1. Avglen61

    How Often To Masturbate?

    I wanted to ask these questions for a very long time.... HOW OFTEN TO MASTURBATE? HOW TO KNOW YOU ARE MASTURBATING ENOUGH? WHEN TO STOP MASTURBATING? DOES MASTURBATING AFFECTING MY GAINS? IF SO, HOW? I know these questions are sili......... but I couldn't find a right answer
  2. D

    PE Caused ED - Urgent Help Needed

    Hey all, So I'm in a crappy situation. I have what I believe to be a serious case of ED, caused by PE. Symptoms: - Light Spasm in my penis throughout the day. I tried going to bed without pants on last night, and my member spasmed for quite a while. - Extreme difficulty obtaining an erection -...
  3. P

    Going back out there... a story or two

    Hello all, I have a few stories for any that are bored enough to read. I also share in hopes to help any others in a position similar to mine and to provide a window into another angle of life for those who are not. First of all, I was in a relationship with a much older woman for 11 or...
  4. J

    Penis nerve damage from chemical peel?

    I used a penis pump and my penis became very discolored. I used a tca chemical peel on my penis to try and remove some of the discoloration. I did the peel in January 2018, so its been 5 months and I still have loss of feeling and cannot maintain erection during intercourse. is this...
  5. M

    I need help for only Length program please

    Hello. Before i start with questions, let me introduce myself: Age: 21 Experience: I have done 1-2 weeks of Side-to-Side stretches and Squeezing Goal: Length My measurementes: Flacid: Non bone pressed length:7cm Bone pressed length: 10cm Erected: Non bone pressed length: 12cm Bone pressed...
  6. eugine8plz

    Lose erection fast, HELP!!

    Hello brothers, So I have this problem that doesn't allow me to keep a 100% erection during sex. As soon as I start I can keep it for about 1 minutes or so, but then after about 1 minute I start to pre-cum a bit and as soon as I start to pre-cum even just a little bit (the clear stuff that...
  7. S

    Help me. Low EQ and about to quit

    Hey guys I really need your help. I started doing pe consistently since August 1st and I'm having a big problem with my EQ to a point where I'm thinking about stopping all PE work. When I first startred, I had crazy morning wood, had erections almost all day lol and my EQ was high, like 110% and...
  8. L

    Masturbation and PE

    Hello everybody I started PE before 2 weeks, when i jelq i get horny and there are times that i start masturbating because of this, is there risk when i masturbate and do PE or should i stop masturbation?
  9. P

    Premature Ejaculation Journey

    I'm Lasting 10sec to 2minutes. Frustrated. Any help and guidance is appreciated. 20min edging and reverse kegel. -PONR at the end. Will do a better job focusing On not nutting.
  10. jekyllnhyde360

    This article should prove- Why you're lucky you found MOS

    In case you've ever been with a girl and wondered, ''hhhmmm, has she ever talked about our sex life or my dick to her friends,'' the answer is she has. If you have a big dick, her friends know, if you have a small dick, her friends and every broad you guys know, knows...
  11. T

    Newbie help!

    So I started Jelqing and stretching for 2 weeks and got the greatest eq I've had in years and also I didn't masturbate and my flaccid hang was amazing until I went on an all out jerk sesh and my flaccid shrunk up so I thought I hurt myself so I took a few weeks off and now my EQ is back to the...
  12. orgasmic19

    DLD's Newbie Routine help?

    Okay, guys I am starting DLD's Newbie Routine tomorrow and need some beginners advice. I am not really new to PE, but I would like to start off with a beginners mindset. One of the reasons I believe I did not gain in the past is because I was pulling to hard from the beginning with too much...
  13. R

    Top of Penis Only Shows Growth?!?

    Hello, I've been PE'ing on and off for over 10 years with positive results. I've noticed however that all my gains in length came on the top side of the penis as opposed to the bottom side (scrotum to glands). Is this normal? I noticed while viewing from the side it's very evident...
  14. S

    Odd question for experts

    I'm not masturbating for now, is there a way to gain girth without doing erect exercises? Just wondering
  15. F

    Looking for advice from Pros

    I've been pretty consistent for a month or so, I'm following DLD's first routine and I have already seen minmal but noticeable gains in both length and girth. I'm in good shape and workout most of the days, lifting,doing cardio and diet is as clean as possible, however I need to have some things...
  16. IAmSpartacus71

    Back to PE, break over

    I thought my break will be longer but I missed PE and want to gain more. New short term goal: 7.5x5.5 My routine (5 times a week): -Warm up -Double squeeze (this exercise: for 20 minutes, 10 seconds squeezes. -Masturbation to...
  17. B

    jelqing lube

    What is everyone using for lube when they do jelqs I have been using astroglide, or vasaline is there anything better I can use.
  18. A

    Starting PE exercises

    Hello, I am starting PE exercises. So far I have been doing 100 Jelqs a day with a stretching session shortly after. Doing 100 V- Stretches (flaccid penis of course) I have noticed flacid penis gains, and a little bit of thickness gains. I have been doing it for a month. My problem is I...
  19. DLD

    The 90 day 2021 No Masturbation Challenge

    [Invalid link deleted.] I recall DLD did well! :) arkailija
  20. J

    kegels caused PE?

    Hello guys, so I been on the forum for a while due to an eq problem (mostly problems maintaining the erection without stimulation) and I have been doing changes in my life, the first and most important is that I been off ���� for a couple of weeks now, I been doing cardio again, eating...
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