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Thanks for the reply, yes I've thought about the part of the lower abs too. You know how guys who work out in the gym and have abs like this:

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�naked people movies� stars never look like this, so I reckon that a decent amount of the tissue in that area can be released into the penis.

I'll work on putting a video together - am I allowed upload video of penis exercises here though?
I would kill to have abs like that.
What is the best way for a lazy person?

And what do you recommend yourself?
There are no lazy methods to get a big penis.
But you can do it efficiently so you optimize your progression (and save time) for maximum gains...so how do you do that?

You find the answers in this list:
Ok, apologies for the delay. I thought I had it all figured out a few months ago, but definitely do now.

For the head release to work like in the video - you need to listen to the meditation music first to activate the energy needed for the head release.

I make the music fresh for every day and today's is below (115. Wed 15th May 2024).mp3 .

To feel the release into the penis - try doing the exercise standing up with your feet around 6 inches apart (the way you stand naturally with your feet under your hips).

When you do the head release at the temples, you'll feel some tissue release down around the pubic bone and a movement of energy into the groin, and when you do it at the back of the head, the release is focused around the bottom.

If you trace the root of your penis all the way back to your bottom, you'll see how much potential you have.

It takes a lot of releases, but each release feels amazing and transforms the whole body.

Let me know if you have any questions


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