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Jun 4, 2003
Don't get peyronies.... Many men give testimony that they have some bend in their penis. The propensity to get peyronies disease is very common. I believe the biggest reason men get peyronies is they let their penis get out shape and like any muscle that is not used, it gets weaker. As we get older or don't take care of ourselves, including the sex organ, then that contributes to the possibility of a bent and often damaged penis. Penis Enlargement is the greatest thing that you can do to keep the penis in shape. Pushing blood into it daily and working it to make it strong, as well as working the PC muscle is going to make it harder for you to have an "accident" or let your penis deteriorate to the extent that you are out of physical shape in the penile area. Penis Enlargement and the help that DLD has given me has been very helpful and has really given hope. Another area that peyronies attacks is length. When the break in the tunica takes place scar tissue develops and shrinks the penis. So, take every precaution you can to never let this happen. Keep your penis in shape. ....GS
What precautions would one take to stop them damaging the penis/tunica so scar tissue never apperred?
I think my curve come from always carrying my penis on the left , I have always put my penis to the left for as long as i can remember .
RED....the best thing we can do is the jelqing. It keeps the blood into the penis, blood heals and strengthens. Good Jelqing every day is the best precaution. I have shared this with literally hundreds of people, freinds, and relatives as well. When a man gets older he doesn't get the erections he used to and also statistics say the older you are the less times you have sex. Well, when you have and keep a healthly penis, you get good erections and you thus keep the sex drive up too. If I read the averages on having sex at my age, I think I would die! So, the best thing is keep doing Penis Enlargement. Older guys are having great success and younger guys are seeing those good hard erections. Another thought I have is when you don't have the erections, the erectile tissue which is fed by blood, doesn't swell, and thus shrinks and shrinks. The shrinkage in older men is simply because the penis doesn't have those good erections. When we do Penis Enlargement, we keep the tissue alive, vibrant and elastic. AFTERTHESHOCK, the bend you have probably isn't peyronies, but just a bend as you say from the putting your penis on one side all the time. Try the other side. I do but don't like it. Seems that pants are made with more fabric on one side, the left. Putting it on the right, feels odd! :) If you have real peyronies, you usually get a severe angle bend, of up to 90 degrees or/and you get a hard crusty plaque under the skin around the tunica. You will see a weakness in the Tunica that will almost let you "fold" your penis. Many times Peyronies is caused form trying to have intercourse with a half hard on! It won't get really rock hard, cause you have a clogged up system, no blood flowoing through. So, you try and push in for intercourse and it bends, and acually breaks the tunica. Not a good thing. GS
Ok,well if my curve isn't from peyronies then maybe mine won't be as hard to fix .Its funny that you mention the fabric thing ,a member at my other site had said the same thing in a post there ,at the time i just let that tidbit go ....but you bringing this up has made me think back to that post i guess there is more fabric on the left than the right side of jeans

I had (read: not anymore) not a bend but a slide twist to the left. This means when fully erect the cross section of my dick is oval shaped and the right CC was higher then the left one if seen from the front (hope that's understandable).
I was carrying always left too until 1/2year ago, I read a thread on Penis Enlargementforums(I think) about this problem and somebody fixing it with changing parking position.
Since then I carried and still do so right and the twist dissapeared almost completely.
Plus the right side gives a bigger bulge ;)

Hey pole glad you got rid of your curve......and to the right gives a bigger buldge ;) :D ...well look out right side for me now cause we all know ....BIGGER IS BETTER
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Plus the right side gives a bigger bulge

This is probably due to the fact that there is less material on that side, huh?


I have the same thing as ATS. I also let it go to the left. Parking on the right helps huh? OK, new parkind position. Someone put up a sign.

Originally posted by German Stallion
Penis Enlargement is the greatest thing that you can do to keep the penis in shape. Pushing blood into it daily and working it to make it strong, as well as working the PC muscle.... Keep your penis in shape. ....GS

This is the truth, man.

I've been pe'ing since April and I can't tell you how much more full and strong my cock is. I'm fifty years old but you would honestly never know it. If you look at the majority of men fifty and older, and at my gym there's a good number of us, it's depressing. They're hanging these dark shriveled shreds of manhood surrounded by wiry, scrawny bush, I mean, who wants that in their face? These guy's wives probably haven't touched their dicks in years, and who can blame them?

