1. L

    Evening out shaft girth distribution, gaining girth, and increasing glans size.

    New to the forum. Did mild PE stuff about 10 years ago and wanting to get back into it for girth gains. Currently 7.75" BPEL so length isn't an issue for me. Looking to do the 5x5x3 routine to improve girth. My erect girth is 6" at the base and tapers down to 5" just before the glans. The...
  2. bigogeek

    Glans sensitivity during stretching exercises

    Lately, I've been watching some videos to see the correct technique of different stretches and I have realized that a lot of guys from those videos actually grip under the glans but also in the middle of them. Does not hurt you/them? Or it's only that I have more sensitivity for being a total...
  3. Wintergates

    Hanging position

    I hang erect in a chair , whats better: lay down on the back of the chair this make my penis slightly fall down due the force or its better the push my chest forward making my penis totally straight down

    Is it possible to plateau from the Jelq exercise?

    So I've been doing very intense erect Jelqs for at least a few months already, pretty much every morning I gained a bit of length and especially girth But now it feels like my inner penile tissue is already used to the very high intensity and I don't feel that slight burning expansion much...
  5. V

    XL Bell

    I've had the XL Bell for about ten days now. My glans is not XL but the standard one was too small, esp as I always wear the protector cap. Feels much more comfortable. I use it with the medium sleeve. Another thing: a couple of times when the suction was really good I saw my head swell up...
  6. Haursen

    Slow Squash Jelq...Is it Exhibit A or Exhibit B?

    Hi Sizers, I hope everyone is well. I needed clarification on the Slow Squash Jelq... Is the exercise like... Exhibit A: or Exhibit B: Thank you in advance for clarifying! :)
  7. Mick09

    What Jelqing Technique Do You Use?

    So this is how I’ve been jelqing for the past 10 years (type 1): Start completely flaccid, with an o-grip around the base. Start stimulating the penis, and as you get aroused kegel some blood into the penis and then clamp off at the base. Keep repeating this process (stimulating, kegeling...
  8. S

    Growing myself a shower - need fellow experimenters!

    So I've always been one of those guys who grows more than triple when I get an erection. When flaccid I can be anywhere between average on a good day, to hardcore turtling down to like an inch and a half on a bad day. Needless to say, I've never been one for locker rooms. Happily, this seems...
  9. S

    PeniMaster Pro Weight Expander

    I have been using the Penimaster Pro rod expander on and off for four years now, with a lot of initial success. I have just purchased and started using the new weight expander with the Penimaster Pro. I use it comfortably at 1.125 Kg for one hour, followed by another hour of the rod expander at...
  10. DutchAthletic92

    Question about hanging and extending

    Hi MOS, I was wondering why people are recommending 20 minute sets in hanging while extending for 1 hour is totally fine :p ? I used to do 1 hour sets in my size genetics extender few years ago, but I don’ like extending so I quit. I had a shoe lace with some wrap and it was comfortable...
  11. B

    Train through low EQ?

    I've been doing a new pumping routine that has me working everyday. My base girth has grown 5/8" and midshaft only grew 1/8" within 2 weeks. I noticed after adding jelqing to my routine my EQ started declining. My glans generally wouldn't fill up, but I noticed my width got 1/8" bigger...
  12. M


    Is it ok to jack of rest days and will it effect gains and is 20 mins enough to jelq i use penilizer same as jelq device just without rollers is it good enough using it straight down or should I turn it sideways to and me and my woman get busy once a day or every other day will that effect gains
  13. D

    Dry Jelq is it effective?

    I don’t always readily have lube available when I work out and was willing to try to post a video showing my jelq form and you guy me any tips if this is even an effective jelq
  14. R

    Penis injury from from pumping to intense ?

    Hello I overdid it with the bathmate , i was pomping with too much pressure. My penis went into turtle mode for 3 days, after a couple of more days when my penis seemed normal. I started pomping agian and i felt a sharp pain in the dorsal vein near the glans I felt a suttle pop I must say i...
  15. C

    Trying a new ointmemt/cream

    When I was actively training I wasn't the greatest at keeping up with hydrocortisone. My own fault :o My wife brought home some stuff they use in the nursing home cause my hands were getting so dried out the cracks were about to start bleeding. Usually I'll go for plain Eucerin cream this time...
  16. L

    Weird erections after circumcision

    Hi Guys I have a (couple of) questions about adult circumcision? I got circumcised 15 days ago.. everything looks great. The scars and swellingness are healing very quick. (The bruises are still there but getting better). I've notest that my erections looks very weird, as if there is only one...
  17. J

    Even girth out

    Hi guys! I've been doing girth work (jelqing and clamping) and have noticed that the mid shaft girth is significantly bigger than the base and upper part. How can I counteract this? Thank you!
  18. R

    Pump clamping

    Has anybody tride doubleing a thick rubber band around the inside of a penis pump sleeve? Its more powerful than just a clamp alone.
  19. P

    im back and with doubts

    hi guys , hi DLD .been a while i came here. was caught up with an injury first and then work. so cutting the bullshit i wanna get straight too it and begin PE again. so my doubts. 1. ACE WRAP- i had this ace wrap that was thick material and would stay in place when wrapped, the new ace...
  20. B

    anyone try this with a piercing??

    Hey I am just wondering if anyone on the site has this as well as a cock piercing?? if so have you had any issues with the phallosan???? I ask because I asked if it is usable with a piercing on their customer support area and they said it will not work with a prince albert??? If there is...
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