1. C

    I am at a crossroad with continuing PE

    Since my hysterectomy thread got derailed with jokes.... My wife is facing a hysterectomy very soon. They've been running tests and scans and hopefully there's no cancer or we're really screwed. They need to remove her cervix and uterus from what we're being told. Fortunately the upper 1/3 of...
  2. K

    PE Partner?

    Does anyone have a PE partner that you do PE with? Just thinking that a lot of people benefit from having a workout partner in the gym, so what about a brother to keep you accountable?
  3. X

    __________.. a theory

    Saw a __________ video and noticed something very interesting. I’d like to see what you all think about it. You would need to see a part of the �naked people movies� to see what I mean. But if you’re willing to take a look, maybe we can figure this dude out. His penis is insanely incredibly massive. And I think...
  4. T

    Ive been getting horrible erections lately...

    So my erections have been so poor lately. My routine is basically just 15-20 min of bathmate so nothing to intense. Ive been pumping for about 4 months so my penis is use to it. This is really freaking annoying cause if i stopped pumping all together my cock would stay skinny. At this...
  5. I

    Chewable Viagra, Penis Implant, and When Does Average End?

  6. C

    Gotta get back into the groove again

    Haven't been here in a while. Between the hernia surgery recovery and a lot of personal issues I haven't done PE since August. The last time I tried using the BM was 3 months after surgery and may have been too soon. Still have some discomfort 7 months after surgery but from some "test pulls" I...
  7. Mick09

    Hard CC, Soft CS and Head

    Anyone else get this? When you're erect your CC's are totally firm, but CS and head inflation is minimal. I've seen this discussed elsewhere but no real reason or solution. One possible mechanism is potential damage done to valves that control bloodflow in and out of the penis. So I have...
  8. D

    Shockwave therapy for PE?

    Hello brothers, I was just wondering whether it can be possible. Anyone has experience with this Shockwave/Sparkwave? Here is the link:
  9. C

    3 months post-hernia surgery - time to start PE again

    I did my first PE session on 2.7.2017 so it was just fitting to start working out again on 2.7.2018. Did my best to get a girth measurement to go along with the good length one I got. I barely got a 5.25" on 1, struggled to get another barely 5 25", and a bunch of 5" when I knew I wasn't 100%...
  10. P

    Test rx

    anyone heard about this product ? when i ordered the vigrx . they called me and told me to take this also. i have man boobs or probably gyno so is this good for me ???? can someone hlep with man boobs or gyno ??? im looking for a transformation fat to fit
  11. N

    My sexual life has finnished

    hi all i am 23 y.o and i believe now that my sexual life has finnished , i feel ashamed for my self my penis and my duration when i am having sex with a girl First of all i have a small d*ck , erected is 13-14 cm in length ( 5-5.5 inches ) and girth is near head 9 cm (3.5 inch ) near body is...
  12. T

    For men who have went from 6.5 EL to 7 EL. How has sex changed?

    Do your girls cum more? Is it uncomftorable for them?
  13. IAmSpartacus71

    discolor/beauty A spot on my glans

    Hi, I have a little problem and need your help, if you have been talking about it already just post links to it in your replies. About three weeks ago I've been doing my length routine and probably I was too aggressive, few hours after I finished the routine I've noticed a bright spot on my...
  14. C

    Who has resumed PE after hernia surgery?

    It's only been a few days since surgery so I'm in no way ready to start up again. It's actually going to be at least a month before I start, maybe 2, as I might look to the guidelines of when it's safe to start doing core strength exercises again (6-8 weeks). It's already been 2 months since I...
  15. R

    Erosets Vein Oil Revisited

    Hey guys so I wanted to make a post regarding this oil as I was actually surprised by its affects. This is something everyone should be using in my opinion. I found the recipe on the old post which can easily be found if you search or even google search "Erosets vein oil". After 3 days of using...
  16. C

    Where I've been and where I'm going

    Maybe a couple of you have noticed I haven't been around for a while. I kinda post-whored when active (I'm good at that) but then I disappeared. Well first there was life getting in my way.... not being able to PE in peace and privacy before work and then 6 weeks of hell at work where I was too...
  17. I

    My experiences from 58 to 73

    I feel responsible to write some of my experiences here since long ago I found this site and it gained me a lot. I need to give back. At about the age of 58 I started hanging. Not much to start, maybe a pound or so. I didn't check any changes for a while, but in a couple months I had...
  18. B

    My Journey in PE

    My journey in PE began in January of 2015, I was having issues with EQ, I found first some other forums, I will not mention no names, I purchased a pump there shortly after, and I started doing some Jelqing, there shortly after I joined MOS, I for a while thought it was just snake oil and didnt...
  19. B

    Warning! Man dies from penis enlargement surgery

    The first case of a man killed by penis enlargement surgery has been reported in Sweden. A healthy 30-year-old had wanted to increase both the girth and length of his genitals using a process where fat is transferred from his stomach. Plastic surgeons first carried out the elongation, which...
  20. O

    Size discussion __________ before �naked people movies�

    hey guys' I came across this old video of __________ : He is big alright but as you can see he does not have that huge girth he has in his recent videos. what do you think in the reason for that?
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