Is SG and similar devices obsolete compared to Phallosan/other tugger devices?

    i mean the SG just seems obsolete and impractical because of the bulkiness, the rods, too mechanical and limited compared to something like the Phallosan and other tugging devices which are not only more practical but have much more pulling strength and length am i wrong? honestly the SG just...
  2. W

    Is there any hope ?

    So I became a member and I saw the stretches that need to be done manually and yea. Basically I feel hopeless because I cant do them. I am posting this for anyone who might be in the same boat and is embarrassed to ask. The reason I say those stretches don't work for me is because I am too small...
  3. bandit2010

    back at last

    hey all took a break from the forum, had some health issues in the family, the girlfriend had to have a galbladder removed, and then we had this hurricane, and was with out power for a week, been busy with work, finally got a moment to drop in and say hey. still on my routine, havent checked my...
  4. M

    I was thinking and

    I realise I.do 1:30 of.Manuel newbie stretch 30min.each set lol I.do.about 2min every angle.lol
  5. Q

    Help with frenulum question

    Hello everybody, I am new here but I spent a lot of time last week browsing through the forum , reading a lot of threads related to my problem but I am still puzzled by a few questions. First , I am 21 , I have no sexual or health related problems , normal sex life. One thing that is...
  6. M

    yes or no

    I'm.bout to.hit 7inch if I.stop there will.I.keep.that forever n not.lose any
  7. L

    My first questions after starting PE

    Hi, this is my first post. I've been reading a little bit on the forum and I'm very excited to start PE. I have a few questions: I'm a student and live together with three friends, when not with them I'm usually with mye girlfriend, but i don't intend on telling any of them that I've started...
  8. P

    Dr. Victor Loria

    I saw a video on Dr. Loria's website about his PlATINUM Procedure. It's basically a non invasive girth enhancement procedure that involves "filler injections." Although the idea of having a lower risk (than surgery) for girth enhancement is appealing, he lost me was when he recommended...
  9. boohoohoo

    Is Jelqing the Missing Key?

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to point out something I noticed. Every single person that I have read about that has gained 2 or more inches in length has done some routine that incorporates jelqing plus other things. Now I am not saying jelqing alone did or could get those kind of results, but...
  10. habban

    A lot of freetime and motivation!

    Hello! I saw in a video on youtube where DLD attended and talked about PE. I think he said something about that he was just leaving his appartment under few circumstances and was focusing solely on Penis enlargement and this was possible the reason of his massive gains. I find this very...
  11. kynodesme

    Foreskin tugging and restoration using a KYNODESME

    I have been using a Kynodesme for the last three years under my clothing most of the day and find it to be very effective.
  12. habban

    Sometimes i don't believe

    Hello! Sometimes i don' trust penis enlargement and always have those thoughts randomly. Especially when it comes to stretching for length. Somehow i don't think it's 100% legit. I imagine the skin creeps is making what we think is length gains. But it really isn't legit length gains. Can...
  13. Simyan

    Gains to Report! Hilarious story!

    I have here a hilarious story which I must share with you. I'll keep it short and sweet. So a few weeks ago, I matched with a chick on tinder. Spoke a little dirty on the old whatsapp but have yet to meet her. Out of the blue though, I sent her a message today to see how she is doing and to...
  14. K

    Can hardcore heavy hanging lead to length and uniform girth gains?

    Hey fellas. I have notice a trend in the hanging world and have asked about it before. I've notice that guys that hang weights and reach weights of 40 pounds and up tend to not only develop length but also total uniform girth as well. Base girth gain is pretty common with hanging but I've...
  15. B

    6.5 length and 6.5 girth. Too much girth??

    I have a new goal in mind but was wondering if the dimensions are a little awkward. I am 6 inches in length 6.25 on a good day. I know I can hit 6.5 length with manual stretching and maybe 7 in the future. My girth is increasing alot as I have been putting alot of work doing clamping. Two a day...
  16. D

    How to use extenders?

    I just bought an extender and am wondering how are you supposed to use an extender, do you stretch past your erect length? And if so past bone pressed erect or non bone pressed erect? Any other information would be appreciated thanks.
  17. givemegirth

    PE after Vasectomy

    I am creating this thread because there simply is no information on what PE is like after a vasectomy. I will be tracking my experiences here using bathmate, sg, stealth for men and manual stretches. This will hopefully be helpful to anyone in the future that makes the decision to get snipped...
  18. L

    OK (Length Routine)

    Warm up: Flaccid, low pressure bathmate session. 15 minutes. Very hard kegals to exhaust pelvic floor muscles as much as possible during warm up. Stretching routine: Using a full fist grip, pull straight out and reverse kegal for ten seconds. Hold fist straight out and pull upward with force...
  19. M

    How to kegel correctly?

    After reading about kegel and I found out that it is important to include it into all PE routine. I still have doubt doing kegel and I am unsure if I am doing it the right way. The way I kegel is like the way I stop my urinate. My balls also tug back a little when I do this. Am I doing it...
  20. I

    Stop or keep going?

    I think I got one of those dreaded "cord" like whatever it is when I'm stretched out in the VLC or in the SG. It goes from the base of the glands all the way down the top of my shaft just a little to the left. It's definitely more prominent when I'm stretched and I can actually pluck it like you...