16 Years Of Inner Penis Research


Jan 1, 2024
I was a member here many years ago. I made some newbie gains but then got a thrombosed vein and some other minor injuries which scared me off PE.

I ended up looking in other areas to improve my body, and started doing Yoga nearly 17 years ago. I took it seriously and ended up on a 3 month course to become a teacher.

However, despite feeling great after all the Yoga, I also felt really shaky, like I'd built up too much energy and my nervous system couldn't handle it. And then, one day, looking in the mirror, I saw what I thought was the cause - I had loads of tension in my head, and the Yoga hadn't really released any of it compared to what it had done in the rest of my body.

And I figured that since my head was sitting on top of my body, the tension in my head (which was exaggerated due to having had 4 teeth removed for braces as a teenager) might be causing a domino-like effect of tension down my body. And that tension was likely causing me to be ungrounded, and that was likely why I felt so shaky.

That night I stood on the Yoga Deck, and prayed "Please Universe, show me how to get grounded". And I felt an energy move up through my feet, and it went to my right arm and moved it in a Figure 8 motion. I felt a release of tension and figured if I could do the same in my head, I might be able to release some of the tension there.

So I started moving my neck in a Figure 8 motion like I had my arm, and I could feel like it was 'unknitting' some tension (I think from the muscle fascia), and then suddenly I got a release and there was a loud cracking sound in the centre of my head. Probably like a chiropractor shifts the spine, but I've never been to a chiropractor. It felt amazing and was like there was space created in my head. And I felt a relaxation moving down my body.

I kept playing with moving different parts of my body in Figure 8s and seemed to be releasing tension. But then disaster struck, and I suddenly experienced erectile dysfunction. But I thought "maybe I could move my dick in the Figure 8s" and started unwinding it in that pattern, holding the head. And sure enough, after a few hours of this, my erections returned. But there was a surprise - I'd noticeably grown a tiny bit bigger.

And I hadn't put any pressure on the penile tissue, it was all very gentle movement with no squeezing or stretching. So I knew that the increased size had to have come from inside me. Thus, I felt around behind my balls and found the 'root' of my penis going all the way back to near the start of my bottom. I roughly measured it and figured there was another 4 or so inches there. And I wondered - could this root be released to the outside?

So I kept playing with the Figure 8s, and kept giving myself erectile dysfunction. But I'd release it with the Figure 8s and it would sometimes grow a bit bigger. It was like I was accidentally releasing some of the Inner penis and I didn't know for sure what I was doing. I tried all sorts of other techniques too over the next few years. Different stances and different ways of breathing and moving different parts of my body in all sorts of patterns. Often I'd wind myself up in knots though, and have to spend weeks or even months undoing the damage.

But in the last few years I've started making bigger breakthroughs. I discovered there were 2 ways I could release new tissue into the penis - 1. The Figure 8s way focusing on the base of the penis and 2. A technique like soft, dry jelqing where the hand doesn't slide along the penis but grabs the base and squeezes and pushes down to push the tissue towards the end of the penis.

And the other breakthrough is that in an effort to open up my body more, I started making hypnotic loops of music which seemed to connect to the chakras and help with the release of tension.

So the pattern is still like it was - release tension by aligning the body, and either work the released tissue into the penis from the base or unwind the tissue from the base using the Figure 8s motion.

But the catch is that I can do the body alignment technique if I listen to the music first. It's like it activates the life force energy (Kundalini in Yoga) and allows the realignment. And then I can either unwind a bit more or squeeze a bit more down into the penis.

I appreciate this sounds crazy, and anyone I've ever tried to share it with thinks I'm completely nuts, but I know DLD has talked about expressive stretching and getting the inner penis out, so this may be one of the few places in the world where people don't actually think I've lost my mind. I also remember him talking about Alpha Blade, which as far as I know was about working on the rest of the body to facilitate PE.

I'm now convinced that every man has a �naked people movies� star penis stuck inside him - some of it wound up in the root that goes into the body and the rest as soft tissue in the groin area surrounding the penis. The biggest �naked people movies� stars have very consistent body shapes - straight posture, pretty flat asses, mostly flat bellies. Whereas regular guys are visibly much more out of alignment.

And in the �naked people movies� scenes where the camera is behind the guy's ass, it's visible that the biggest guys basically don't have any inner penis - it's all on the outside and their outer penis stretches back to the start of the ass.

So far, I estimate that my volume is around 60% bigger than when I started but is still way below my full potential. And that can't be achieved without perfect body alignment - effectively changing the body shape to the shape seen on lots of the �naked people movies� stars. That includes releasing a lot of tension from the head through gently expanding it from the inside out as part of the alignment technique.

