbatory act. If the male...
  7. Mike03016

    Extender Question

    Hey ya'll, total newbie with a question but I have to give some background info first so it make more sense. Just below average junk but my flaccid is way below average... like 1-2" (or 4-5" smaller then my erect length). So, a couple of weeks ago I decide to try the whole extender thing...
  8. D

    Want to be a pornstar/herbs, tips for rock hard erestions?

    I have a 9.5 to 10 inch cock. I just get semis and cant get fully hard without physical stimulation. And when i do get hard it sometimes gets numb and/ or loses its erection. Any tips, herbs you guys know of that can help me out with my problem. Other than that i have the size I believe is great...
  9. mahoney1234

    Don't push me cause I'm close to the EDGING!

    Heya boys, hope all is well So out of my love for the brothers I decided to put my routine on hold to focus solely on edging and intense jelqing. But fuck the jelqing, that edge though!!!!! For the last 11 days I've been edging 15 times in a session everyday and I've yet to ejaculate. So...
  10. G

    Opinions On Hanging/ Any Hanging Successors?

    I hang low weight(10 pounds) for usually 60 min to 80 min a time for around 80min-100min a day. Is higher weight + less time = better results or What I'm doing with the lower weight? Also what are some of yalls hanging success
  11. S

    Newbie to the pe world need some guidance

    I am 28 and starting a pe regimen. My starting stats are at 7.5" long and 7" girth. But I am a big guy 6' 440 pounds. I have been doing some stretching, jelging, and pumping. Just light stuff nothing to intense to start with. What things in particular do I need to be doing I am just really...
  12. Simyan

    New girth routine

    10 mins bundles 6 mins bathmate 6 minutes jelqing X 3 5 minutes bundles 15 mins x2 clamping Followed by cockring with hourly jelqing Girth is now 5.3eg meaning I've gained .5" in eg so far ☺ Bought a sleeve for my bm so will help! I tried it and loved it. I'm...
  13. D

    Fix your ed in 30 days or less

    I bought a program from adam armstrong and its called fix your ed in 30 days or less. One smoothie he says you should drink consists of -spring dragon longevity tea, almond milk, or cows/goats milk,- 1 scoop raw chocolate or banana protein,-1/2 tsp cistanche,-1/2 tsp polyrachis ant,-1/2 tsp...
  14. E

    Women Crotch Watching

    Hi guys, Im about 5wks into my pe journey and I recently saw the YouTube video of how women check out a guys package while he rides around on the tube and always wondered if this happens. I'm just back from a week end in London and the weather was superb. I wore shorts the whole time with...
  15. I

    Thoughts on Organizing Various Routines...

  16. J


    I edge every second day. I have few questions... Does that help build up more sperm count? does it do any harm? how long is it good to edge and not ejaculate?
  17. P


    sorry guys i post this when i am drunk but atleast i speak from my heart........ my life is stuck for the past few years.....Just becuz of my dick size...... all my friends ditched me ...... i disappointed my family specially my grandparents cuz i am supposed to support them...my parent...
  18. D

    Hard erection big load formula(Full version)

    400 ml nut milk, Coconut milk, or Spring dragon longevity tea, 1 scoop chocolate or vanilla sun warrior protein powder or 1 scoop of chocolate or vanilla one world whey protein powder, 1 teaspoon organic raw maca or maca extreme, 1/2 teaspoon polyrachis ant powder, 1/2 teaspoon cordyceps...
  19. L

    Can the BM n The LM replace most of the manual exercises..

    These devices seem to have an amazing effect n they seem to simplify the routines..but i think the LM is a masterpiece can this device replace most of the manual exercises? The same thing whit the BM we can gain girth n lenght using the BM..just a random tought i just had, would be great to...
  20. D

    Hard erection big load formula

    Take 400 ml of nut milk, 1-2 teaspoons of red maca or maca extreme, and a scoop of high quality protein powder. Shake it up and drink it. Can be drunk twice a day, this is the quick start version still works, just not as good as the full better version, tell me if you want the better full version.
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