1. P

    I need something that I can wear after my Phallosan to stay elongated.

    So I started training again, I am in my second week with the Phallosan currently wearing it for five hours straight mid-green strength, and I am going to work my way up to 10 hours. However I have been noticing that when I am not wearing the device and my penis is flaccid without it it...
  2. L

    Old injury

    Hey guys After you the community helped me with Length master through out the week, I was hoping you could help me with an old stupid injury I got by jelqing wrong 12 years ago. I remember searching for PE online when I got misinformed about Jelqing or probably misunderstood what was written...
  3. H

    Has anyone used the penis master pro extender?

    So there is this extender called penis master pro. What caught my interest is that this extender uses a vacuum comfort system unlike SG. My question is, can the penis master pro be worn without loss in blood circulation for up to 1 hour or 2 hours at very high tension (max tension) I will...
  4. X

    Losing Suction with the default condoms? No longer!

    Hey yall its been a while since I've been on here but I only have a few minutes of internet and I thought I would share with you guys what I have learned using the PF for two months now. I had an issue at the beginning not being able to get enough tension to grow. I couldnt get it past the end...
  5. DutchAthletic92

    Question about hanging and extending

    Hi MOS, I was wondering why people are recommending 20 minute sets in hanging while extending for 1 hour is totally fine :p ? I used to do 1 hour sets in my size genetics extender few years ago, but I don’ like extending so I quit. I had a shoe lace with some wrap and it was comfortable...
  6. X

    Long time lurker joining the Brotherhood with question

    Hey yall I found out about PE when I was in middleschool (6 years ago) and haven't taken it seriously until early this year. I have owned a bathmate extreme x30 for about 3 years just as a tool to use for fun. Ive used it inconsistantly throughout the three years but in October i stumbled upon...
  7. iGrowSteady

    Shaving and Supp Updates...

    Hey everyone, hope everything is going well in the PE realm we all inhabit! As it is, just have a question about shaving on and around your C N B's; which is to say what and how do you do it \ what do you use in general? And now that I'm on a steady supp routine for my gym goings and what not...
  8. G

    Resuming P.E. w/ LM & SG

    Hello. I've been away from P.E. for a long time and i'm going to be starting up again. In the past, I used no "tools", but this time i'm going to purchase a lengthmaster and Size genetics. I do recall that gains can be accelerated by maintaining a slightly stretched state after "workouts", so...
  9. M

    Thinking of purchasing

    Hey guys I've been looking into the product. For those that have it how are your results? Can it be worn while having to bend down and complete work task? Or should it be used during the night while I sleep?
  10. DutchAthletic92

    ADS wrap methods/devices without cutting off circulation??

    Hi MOS, Are there any ADS wrapping methods for wearing all day? I’d rewrap once or twice every day then. I have full days of lectures college shit going on. I’ve stumbled upon this website: It is an all day traction device like an ADS. Is this beneficial for...
  11. F

    New way to connect PhalloGenetics

    I've been experimenting trying to find the best way to connect my PF to my X4 extender. Some have used string, others wire and pipe cleaners. I bought some pipe cleaners today and they work well, with but one problem. Because the pipe cleaner is attached to the space on the PF bell where the...
  12. B

    Whats a great lengthmaster routine? Has anyone gained strictly form using the LM?

    Whats a great lengthmaster routine? Has anyone gained strictly form using the LM?
  13. tommy44_u

    Need Help with comfort

    Guys I just got the size genetics I been trying out all the comfort options it came with and I cannot seem to keep it on more than 20 min. Is this something my dick needs to get used to or what. It is very frustrating putting it on as it is since my glans aren’t big enough to hold . Any...
  14. B

    Has anyone gotten an increase in length form using the Phallosan Forte?

    Has anyone gotten an increase in length form using the Phallosan Forte? Can it be worn at night during sleep without cutting off circulation?
  15. G

    Skin pinching - between the protector cap and vacuum bell

    Generally the thing that starts causing pain for me requiring me to remove my PF... Is skin getting pulled up between the protector cap and bell. I'm using and autoextender sleeve in place of a proper sized sleeve. (I'm between a medium and large) Any advice? I did a search online and...
  16. E

    Thinking on buying a Phallosan to use in place of SG

    As the title says I’ve been think lately of getting a phallosan to use in place my sizegentics/VLC setup. The issue with my SG is its rather a utter headache to deal with wearing it out daily or at work for an extended about of time. One issue being due to the overall length in my case. And...
  17. D

    Cock Ring Post/During workout

    I’ve been trying to focus mainly on girth but also doing length stretches as well. My routine for the last two weeks has been about 5 minutes of blue whales Mandingo stretches, followed by 5 minutes of jelqing, and then 3-4 minutes of slow squash jelqs. Repeated 3 times. After that I wear a cock...
  18. R

    Questions about the phallosan

    I bought the phallosan forte a month and I have some questions 1. Should I wear the protective sleeve? It seems that it suppresses the head and I’m thinking that could be bad? 2. I can not get seem to get a good suction. I had it on once for an hour and it fell off. I can’t risk having it...
  19. T

    Advice for overweight newbie?

    Hi, I’m a newbie to PE and I’d love some advice. I’m pretty overweight, and my equipment wasn’t big to begin with (even back when I was thin). My measurements last week (when I started PE) were 5.0” BPEL and 4.6” EG, but because I’m overweight (and my fat pad is … fat) my NBPEL is only 2.4”...
  20. B

    All day stretchers for active workers?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for recommendations for an all day stretcher (ive already got a lengthmaster and bathmate) just to keep a constant stretch on my member and if i miss the odd day or what not of manual stretching. Thing is though I work in a workshop welding most the day and move around a...