This has been a lonely journey, so if anyone is interested in experimenting with this, I'll happily share the techniques and music with you.
Standard Anatomy Picture:
Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 17.31.07.png

What the biggest �naked people movies� stars look like from behind, showing the outer penis going all the way back to the ass, and the bulb of the penis showing behind the balls. This is an actual screenshot from a �naked people movies� video, but converted to a drawing so I'm not posting �naked people movies� here. The biggest �naked people movies� stars consistently look like this:

Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 17.33.28.png

The standard �naked people movies� star body shape:

Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 17.38.01.png
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you are not crazy, we all respond differently to certain stimulus, and everything is possible, now someone can say music just relax ur mind and so ur body and as that does happen, or indeed as do with energy stuff, but dont take your believes as being crazy, if works for you and makes you feel better, dont let people who judge it see u differently, now ofc is good keep mind open to all perspectives that others have to bring to the table if they constructive enought and not judgmental much. About the penis part behind ur balls, yes i believe same that such part is workable, never tried work it much but indeed im aware of the possibility of maybe focus that area and get some extra gains going. If you wanna share more insights about, maybe even a video guide since is more visual understanding of the practice would be informational helpful, always good see each types of routines and them achievements on that,
i was thinking other day about the transversal abdominal correlation with the pelvic floor aswell, maybe theres something there to look at, i believe mine is weak due to low part of my body having like visible extra belly there, that i always assumed as fat storage in my body preferable choise, but can be that, if so, and i can tight it in, will at least give a more visual effect on dick size. Our body indeed as a lot of hidden stuff that if we unlock with our minds we can see great things, Horse stance being other thing to look at.
Thanks for the reply, yes I've thought about the part of the lower abs too. You know how guys who work out in the gym and have abs like this:

Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 18.19.25.png

�naked people movies� stars never look like this, so I reckon that a decent amount of the tissue in that area can be released into the penis.

I'll work on putting a video together - am I allowed upload video of penis exercises here though?
it's visible that the biggest guys basically don't have any inner penis
This is not correct according to the anatomy. The inner penis is a structure inside your body, if they wouldn't have an inner penis they would not be able to have an erection.

The inner penis is there to support a strong and solid erection. No inner penis = no erected penis that you can use for sexual intercourse.

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This is not correct according to the anatomy. The inner penis is a structure inside your body, if they wouldn't have an inner penis they would not be able to have an erection.

The inner penis is there to support a strong and solid erection. No inner penis = no erected penis that you can use for sexual intercourse.

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Did you see the pic of the �naked people movies� star I posted above? (First pic in 2nd post). He doesn't look like he has an inner penis, does he? Part of the theory is that as the inner penis releases to the outside, the pelvis straightens, so the required erection angle is less than when the pelvis was tilted back.
This is not correct according to the anatomy. The inner penis is a structure inside your body, if they wouldn't have an inner penis they would not be able to have an erection.

The inner penis is there to support a strong and solid erection. No inner penis = no erected penis that you can use for sexual intercourse.

View media item 1415

This is __________. He doesn't seem to have much inner penis? You can see the bulb of his penis protruding right in front of the bottom, and the bulb is usually buried inside in the anatomy pictures.

Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 19.19.55.png
__________, that as a size that i would like get, not sure realistically achievable but shall see once get myself in PE for real, has a good amount of abs i would say, not gym sized because doubt he goes gym and many that go gym are in some kind of enhancement gear making them look bigger and shredder in a way. But i do believe that core control as a all can make u control ur inner dick, lets say vacum exercices, they do pull all up, and kegels by themselves have different muscles in it. The levator anu muscle and the perineal muscles are important components of the pelvic floor. The perineal muscles comprise the external anal sphincter, bulbospongiosus, superficial transverse perineal muscles, and ischiocavernosus. All about mind musucle connection and body self awareness i would say.
__________ body:
Reference to this picure.

Everyone looks like that.
Penis Enlargement works by inducing cell division, and not by pulling out anatomy structures from your body.

"Pulling out the inner penis" is just something we say, and it's an analogy to what we are doing. It's a mind hack if you will, when we are performing expressive stretches. It can help us mentally when we are new to PE to implement reverse kegels when we are stretching. It can take a while to learn how to relax fully into the stretch.

You should read up on why we have an inner penis, I explain that shortly in post #8. Also the inner penis is many diffrent tissues/structures like, PC muscles and ligaments... It depends how you look at it. Something is growing, but you are simply not pulling out your inner structure (inner pens) to the outside of your body. That is not happening.

Also you can't see the inner penis by looking outside on a body. The inner penis is inside the body.
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