1. H

    Does girth excercise with the bathmate causes peyronies disease?

    Someone in the progress log section just told me that he read somewhere that doing length and girth exercises causes peyronies disease. He said girth exercises in particular causes peyronies disease. My question is, will I face this problem since I'm currently doing a length and girth routine...
  2. BeefyBee

    How much curve is too much curve? (Pic)

    Hey brothers. So, I have always had a curve, I like it, my girl loves it. But as I progress with my PE, I think it may be increasing the curve. Maybe it's in my head, maybe not. But take a look and let me know if you think this is too much curve.
  3. Juhox

    Real medical solution

    Hi brothers! All of you who suffer from Peyronie's disease, I advise to buy natural medicine called serrapeptase. It's an unique enzyme that removes nonliving tissue from body, and therefore that plaque that causes Peyronie's disease will significantly disappear. Additionally, if you or...
  4. D

    Length master / scar tissue

    Hi guys I started a similar thread in peyronies section but nobody seemed to check it Anyways. I have a strip of scar tissue in the right side of my dick. I have tried using extenders but I find them extremely frustrating to use Was wondering if length master would be an effective tool to get...
  5. N

    What penis extender should I buy??

    Hi I've been trying to straighten my upward curved penis for 1 1/2 year without any success. I've used the JES extender & the Size genetics. Anyway I'm in a dilemna about what penis extender to buy out of these 3 : Peyronies device, Andropeyronie extender or the X4 labs Peyronie's edition...
  6. D

    Looking for advice

    Hello. Long time lurker, somewhat long time PE practitioner as wel I am at a bit of a standstill in my PE career. Was Hoping someone knowledgeable could give me some advice. Well first off, at my beginning descent into PE I started with above average length and below average girth. I gained...
  7. kyomoto

    Pros/Cons of Specific Equipment

    Length Equipment- Lengthmaster( Pros: -Can act as a hanger -Can provide more intense stretching than manuals -Comes with ACE wrap and Theraband wrap for wrapping...
  8. GoodLookingNerd

    My Lengthmaster progress thread, w/ VLC and Bathmate

    Hey there brahs! I just ordered my lengthmaster a couple days ago and am super stoked about getting it. I am gonna be posting on this thread and posting my progress. The main routine will be a morning routine w/ the LM and healing all day w/ the VLC then another PM session w/ more LM and...
  9. N

    Will straightening a curved penis make it longer/bigger?

    Hi I have an upward curved penis( it's not a significant curved but it's more than slightly curved) & I'm trying to straighten it cause I want a bigger/longer penis. My penis is 5.5 inches ( I measure along the curve with a flexible measuring tape). So one day I tried measuring it with a...
  10. kyomoto

    Erect hanging

    Do you guys advise or not advise this. I know erections have a range but let's say 80-100% are they bad? Isn't that just expressive stretching? What about 50-75%
  11. Mlathem

    Need help Dld

    Hey man, I still have Peyronies Disease and it is so far progressing. I now have multiple plaques and it gets really irritated even if i try to stretch it or use a VED like german stallion once did. Im not willing to give up. Is there any way you could contact German Stallion and see if he...
  12. Mlathem

    German Stallion

    Is there anyone who can get me in touch with German stallion or who knows how i can contact him? I need help with my Peyronies issue. Thanks
  13. Mlathem

    Did supra ever get cured from Peyronies?

    Hey guys, I know I have not been on for awhile due to me figuring out this peyronies problem but was wondering if Supra ever did get rid of it and if so how he did it?
  14. N

    Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

    Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT), involves delivering a focused beam of acoustic waves to a target area where they interact with tissues and induce a small amount of stress and trauma. That may seem counterintuitive, but this effect triggers a cascade of events that ultimately culminate...
  15. Mlathem

    My journey to cure Peyronies

    Hey guys I'm going to keep it short and sweet, It all started here at MOS and was able to see a half inch in length gains. I think I became to obsessive and too overzealous. I am not quite sure how the injury happened, but it started effecting my size and I definately knew something was wrong. I...
  16. Mlathem

    Im Back, Went to the Doc- Diagnosed Peyronie's

    Hey guys, I left for about 3 weeks due too my injury. I thought it was Thrombosis but I just went to the Doctor and he said there was Calcification on the top of my Penis. He diagnosed it as peyronie's plaque, he said there is nothing I can do. I good and well know that there is a solution and...
  17. I

    Large and over extended flaccid injury

    Hello everybody . I'm not sure where to post this, I'm a bit loss on this website . Well anyway , here my problem . A few months ago (4) I decided to jelq for the first time . I warned up for 10 minutes then started doing the streching . I skimmed through the instructions and watched...
  18. K

    Can VED therapy correct baseball bat shape (the opposite of it) in semi-erect

    Hi guys, I am close to deciding using VED therapy for my hourglass but I have one main question here. After I damaged my penis using a peniss extender, my penis now does not fill with blood symmetrically. The base of the penis get engorged so much and the second half of the shaft and the tip...
  19. Simyan

    Great way to remove curve!

    What it be folks? I am currently at war against my curve. A penis will curve as one side is either shorter or longer than the other side. Using my LM, I perform bundles stretches. However, I start on my weaker side. That being stretching the left side first. I will also make sure not to...
  20. N

    Peyronie's and ED?

    Just visited the urologist, and there is more to my peyronie's than a curve. I learned that there is some calcium build-up which actually limits blood flow, so my penis doesnt engorge evenly when getting an erection. (think a less exaggerated hourglass shape) But the middle of the shaft...