1. D

    PE Caused ED - Urgent Help Needed

    Hey all, So I'm in a crappy situation. I have what I believe to be a serious case of ED, caused by PE. Symptoms: - Light Spasm in my penis throughout the day. I tried going to bed without pants on last night, and my member spasmed for quite a while. - Extreme difficulty obtaining an erection -...
  2. M

    Which model to get?

    I'm looking into getting a new BM at some point. Currently I have a Hercules and am packing the walls on my 3rd set and up to the end of the tape. Should I get the x30 wide boy or the x40?
  3. H

    Who Wants To Go Into A Motivational Competition With Me?

    I need motivation and I also want to use this medium to motivate others as well. I'm creating this thread to ask for those who are willing to go into a competition with me. This is not one of those monthly contest thread. This thread is meant for those who wants someone to train with. We can do...
  4. A

    forced to upgrade? (warning: graphic details)

    So i finally cracked this x40 extreme and went to go grab my other x40 that i had stashed for just such an emergency, and i noticed that it had somehow cracked as well... I have been completely packing the tube girthwise every day for a while now and i thought that i could gain some length in...
  5. DLD

    The Hydromax X30 Wide Boy now Available! ORDER NOW!

    The Wide Boy! All new pump from Hydromax! Only $179.00! CLICK HERE TO ORDER: THE WIDE BOY Due to the consistent nature of hydraulic pressure created by the Bathmate range of pumps, the users penis will increase in girth a lot quicker than it will in length. This is because the surface...

    Working out while wearing Phallosan?

    I work out at the gym a lot doing all kinds of exercises, upper body, lower body, whatever. I know wearing the PF while walking or doing simple movements is fine, but would any PF users recommend to work out with a PF on? Or do you think this may cause the PF to break, cause an injury, or...
  7. X

    Long time lurker joining the Brotherhood with question

    Hey yall I found out about PE when I was in middleschool (6 years ago) and haven't taken it seriously until early this year. I have owned a bathmate extreme x30 for about 3 years just as a tool to use for fun. Ive used it inconsistantly throughout the three years but in October i stumbled upon...
  8. megamike

    Fat pad!

    Has anyone tried a local fat burner to get rid of lower belly/pubic fat pad??
  9. F

    Darkened Skin and swollen frenulum

    Greetings. I've been recently on a very intense PE routine. While many exercises were incorporated, it's the clamping and resultant darkened skin I want to talk about. I was hitting this routine consistently for almost 3 months. I would do 1 or 2 clamping sessions in my girth routine, each...
  10. L

    Help Needed Please

    As my title indicates, I am in need of some help from anyone here that can. I have been using the LM for a few weeks now and am having a hard time with my skin rolling up at the end of my wrap closest to the glans. This is causing some extreme discomfort and when I try to use more tension it...
  11. S

    Extreme Ligament/ Tunica Stretch

    This should give you an instant visible increased stretch after one 20 min. session. BE CAREFUL. Starting hang 40lbs. from your penis. Start swinging the the weight backwards and forward at the same time use one hand and turn the hanger clockwise until the penis head becomes hard and hold for...
  12. L

    Question about PE equipment

    I am a new member here and am pretty new to the PE way of life. I currently have the BM X30 Extreme and the SG Ultimate package. I bought them both before learning of the MOS brotherhood and wish I would have discovered the site earlier. I have been somewhat overwhelmed at the abundance of...
  13. crazyed27

    2 stage? Anybody do it?

    So I just bought a 2 stage cylinder. I do not have it yet. Just wondering if anybody has experience with it. Specifically how to get out of it? Like if I pump my shit too big to get out of the first stage? I've been pumping for years. My main cylinder is a vacutech thickwall elliptical 2 1/4 by...
  14. Restoredude

    Even out girth

    I've been doing PE for a year or so and I'm very happy with the results in both length and girth. I've always had a bell shaped erect dick with the largest measurement being about 2/3 of the way up the shaft. With the PE, the "bell" has gotten more extreme. I'm not complaining but wonder if...
  15. K

    Vacu Vin Mod vs. Xtreme Hand Pump

    Hey guys, I'm reading a lot about the Vacu Vin mod for the Hydromax, but I'm wondering if this yields the same effect as the Hand Pump that comes with the Xtreme models. Any experience with these? Thanks in advance!
  16. S

    My PE questions and progress (Looking for answers)

    Hi guys. I'm pretty new to PE, only did some manual work on and off as well as BM session on and off. I made this post to ask you guys all my questions during my PE journey and to show my progress. I'd like to reach 8-8.5 inches BPEL and 5.5 inches EG. Right now, I'm focusing on length. I use my...
  17. Ronin_OZ

    Wrapping (Uncle Jim`s) - When to start?

    Hi, I was wondering when should you introduce wrapping (Uncle Jim`s wrap after length workout). From the very start, after a few weeks. Or after 3 months?
  18. S

    Wrap vs sleeve

    I'm pretty settled on sleeve because I think I might be too lazy to wrap, but is there a clear benefit with one or the other?
  19. A

    Pushing to limits?

    Hi, Ive been doing PE for some years, but never consistantly. Now i am back to it and doing great , feeling great :). I always got this feeling that my penis can take a lot of beating. Somehow my penis perfoms better and take more stressful PE. Probably because when i started some years ago i...
  20. F

    New here. Looking for some realistic (I think) gains.

    Hey everyone, I've been aware of MOS for some time but haven't jumped into PE and I would like to change that. I was fortunate to be blessed with a natural 8-1/8" BPEL but not as much in girth at 5-1/8". Obviously I would like to focus on girth. I would love to get to 5.5" - 5.75". Should...
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