1. DLD

    Security being greatly enhanced.

    With newer system software and the right plug ins you can make a forum like the Brotherhood more secure than Fort Knox, and that is what I want. You will notice that we are no longer “http” we are “https” the s stands for secure, meaning you are completely protected in every way, unless you...
  2. X

    Julio Gomez.. a theory

    Saw a Julio Gomez video and noticed something very interesting. I’d like to see what you all think about it. You would need to see a part of the porn to see what I mean. But if you’re willing to take a look, maybe we can figure this dude out. His penis is insanely incredibly massive. And I think...
  3. L

    Return, Sell, or stick with it???

    Hey everybody, I recently got my new Phallosan Forte, literally yesterday, and I'm having some issues with it. Everything works fine, I'm able to put it on and wear it, but the issue comes from its bulkiness. When I strap it on, the pump jets out just past the curvature of my hip making this...
  4. T

    Why is it some days i will have massive expansion from bathmate. And some days barely

    Some days i can gain about an inch in expansion. Ill go from average to huge after a session. Than some days ill barely get a pump. Why is this? And yes i have the wine vac
  5. X

    xpdcs Erect Stretches Log

    Starting Stats BPFSL 6 1/2" BPEL 6 1/4" Equipment Size Genetics Traction Extender Bathmate Extreme X30 Supplements Cialis 10 mg Daily Test E 200mg/wk Protocol 10+ hours daily in the SG extender, Rotate from upward to downward hourly. Each hour will have at least 10 minutes of...
  6. J

    Making Myself a MONSTER

    My first real time real life blog story. I survive on your comments XXX! This is today's first entry feb 18 2018 about what I'm doing to myself. I want to transform myself. If you guys keep interested, I can blog as I change and grow. XXX ;-) Hi guys! So if you’ve checked out my galleries...

    This is currently my ideal routine I'm hoping to implement soon

    LM with SRT stretches + bundles + expressive stretches followed by LM hanging feature then Manual clamped kegels and reverse kegels then Phallosan wear until night session then Same as above + my good old hardcore BM routine with the BM hardcore stretches then Phallosan at night and...
  8. P

    why not do double girth work

    so as i read penis should be treated like a balloon and not a rop then why are we doing length and girth separate ? why cant we incorporate both of them at the same time ? like 30 mins in morning and evening manual ? anyway the length work is on throughout the day in ace wrap or devices like...
  9. M

    bathmate only routine

    few things I'd like to cover here, in regards to using a bathmate across the next year. first and foremost I only want a bathmate routine (no massive jelq sessions, no manual stretching or other manual enlargement techniques) not out of laziness, its out of fear of injuring myself and I hate...
  10. Bigwil

    Growing a 10’’+ monstercock

    Hi everyone just wanna say hi and drop a pic for my starting point and yes Iam having a really hard time taking a pic and staying erect long enough.
  11. J

    Im back. Been since 2011. Open to advice (LONG LONG POST)

    Hey guys. I got into PE back around 2009. I've always been JUST above average. but felt small (I'm sure a lot of us have that problem) I've never had a woman complain about my size once. And I've even had many women who thought I was huge. but for ME, i just wanted what I saw in porn. I came...
  12. 8

    TenChiGoDokuSei 26 week program

    Hey y'all, It's been a little while since I posted on MOS, but damn I'm happy to get back to the PE regimen again, and I'm excited to share my experience of hard earning gains through long dedication and hours. No shortcuts in life, and so this applies also to PE. In this thread I will be...
  13. H

    What to do in planning before and getting privacy for concentration.

    Hello everyone, I have been looking at PE for a month or so now and have absorbed much information about it. I would like to take the plunge and start doing it. However before I commit, I'd like to be well prepared thus I would like to know a few things. What could/should I buy? I plan...
  14. jpeg5

    JPEG5's PE Journey

    Hello, I’ve been reading and consuming the forums for a little over a month now and am finally introducing myself. My journey with PE exercises began a few years ago while in college but my journey and curiosity began very young when I realized I was restricted by the over-sensitivity of my...
  15. jekyllnhyde360

    Anyone else getting tired of the BS coming from western white women?

    Like i think we can all say we've entertained this 3rd way feminist idea long enough, it's really getting out of hand now, especially for white men. Between the feminist stupidity, compounded by liberal idiocy taking hold of every institution, whether it be media, hollywood, even colleges are...
  16. T

    For men who have went from 6.5 EL to 7 EL. How has sex changed?

    Do your girls cum more? Is it uncomftorable for them?
  17. W

    My idea of a perfect cock

    I was browsing tubegalore for huge cock movies, when I stumbled across this on. Not that I'm gay (maybe bi-curious), but IMHO this guy has a perfect cock, dimension wise. Great size of balls and low hanging. Also the fact he still has foreskin. Fair warning, some of you might think this is gay...
  18. eugine8plz

    Has anybody watched Elbows 6 week Bathmate review on YouTube?

    So there is this one guy on YouTube named elbow (or so I think) and he does a 6 week review on the bathmate x30 I believe and by the end of the 6 weeks he gained like 2" in length and 1.5" in girth (or so I recall, I haven't watched the videos in awhile). I recommend watching the series if you...
  19. W

    Help Me Gain 1in Girth

    so i have been doing PE for about 3 years on and off. mostly pumping for larger girth before sex. back when i first started pumping with vacutech i gained about .4-.5 in girth. i went from 4.5 to 5in. since then i have not really consistently did much manual work. which i think is why i have not...
  20. Egghead1

    When my PE and self image combine...

    It is so incredibly hard for me to wade through the waters of time, money and commitment in my life of PE. Self doubt is both a massive demon and a motivator of mine. I've quit PE several times and I'm starting to remember exactly why. I measured my BPFS last week and was literally a hair...
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