1. H

    Does PE really work?

    I’m sure this has been asked countless times. It’s extremely difficult to find a legitimate and substantial before and after photographs. It’s also very difficult to find scientific studies. It’s also hard to get unclouded clear concise answers to this specific question. I’ve been experimenting...
  2. B

    Super kamagra

    Has anyone any experience with super kamagra also known as p- force ? It's a exactly like any other happy pill except it's combined with an ejaculation inhibitor. I ordered 8 last week to test them out but I'd like to to know if anyone has a verdict on them.
  3. B

    100 day challenge

    Hi guys, I am 33 years old and I have been watching porn since I am about 14-15 years old. Since then I am hooked. The only good thing I see about porn is that it can give us some good ideas for sexual moves. That's pretty much it. The rest is only negative. I believe porn is bad for many...
  4. T

    Newbie help!

    So I started Jelqing and stretching for 2 weeks and got the greatest eq I've had in years and also I didn't masturbate and my flaccid hang was amazing until I went on an all out jerk sesh and my flaccid shrunk up so I thought I hurt myself so I took a few weeks off and now my EQ is back to the...
  5. B

    tightness pelvic floor muscle

    Hi all, I have not been on this site for a while as I has been doing alot of research to find out of the actual condition what I have got. I have found out that the overall problems I have got is actually a pelvic floor muscle issues which caused the pain in my stomach, back pain, urgent to...
  6. DLD

    Masturbation DOES NOT effect testosterone levels. Incredible Study!

    One of the more frequently asked questions I get is around the topic of ejaculation and testosterone is;Does masturbation increase or decrease testosterone levels? That’s a valid question since the internet seems to be loaded on opinions about the topic. Obviously, it makes a lot of sense that...
  7. DLD

    "Mind Reboot" We need to stop trying! We need to make a choice!

    "Mind Reboot" What could this mean? I have come to the conclusion that the reason I relapse into porn is because I leave a door open to return to the action. In this challenge I have always tried to stop but I never chose to stop. Let me make a contrast here; When I quit smoking I made a...
  8. R

    Dark purple veins and erectile dysfunction from cock ring?

    I have been using a cock ring for around 12 years with no problems. This year though for some reason I started to suffer from erectile dysfunction and ugly thin dark purple veins on my penis and scrotum. It seems as though this is probably from using a cock ring around my penis and scrotum...
  9. B

    uncircumcised penis

    Hi all, I need your help. I think I might have a uncircumcised penis as I get my foreskin all over my glans after I have stretched my penis too hard used with sizegenetics extender. I have been told that I could have a tight pelvic floor muscle which cause the hard flaccid. How do I know...
  10. B

    Sizegenetics size and other questions for DLD

    Hi DLD, I need your advice, I have been used sizegenetics in most everyday and my penis looks a bit bigger than I have ever been before. I don't have anymore turlting when I have used the sizegenetics. My balls have hanging down alot and it has made my penis looks a bit bigger. It have make me...
  11. the boss!

    Automatic Nocturnal and Morning Erections on REM Sleep

    PART I Night and morning erections are involuntary. Nighttime erections happen in the REM Deep Sleep Phase: Rapid Eye Movements; Which is the phase of rapid eye movements under the eyelids that happen during deep sleep and when the brain is very active while we sleep. This REM phase...
  12. orgasmic19

    Porn and Edging?

    Hey, guys I know the negative effects porn has such as ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and many more negative effects, but I recently been edging to porn on my rest days. I recently stopped edging because of PE, but this past weekend I have been edging my socks to pornographic material. I know of guys...
  13. eugine8plz

    Help! Fluid retention!

    Just started using the PMP and one day I didn't notice but it started to slip of a little bit when i was using it and now on the bottom left side of my glans there is a little hard bump. I don't think that it is a thrombosis vein because it is way too small but I do believe that it is either a...
  14. B

    varicocele and cremaster muscle issue

    Hi guys, I need your advice as I don't know what I would need to do. Yesterday I went to see the consultant urology at the top hospital in London. I have discussed to him about the swelling in my scrotal sack. I have had a checked over and he said that he don't know why my scrotal sack got...
  15. S

    Erectile Dysfunction

    Hey, I haven't posted in a long time guys as I basically gave up due to a lack of results. But I'm back to ask a question. It"s important to know that I am not trying to put blame on PE for this, I am merely trying to understand. I've been as impotent as can be since March (roughly when I...
  16. stillwantmore

    My Podcast "Adventures With My Penis" Is Live

    Podcast submitted to iTunes for review. iTunes: Approved and live soon. Searchable in the next couple days. Link in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/...t/id1131347850 Google Play Music: Approved me as well. I will update with that link when available. Stitcher: Approved ...
  17. habban

    Penis suddenly thinner when erect

    Hello! Is there a reason why it is like the penis get thinner and tight when erect? Sometimes or often when i'm 50% or above, like when it's plumpy & thicker than flaccid, but not erect or hard it is usually thicker and sexier than erection. Then when i starts to reach erection it shrinks on...
  18. habban

    Hard & Cold Flaccid

    Hello! I recently got a cold & hard flaccid. It's like my penis isn't relaxed. And i can feel my penis without touching it, it's an annoying feeling. Is there any good info about this that can help me? It's like my penis has really bad circulation. I will defenitly take a longer break now. Is...
  19. habban

    Bathmate ordered!

    Hello! So i recently ordered a bathmate and i hope i will be able to give it positive feedback. The things i will do with the device is bathmate hardcore stretches for length & work my way up to the 5x5x3 routine. But i have recently started to doubt the Slow Squash Jelqs. I don't get any...
  20. Mlathem

    Your brain on Porn- its effects on the penis

    Hey guys, Dld asked if i had any information on this subject so here it is. I have read through some interesting articles on Porn and its effects on your brain and ultimately your penis. Here is a great site that explains a whole lot. If you constantly look at porn and have some erectile issue i...

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