1. Nick_Marseil

    The Intimate Letter and Fantasy of a Long Distance Lover

    Hi there, I'm new to the place and recently got into erotica. I wrote this short piece and really looking for some feedback, opinions or impressions. All and all I just hope you enjoy. The story is also posted on Medium if you want to check it out. It has been a long night, we danced, we...
  2. T

    How much of your bpel is useable?

  3. B

    Pelvic floor tightness

    Hi all, Today I went to see physiotherapy to get a check up for my pelvic floor. She had put her finger up in my anus and she said that my pelvic floor are good as they are strong, but the pelvic floor muscle don't relax after when I squeeze my pelvic floor muscle. She said that I would need...
  4. M

    bathmate with hard flaccid

    any advice from PE'rs in here, I've had hard flaccid for 6 months and i'm currently doing DCT physio to hopefully resolve it, in the meantime I'm eager to PE, so does anyone know if ill be able to use the bathmate without injuring myself further? and still gain? I have had a look at a few posts...
  5. L

    Masturbation and PE

    Hello everybody I started PE before 2 weeks, when i jelq i get horny and there are times that i start masturbating because of this, is there risk when i masturbate and do PE or should i stop masturbation?
  6. D

    My story, thoughts + some questions

    Hello to everyone, Let me start off by saying this after a few months of lurking around this forum is very helpful and I have never seen such a forum with so many good and helpful members. Especially after being a member of a few bodybuilding forums lol. My initial motivation was to be...
  7. T

    Unexpected bonus

    So I've been using my bathmate every day since august of last year, and my extender for years. I always noticed that if I went too hard with one or the other that my EQ would drop pretty quick. With that being the case, I was a little reluctant to do the wine vac mod, but I figured I'd give it a...
  8. S

    urgent help needed!, is my penis broken????

    i'm writing this post because i am at a worrying place. i have had sex 3 times in my life, all with a different girl. every time however i have lost my erection and failed to cum, and after sex the base of my penis aches very much. i am aware having a foreskin can cause a loss of sensation...
  9. robodick304

    I have returned! with more questions

    Salutations fellow PE brothers, I have returned from a self imposed exile: for the last 3 years I was heavily addicted to opioids... alas as of today I am 90 days clean! And I am never going back. I apologize for the grim message, but it is the truth; there is a epidemic affecting the USA...
  10. Perestroyka

    My view and opinion on PE fundamentals.

    Hello newbies, hello MOS brothers! I was recently thinking a lot about PE, and I came up with some good conclusions about entire PE thing. Im about to write up my opinion and fundamentals in general... This is for newbies, I didn't came up with anything new, just what I've learned in past...
  11. PhP

    Share your routine

    Hello, please you all can contribute to this thread by sharing your PE routine .. This can be really helpful for other brothers here. Did u gain something from this routine ? Tell other how much .. So i give mine example My routine: -LENGTH- 15 min warmup (rice sock) 4x 25 sec stretches...
  12. S

    Stretching and erections

    I'm finding that, after a doing the stretching workout from the Newbie routine, I get wonderful involuntary erections on and off for a few hours afterward. Is this par for the course? If so, why? I'm not complaining, I'm not bragging. I'm just happy :D
  13. mahoney1234

    Penomet vs Bathmate?

    I must must start pumping. It seems bathmate is more popular. But the penomet with the increased pressure would make more sense.
  14. J

    Bathmate xtreme safety??

    When using my bathmate xtreme x40, a lot of times when I squeeze, the pump will stay imploded and will not expand back to where I can pump and increase pressure. Is this a safety thing bathmate does to govern the pressure? Or is something wrong? Anything I can do to stop this?
  15. MoreThanLuck

    Testosterone + Progenitor mix Patent

    Why doesn't anyone talk about the following article:Patent US20050065159 - Penis enlargement - Google Patents If you read through it, towards the bottom you see examples of this study done. This one in particular sparked my interest: EXAMPLE 1 [0080] A male patient, age 41, was treated...
  16. K

    Can't get my X30 to seal up.

    I got my Hydromax X30 last week and I am having trouble getting it to seal up around my base and getting suction. Has anyone else had this problem ? What if anything can I do to fix this ??

    Sizes n percentages (worldwide)

    Approximate number of men whit 10+ inchers (worldwide) Approximate number of men whit 10 inchers (worldwide) Approximate number of men whit 9 inchers (worldwide) Approximate number of men whit 8 inchers (worldwide) Approximate number of men whit 7 inchers...

    Foot long stretches

    Iva been doing the foot long stretches for the last 10 days n "allowed" me to realize how possible is to get real tangible gains whit the exercise is a powerful n being cautious is important here. im going to continue whit that exercise until dec 31st n see what i get, what do you guys think...
  19. T

    How to get rid of this fat pad

    so ive been doing pe since june havent gained anything. Im on srt right now but still havent seen anything. My bp is 6.5 in and homestly after not seeingg any gains i just wanna get my bp to be my nbel. But how do i get rid of the fat pad?
  20. acromegaly

    X40 and x40 extreme comparison

    The bathmate on its own is a super effective product, but adding the hand pump takes it to a whole other level. The extreme has more control over how much pressure you use and you can go to even greater pressures without having to jam the pump into your pelvis which can be uncomfortable at...
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