1. H

    Can "over training" cause shrinkage?

    I've noticed on days that I get a full 25 minutes or more of stretching in, that even after using a silisleeve or UJ wrap, I end up smaller. Typically the next day everything returns to normal. Am I missing something obvious? Am I over training?
  2. P

    I need something that I can wear after my Phallosan to stay elongated.

    So I started training again, I am in my second week with the Phallosan currently wearing it for five hours straight mid-green strength, and I am going to work my way up to 10 hours. However I have been noticing that when I am not wearing the device and my penis is flaccid without it it...
  3. jekyllnhyde360

    Hanging flaccid from hanging

    Coming to this conclusion, as someone who has NEVER been a shower (always have shrinkage actually.) I've been noticing that after heavy sets (30 +lbs,) i regularly have a good flaccid hang.
  4. B

    Girth Fluctuations - Normal

    Does Anybody Else Have girth Fluctuations and is it Normal? My Main Exercise is Clamping and Clamped Bends with a Random day every week using the Bathmate XX40 and Once every two weeks I will hang. I have been measuring every Week for the Past couple of Months and consecutively I am pretty...
  5. K

    Nude Beach

    So the first time I went I didn't get nude because the weather was actually horrible. it was raining. Anyway the second time I went I got nude. I brought my dog with me. The problem was I had horrible shrinkage for some reason. I think because I was shy. The experience itself was good. It...
  6. Juhox

    Real medical solution

    Hi brothers! All of you who suffer from Peyronie's disease, I advise to buy natural medicine called serrapeptase. It's an unique enzyme that removes nonliving tissue from body, and therefore that plaque that causes Peyronie's disease will significantly disappear. Additionally, if you or...
  7. DLD

    LengthMaster The LengthMaster is Water-Proof

    I have heard some talk in the forums if the LengthMaster is water proof or not and I wanted to clear this up. The LengthMaster is 100% waterproof. All components, including "supplied" screws are water proof. The screws we use are metal grade stainless so if you replace bolts with something...
  8. savageblue

    Less shrinkage due to PE?

    Hello, everyone. I've been browsing the forum about the occurence of shrinkage during a workout and have come to the conclusion that there is very little one can do about it. The shrinkage of your junk when you workout is a natural response of your body, in order to make your workout more...
  9. B

    Confused on beginner routine.

    Im in a tricky situation right now. Ive been doing a stretching a jelqing routine for about a few weeks and gained .25" by working everyday without rest. I upped stretches by doing two sets of them. I noticed i had shrunk some, but after i would ejaculate i would go back to normal size...
  10. keepingitbig

    BIG HEIGHT, small dick feeling?

    Yo yo. It's keepingitbig. I lurk around every now and then, but I wanted to ask you guys this question. Even though you have a bigger size, does your height make your penis look small? I'm 6'7'' and even though I have a big one, I still KIND of feel small. Like I need to have more size to...
  11. B

    Pelvic floor muscles exercises

    Hi folks, Last month I went to see the urologist regarding to conditions that make my penis and balls that get shrinkage which it make it looks like a baby penis and it make my balls swelling. I have been diagnosed with varicocele and possibly cremaster reflex. I have been advised to do the...
  12. B

    varicocele and cremaster muscle issue

    Hi guys, I need your advice as I don't know what I would need to do. Yesterday I went to see the consultant urology at the top hospital in London. I have discussed to him about the swelling in my scrotal sack. I have had a checked over and he said that he don't know why my scrotal sack got...
  13. F

    Best starter equipment that's not as expensive? Or simple procedures just to start?

    Hi. Um. Ok so I'm kinda starting out. I'm almost completed my course and currently in a position where it doesn't really matter to anyone else, but I'm taking a final kick at working on my weight and improving my body to pretty much what I've wanted to be for a while now. After giving up...
  14. eugine8plz

    Help, lost my gains..

    So I took a while off from PE due to an injury and I am gradually getting back into my routine slowly but surly. I picked up the ruler and decided to measure, I am now back to my starting size of about 6.5-6.75 NBPEL when I was about 7.1 a month ago and I am now back down to 7.25 BPEL when i was...
  15. 1

    Cockring issues. Expansion decreases?

    I lately bought a silicone cockring that is very easy to stretch and seems like it does a good job when it is initially just placed around my penis right after a workout. The problem is i lose the expansion very fast, say about 5 minutes after and then my dick just looks even smaller than my...
  16. L

    How to Avoid Penis Shrinkage(turtling)

    How to stop the penis shrinkage after finishing a session the penis gets shrunk,n seems to be an unavoidable situation,maybe the bloodflow gets "lower" n the penis gets smaller,i was wondering if kegels n no underwear can help the penis to hang lower. cause its not a good thing pulling the...
  17. D

    What now?

    Hi all I've been doing PE (intermittently) for nearly 4 years now. The whole time I've basically alternated between jelqing and stretching routines. I have gained some (not that much) size but now I feel my routines do not have the same effect they once had. (Pretty predict able after a few...
  18. D

    Pc muscle shrinkage?

    Can you over exercise your pc to the point where they actually start to shrink and weaken like when you over workout regular muscles? Because i workout my pc a lot and i noticed my erections are getting weaker.
  19. 1

    HELP! Routine advice from the kings of PE

    Hi, My stats are in my sig i just need some solid advice on a routine i can go forward with and i'm so dedicated my Girlfriend is away for four months so i have the space and time to form a consistent habbit and get the win. So my main problems i've found with PE and me is: Shrinkage-...
  20. givemegirth

    Girth Measurment Question

    I was shooting a video today of my girth. Better than a picture to account for any shrinkage. On a normal day I am easily around 5.6 mid shaft. I put a ring on today for girth and the tape read just over 5.75 mid shaft. This is not from pumping or any girth work. Is my girth considered 5.6...
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