1. L

    Penis Health Penis size is great. But the libido .... I need to find ways to boost my libido

    You know, getting that special tickle / ache in the groin region. I'm pushing 62, so maybe a factor, but guys keep strong interest into their 70s. I have that interest as well, but I gotta intensify that "tingle" down below. Suggestions, advice? Dietary, supplementary, exercises, etc.?
  2. J

    Penis nerve damage from chemical peel?

    I used a penis pump and my penis became very discolored. I used a tca chemical peel on my penis to try and remove some of the discoloration. I did the peel in January 2018, so its been 5 months and I still have loss of feeling and cannot maintain erection during intercourse. is this...
  3. D


    How do people maintain erections for girth work without turning to �naked people movies�. I just can't stay up 30. Minutes with no stimulation.
  4. M

    long lasting hard erections increase size?

    just a quick question, is there any truth in long erections increasing size by keeping a higher amount of blood in for a prolonged period of time? i'm fortune enough to have rock hard erections that can last a long time if i wanted without any real stimulation and i do this a lot, could my penis...
  5. S

    Here we go!

    I've been doing PE off/on since 2011 and, naturally, as a member of MoS I;ve always been aware of Titan Pills. Why now, you may ask? Two weeks ago I made a decision to stop watching �naked people movies� after realizing how it interfered with my natural sex drive. It never hit my mind that it's not normal to...
  6. D

    Ms.Dreadman says hello

    Hello So I've always been open with my wife about PE . I'm 7 so she has always told me I don't need it but she understands why i do t . I often am on the forum with her around . One day while messing around she saw the women's influence page and wanted to say hello to you guys . So here we...
  7. B

    Took Cialis, still went limp... help

    Yesterday I knew I was finally going to get laid for the first time by the chick I have been seeingso I took 20mg generic cialis 2 hours before she was to come over. First with a condom I went limp immediatelt after I put it on so I pleasured her via oral clit stimulation and G-spot stimulation...
  8. P

    Premature Ejaculation Journey

    I'm Lasting 10sec to 2minutes. Frustrated. Any help and guidance is appreciated. 20min edging and reverse kegel. -PONR at the end. Will do a better job focusing On not nutting.
  9. DLD

    What do you consider �naked people movies�?

    What do you consider �naked people movies�? I know there are different levels but where does it go from innocent sexy to �naked people movies�. I think clothed dancing video or beach videos with consenting adults is where I draw the line. I was edging tonight and I looked at clothes women 'twerking' whatever that is. This...
  10. S

    Odd question for experts

    I'm not masturbating for now, is there a way to gain girth without doing erect exercises? Just wondering
  11. J

    kegels caused PE?

    Hello guys, so I been on the forum for a while due to an eq problem (mostly problems maintaining the erection without stimulation) and I have been doing changes in my life, the first and most important is that I been off �naked people movies� for a couple of weeks now, I been doing cardio again, eating...
  12. J

    Help please! Increase angle, stronger erections/better EQ.

    I want to give some stats about myself first just in case it can help, Im 23, Im getting back into my sports routine after a lazy-off year, I never tried PE and Im not interested in getting my member any longer Im happy with my size but I do want and need better eq, Im starting to eat cleaner...
  13. J

    I need help with EQ and KEGELS please

    I'm 23, testosterone levels are right, health overall right, and I need help, my first question is about the EQ quality and the second on how to improve my kegels skills, Im happy with my natural size and currently not looking to improve this. I apologize if in any moment I show some kind of...
  14. J

    EQ and kegels, help please

    I'm 23, testosterone levels are right, health overall right, and I need help, my first question is about the EQ quality and the second on how to improve my kegels skills, Im happy with my natural size and currently not looking to improve this. I apologize if in any moment I show some kind of...
  15. C

    Having some issues with comfort

    When I do manual stretches I can only get a semi comfortable grip at best. I have been using baby powder but I'm still crushing and causing light abrasions to my glans during some stretches. After watching the member videos I decided to try some TP instead and again the same issue. I am...
  16. C

    Forced to take a break

    Hi guys, I need to have two operations in June and because of that my arms are pretty much useless for 1 or even 1,5 months, so that means no PE for me <:( What can I do to keep my status quo and minimize the losses I could face during that downtime?
  17. DLD

    10 Ways to Fight �naked people movies�

    10 Ways to Fight �naked people movies� A recent study asked a group of kids how often their peers look at �naked people movies� online. They responded that it was often. The study also asked what parental controls were in place on their devices, and almost all said none — because their parents trusted them. These...
  18. DLD

    BathMate/Fleshlight Training. Stay hard in the tube and no more pre-mature ejac!

    Many people do not know that the Fleshlight is a very effective method of using your BathMate with greater arousal. This may take a slightly bigger BathMate if you are already tight in the one you have but if you have room, inserting a FleshLight will allow for a realistic feel of sex, keeping...
  19. J

    Trouble getting aroused for Bathmate use

    So... I can't get boners to use the bathmate. I can get hard-ons normally if I'm with a girl or if I'm going to masturbate, but I can't get aroused at all to even get a little hard to use the bathmate with a lil chub. This is probably amplified by the fact that I have never enjoyed bating-it in...
  20. X

    Significant growth, but only for crazy people.

    Hey guys, I wasn't even gonna make an account or post here, but I realized that was being selfish. So I'm going to share some info with you guys about my progress... of 3 weeks. I've gained .5 in length and .75 in girth in those 3 weeks. Currently at 7.6 length and 5.75 mid shaft girth. Also I'm...
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