It's kind of sad because men don't know they can do anything about it, and it sets a really bad example for younger men who then wrongly assume that aging is as bad as dying.

My point is, along with a healthy training program and diet, pe will definitely improve your self-esteem, your attitude toward life, and increase your sexual health.

Thanks for this post, GS, you've really hit on something that goes beyond Peyronie's.

thanks and keep encourging others to do the same. I am a member of several forums where the peyronies is taking its toll and the men refuse, absolutely refuse to listen. They would rather cry and pout than do something about what is happening to them. Keep the blood doing it's thing. Dewy, you are right too, it is more than peyronies, it is keeping in shape. I too, at 62 see some of the most pitiful penis's on men. Whew, if they only knew what they could do. I have an erection that slaps my stomoch and stays hard as long as I want, mostly because of the exercises. The DLD testicle exam is also a great stimulant and keeps the testrosone going! Try those erect twists, they are awesome and have really given me a fuller and more excitable erection. GS

I'm ready to start a 50+ club.

There is a wealth of information available to men who just can't be bothered or, more likely, have been socially conditioned to ignore this aspect of their overall health due to guilt and shame: it's evident even in these forums.

Thanks for the words.
Also I saw a article in Life Enhancement magazine where acetyl-l-carnitine significantly helped Peyronies.

They have a website.
For me...I became sexually aware at about age 7...I did not start to masturbate untill I was about 10.

I can always remember my penis being straight up untill the time I started masturbating! I think IMO... due to the combination of me masturbating with my left hand and making my penis more engorged with blood that just got stuck that way...So the fix seems obvios...just Penis Enlargement more or masturbate with my right hand.

I am only 6 days into Penis Enlargementing. I will let you know in a few month if there's any changes in my peyronies.
Hey Dewey...good idea. I wish someone had told me years ago about keeping in shape with the ole penis. I am afraid that most of the peyronies problems would not be if men kept their penis is shape. Also, there is a very good chance that physically we would be better off too, because it keeps the testosterone going. Giving a good testicular massage does wonders for the system. At 62 plus years, I keep the average high! Sex when you get older is awesome and can be and with me, is better than when younger. Penis Enlargement has put life back into my life! While I wish I had not gotten peyronies, and had not had to go through the whole routine of getting over the bend, I am glad for the support from DLD, the rest of the guys on this board and many others who have supported me through the past 5 years. If you are reading this post and think that age is a factor that keeps you from being sexually active, get on with and aggressive Penis Enlargement program. I try and encourage some of the guys on other forums and other support groups to get into a good program and all I hear is a bunch of whiners. Please don't get me wrong, I know it is a traumatic thing to have your Penis, your manhood as it were, bend or not function. So, get it fixed! Do some exercises. There are more people out there who say, don't jelq, you might hurt your penis. When it don't work, what can you do to hurt it??? Seriously, go slow and work hard and your will have great success. GS
Alter und Geschlecht sind zwei meiner Lieblingsthemen. Ich habe
einen Freund, der f*ºr vermutlich 55 seiner 65 Risse gesurft hat. Er hat
sehr starke Beine. Er hat auch ein gesundes Masturbationprogramm,
das viel wie mein nat*ºrliches p.e. Programm ist. Seine aufrichtbare
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help i have peyronies i need too know what i can do to help get myself back to being hard again diabites cause mine please help
Hi BigJohn, You need to tell me what your conditon is and I will do my best to help you get through this. First, I need to know if you have any plaque? Do you have sever bending? You can PM me or do this via this forum. I have a lot of ideas and questions but you can survive. Tell me your age too. How long have you had this. GS
hi german stallion yes i have plaque ive had it for at lest two and a half years its been worst the last yr and a half cant keep it up. hope you can help me
I had (read: not anymore) not a bend but a slide twist to the left. This means when fully erect the cross section of my dick is oval shaped and the right CC was higher then the left one if seen from the front (hope that's understandable).

Hi pole. I have the same problem you used to have and was having a little trouble understanding this. Are you looking at it as in someone standing in front of you and looking at your penis straight on OR looking at it from your perspective (straight down)? The right side of my dick is higher (when i look down), so which side would i place it on? thanks
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