penis stretching

  1. M4L!K

    Penis stretching and legs flexibility

    Hi it's M4L!K I wanna share with you something, when I do basic stretching, sometimes I attempt to put a straight leg on a couch edge or something high enough at 11 o'clock, and the other leg straight from the ground at 6 o'clock, and do my stretches. When I do that I can feel the ligaments...
  2. aDiscipleofGod

    cheap simple but effective homemade penis stretching solutions

    In the pictures below I show how you can use a shower comb from the dollar store to do some effective stretching/warm up stretches, the pictures only show stretching the base but I use it all along the shaft and from any direction.
  3. aDiscipleofGod

    thoughts and opinions on alcohol and penis health/growth gains/performance

    Do any of you guys drink regularly? If so does it hinder your ability to make gains? Help gains in any way like maybe stretching or any other way? Help or hinder your general penis health or performance in any way? Does a small amount of drinking have a different effect on your penis than a...
  4. Golden Crotch

    Questions for DLD about Erect Stretches

    Hi. These questions are mainly for DLD but anyone who has had experience with this exercise is also welcome to join in and answer my questions. So I recently saw in a forum post where DLD stated that erect stretching helped him gain length faster, now here are the questions I have: 1. What...
  5. T

    Can stretching from the base be applied to a new kind of enlargement device

    Now this may be already thought of or an idea already. An idea came to me as I was doing my stretching now I am currently doing footlong which I love but for some reason I decided to grab the base of my penis with one okay grip and right above it not and inch but directly above the other had I...
  6. DutchAthletic92

    Base hanging (expressive stretching)

    Guys, I'm wondering if I can start base hanging now. This will be an expressive stretching exercise. This will be very convenient for me. I strap on in my lengthmaster and put on some weights, then go do some studying. I think this will be very beneficial for me especially because my...
  7. Ronin_OZ

    Inner penis stretch - how should it feel?

    Hi guys, I just started trying to stretch my inner penis. I used the technique of one hand grabs behind the balls and if i felt like it, my other hand grabs the head of my penis and pulls forward. I was flaccid when first trying and didnt have much success. So i got partialy erect and it was...
  8. IAmSpartacus71

    How to add intensity to length routine?

    Hi what's up? I want to add intensity to my length routine, and also to make it shorter. I would like you guys to give me any tips or advises you can. My routine starts with about 5 minutes of bundled stretches, then I do DLD pulse 110 45 seconds to each direction: down, left, right, forward...
  9. J

    1" length in 3 months

    Starting 7.75BPEL Goal in 3 months 8.75BPEL Start Date : 05/09/16 Stats : Bpfsl 8.25" Bpel 7.75" Nbpel 7.5
  10. T

    PE, EQ, and Depression Medication?

    I have been a phantom penis enlargement enthusiast for about 4 years now, starting out with a bathmate, being a noob, and forgoing all the rules (bad I know). I am 5'8" and my starting size is unrecorded though I believe it to be EL 5" by EG 4.5"/ FL 1.5" FG 1". I was a beast in bed, going...
  11. D

    Sorry guys but I am a fraud: I lied about PE

    Why did I do what I did? To see what kind of forum this is. I fully expected to be banned by bad mouthing certain products.If I was banned I would realize that this forum was affiliated with products or selling horseshit. To this forum's credit I was not banned and I know DLD read my threads...
  12. I

    Iveadream's Hanging Log

    I wanted to start this log to help me keep track and to also have one place for me to share and ask questions during my hanging journey. So to start and to give those who read this a better understanding of where and how I got to this point I have been doing PE of some sort since 2008. In the...
  13. Simyan

    Finally! Just got told I'm huge! Long time waiting!

    Hey guys Had some tinder chick over. Sippin' wine and performing magic tricks. We start making out. She says she can't fuck as she's on her reds. Fair enough but i still wanted to show off my new. 8 x 5.4 I'd never actually been told i was huge, only long. I was delighted. As i was...
  14. DLD

    DLD Twisted Erect Stretches / The Tunica Transformer!

    Ok, I have been working with these for some time now and as I said earlier last month, I did not want to release these until I was confident in their safety and effectiveness. I feel these are the ultimate Tunica expander and they are really simple to do. Use caution and never push yourself to...
  15. D

    bathmate goliath squat stretches

    Hello brothers! I have been working so hard this days to develop a new highly intense routine to accomplish the target of gaining 1 cm in 10 days) last night I discovered a new way of inner penis stretching. May be someone else in the brotherhood did this before) I pumped my entire package in...
  16. DLD

    Understanding How Size is Gained: Penis Enlargement Exercise, Routine and Equipment

    Penis Enlargement Exercise and Equipment Understanding Stretching How and Why Size is Gained I can imagine how confusing it must be for a new Brother to come into the forums and try to understand the many exercises, tools and routines. Jumping into the Newbie Routine is smart if you are just...
  17. L

    Inner Penis Stretching

    Stretching the inner penis out seems to be a lot more effective than mid shaft stretching because really pulls the inner penis out,but i have this idea that takes a lot more to get lenght gains whit this exercise...Im not really sure how it works,i believe the base of the penis gets girthier,n...
  18. B

    dld how you do it?

    watch online videos realize that when DLD making your penis stretching seems a rubber, and it's amazing how VC can stretch this DLD way? my penis seems harder and does not stretch like that, and I feel a lot of pain at the base.
  19. johnny-wang

    What do you guys think?

    Hey guys, I'd please like to know your opinions on these 1, How much pressure/force should be exerted on the penis when stretching with the LM? 2, Would trapping the LM behind my thighs in a BTC angle and just leaving it there, while standing be enough to get a good stretch? I have tried...
  20. DLD

    SRT 24 Hour Workout...The most hardcore workout yet!

    SRT 24 Hour Workout This routine can be used as a permanent workout for those who can afford the time or used as a temporary routine to kick start gains if you are at a plateau. This looks like a lot of work but remember, much of the time you will be wearing your SizeGenetics, Phallosan or...
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